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Chris Murray is a unique force on today's music scene. A gifted songwriter and dynamic performer, he has captivated audiences throughout the US, Europe, South America, Japan, Mexico and Canada with his embracing music, penetrating lyrics and soulful presence. From the prestigious Fuji Rock Festival to poverty stricken Oaxaca, Chris delivers his message of hope and humanity with a raw sincerity that connects with the hearts and minds of all.

Born in Toronto, Chris formed influential Canadian group King Apparatus in 1987 and toured North America at a time when ska was virtually unknown to mainstream audiences. Upon the band's breakup, he relocated to Los Angeles, emerging as a solo artist with his debut album The 4-Track Adventures Of Venice Shoreline Chris. This and subsequent releases have forged Chris' reputation as ska music's premier singer/songwriter.

Life has led Chris down a musical path to the very roots of reggae music. From trading songs on acoustic guitar with the late boogie-ska pioneer Laurel Aitken and performing with Jamaican music legend Prince Buster, to jamming with The Specials in a basement club and recording with Jamaica's original drums and bass masters, Lloyd Knibb and Lloyd Brevett, Chris has served his apprenticeship with the finest musicians connected with the genre.

As host of Bluebeat Lounge, his long running residency at Knitting Factory in Hollywood, Chris has presented more than 200 concerts over the past four years and provides strong leadership to LA's thriving ska community.

Additionally, Chris finds time for a remarkable array of collaborative efforts, co-writing with and producing for many highly respected artists. As well as producing three albums for Montreal's Planet Smashers, his writing credits have appeared on releases by Hepcat, The Slackers, Neville Staple and Westbound Train. His soulful reggae ballad, Let There Be Peace, was featured on the recent Give Em The Boot IV compilation (Hellcat/Epitaph).

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