Abja is a multi-talented singer, singjay, songwriter, and producer hailing from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. While Inna Red I Hour is Abja's first full-length release, he has been polishing his studio skills and sharing his gifts with audiences in NYC for several years, as a former vocalist and producer with the Survival Soundz crew out of Brooklyn. Abja also appeared on I Grade Records, first compilation album, Weep Not, released in November, 2002. His tune , "Crucial Confessions," received widespread acclaim and radio play throughout the US, Caribbean and Europe.

2006 saw the release of the critically acclaimed second album from this Red Eye Blues Man "Mahogany Road".  Abja continues to redefine the meaning of Rebel Music and erase the boundaries placed on true reggae. Abja creates music that lifts the spirit and the mind. His voice possesses the qualities necessary to convey emotions ranging from love to revolution. Rebel Music is the focus, and freedom and upliftment of African people is the mission.

"I sing songs of rebel harmony to balance me and help me break these mental and societal chains. With love everything is possible. With love, life isn't an obstacle. The art form of music is a communication device, which can send good, or bad, frequencies through the air waves. Therefore, it is important for us to create original, positive music to shine or reflect onto a suffering nation. Rhythm: balance in life, natural progression that correlates with equality. Through the guidance of the Most High, Jah Rastafari, my spirit is as free as a song roaming around as echoes in your head, an ever rising crescent." - Abja

Abja is a powerful performer whose spirit and energy transmits to everyone around him. He sings with a strength of purpose, with a dynamic and confident, yet humble, stage presence. Performing with his backing band, Blackfoot, Abja has graced the stage at numerous venues around NYC, including the world famous SOB's in Manhattan. Abja has sine toured extensive with the Red-I Band as part of the I Grade Family tours that have been so successful in California and throughout the states.  We are very excited that Abja will bring his Red Eye Blues sounds to SNWMF 2007.

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