Imhotep Shaka, AKA Aba Shaka, has been involved with roots sound systems in the UK from the age of thirteen. He credits the major part of his early sound schooling to three sounds: Success Sound, Lord Koos and Cosmic Roundbeat. Out of Manchester, from a box carrier to a full operator, is where he learnt valuable lessons in selection delivery and mastery as an operator. Aba says:

"Playing with a single turntable was the norm in those days. Your learnt the art of communication with the people between records because it was truly an oral tradition originally. On the flip side of the record is where the MUSIK would just run and the power of the BASS section would charge the atmosphere a bit like a voiceless preacher! And the Congilove [congregation] would respond in a variety of ways to the incoming spirit, pretty much like you would see in a church in the deep south or the Caribbean. Freeness of movements! Spirit Dancers!"

Aba Shaka migrated to Atlanta, GA in the early 1990s, where he and his family formed the sound system that is today known as the Musical Ark of the Kovenant. The family's steadfast commitment to community and their renowned reputation for sharing have earned them countless supporters across the country and around the world. As Aba describes:

"With the support of a strong extended family in Atlanta, we have achieved much success with the sound system here and have never had to rely on niteclubs to play. We have had a constant and strong attendance at our sessions for over ten years. Primarily because we choose to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the community first by never compromising and playing slack and degrading musik on our radio programme “The Healers” or the sound system. Over seeking fame and personal recognition, if your heart is clean and your intentions upright, good people will recognize this and support the shared cause."


Aba Shaka's skills as an operator and reputation as a keeper of the “Ark” of rare tunes are legendary. A self-described “vinyl musician”, Aba takes his role as selector very seriously and honorably. A Musical Ark of the Kovenant session or mix is truly an experience for the mind, body and soul. Each selection is a perfectly timed burst of energy, penetrating hearts, opening charkas and delivering a much-needed message through word, through sound, and through JAH power. Aba is a musical teacher whose lessons in the foundation of 1970's roots music from JA and the UK are sorely needed in this digital age.

Yet Aba Shaka's spirit is itually open to new, emerging movements of spiritual reggae music. Since being introduced to the music of Midnite in the mid-1990's, Aba Shaka has been a strong supporter of the roots reggae music emanating from the Virgin Islands. As a foundation selector, he immediately gravitated to the VI reggae sound that picked up the live instrumentation roots that others have left behind. The Musikal Ark of the Kovenant is the official sound of I Grade Records and mixes the highly popular I Grade Radio webcast each month. Aba's Sound contains countless exclusive mixes, dubs and pre-releases from VI reggae artists waiting and needing to be heard.

Aba Shaka is a frontline musical warrior who is determined to use his music as an instrument for changing and healing minds and spirits. As Aba describes:

"As was in the 50's, 60's and 70's, there is still a war going on - a spiritual and physical war where the culture of the indigenous people of this earth and their valuable resources are in serious danger of being completely wiped out. In simple terms: genocide. We cannot make claim to be conscious people and not fight this war. So we use the musik as our weapons."

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