The project ALIKA & NUEVA ALIANZA began in the year 2000 with the release of “NO DEJES QUE TE PAREN", their first independent production, where besides ALIKA ( who also produces the instrumental tracks) contributors include LOS CHILENOS BOOMER, KAYO DREAD, SISTA ANGELA Y PENSATIVO EN LAS VOCES, POLIDREAD EN LA PERCUSION Y DJ PATOIS, in several sessions where the communal attitude of Hip Hop were placed the service of JAH RASTAFARI .


In ALIKA & NUEVA ALIANZA ESTAN are well co-mingled ( the influences of) HIP HOP and REGGAE and these records considered jewels in South America. The message of the lyrics are of UNITY, RESPECT, and DIGNITY. " I sing for all the people who want justice in the world , (and) the rest who remain(ed) outside ( justice)".

NUEVA ALIANZA has performed live in various cities of Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Colombia, in numerous festivals and sound systems, sharing stages with MAD PROFESOR, ZAKEYA, SISTER AUDREY, MACKA B, SISTER CAROL, LEE SCRATCH PERRY, I JAH BONES, CULTURE PROFETICA, QUIQUE NEIRA, ETC.

Their albums have been edited in ARGENTINA, MEXICO Y GERMANY, Y they have participated in compilations “ Conscious Voices of Spain” and, “Radicals of Costa Rica”.

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