Creating in the name of Jah, Abja is a true musical educator, extremely talented roots reggae music artist, and cultural entrepreneur. Hailing from the beautiful island of St. Croix by way of Afrika he brings us a poignant view of true life, wisdom, history and direction of all Afrikan peoples.

He is lyrically insightful and spiritual attune to the challenges of modern culture and society. His music offers wisdom, spiritual healing and conscious solution to the times we find ourselves in as a culture, people and world society.

A seasoned songwriter and performer Abja sings music with strength of purpose and with a dynamic confident, yet humble stage presence. His work has taken him all over the world on many tours throughout the US, Caribbean, Europe and Senegal, West Afrika and Caracas, Venezuela.

Nov 2002 Abja appeared on I Grade Records, first compilation album, Weep Not, released in November 2002. His tune “Crucial Confessions” received critical acclaim and radio play throughout the US, Caribbean and Europe.

Maintaining full strength he released his debut full-length album in Feb 2004 Inna Red I Hour. This album showcases Abja’s insightful and poetic songwriting. Vocally and lyrically the album is a diverse collection of songs ranging from blazing rockers anthem “War” to acoustic ballads, “Still Have Love”.

Inspired by the desire to move back home to the island of St. Croix and to buy land and build roots in 2006 he released his long-awaited sophomore album Mahogany Road. The album’s title track “Mahogany Road” is a beautiful song describing the beauty of St Croix and the love he holds for his home. The album also features with great style "Don't Feel No Way "and next drops "Consideration" . This inspiration also led to the creation of a Caribbean based -culture shop, and online market designed and inspired by the strength of roaring Lion of Kush.

While touring in 2007 in California the opportunity arose for Abja and fellow artist Army to travel to the Senegambia Coast and perform with Senegalese Band “Tim Shell” on a 5 week tour to the cities of Dakar, Goree Island, Abene, Ziguinchor, Casamance, Kafountine. This experience led into the creation of the The Lionz of Kush Inc. a collaboration between Abja and Kenyatta Itola and the production of roots inspired Kushite Music.

Continuing and creating in the name of the Most High Jah 2010 led to the building of the company and perfecting the sound that is now called Kushite music. 2013 brings his third album “Songs Fa Jah” This album features title track song “Song Fa Jah” reminding us to keep the faith and reverence for the Most High One and “Jah is Judge” a song in honor of the King none be done without H.I.M.

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