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The Poor People Defender
(The Element Of Defense)
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The world can't contain him. Not anymore. With his embracing of the Rastafarian faith and his determination to be 'The Poor People Defender', DJ Chuck Fenda is on a mission. A mission inspired by the Almighty.Indeed, a new world has opened up its arms and audience to Chuck Fenda. In fact, very few are left to come to grips with the lyrical revolution his present day, awe- inspiring music has incited. Since being under the management of Fifth Element Records, very few can argue that the DJ has matured into one of the best entertainers Jamaica has produced, commanding a level of respect and credibility that will make him a strong force to reckon with on the international stage. His thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics, coupled with his mature, energetic stagemanship make him one of the most charismatic entertainers around today.One only had to witness him in action at Sting 2002, Stone Love's 30th Anniversary, East Fest or Everton Blendah's Birthday Bash, to realise that he has been cemented as one of the entertainers that will play a great role in the revolution of Jamaica's music across the globe.

BORN LESHORN WHITEHEAD on June 15, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York, Chuck Fenda always had a special love for music, making a hobby of impersonating some of his favourite entertainers as a youngster. It didn't take him long to decide to pursue his dream in the music business.

Making regular trips between Jamaica and New York to hone his deejaying skills, he spent most of his time at King Jammys studio, where he released his debut single 'Shut Yuh Mouth When Bad Man Talking' on the Tight Clothes rhythm for John John (King Jammys' son). He followed that up with 'The Glue'.

Producer King Jammys was impressed with the DJ's talent and invited him to record on his label. It was then that he recorded his first big hit, 'Jah It's All About You' on the one-drop Money Money rhythm. Released in 1996, the single climbed several charts in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. The video for the song got regular rotation on all the top music video programmes.

Shortly after, Chuck Fenda began recording for several producers, including Shocking Vibes where he did 'Fat Round Yah'.

In 1997, Fender decided to relocate to Jamaica to focus on his career, settling at King Jammys studio and working hard at establishing himself as a strong force in the dancehall. In 1998, he recorded his next big hit, 'Mi See It Clear' (Rat Race) on the Joint rhythm. But his biggest hit was yet to come. 'Bada Bada'. The single made it to the number one slot on the local charts and in the top ten on various Caribbean charts. 'Bada Bada' was a staple in the dancehall and was on the daily play list for several radio disc jockeys. Engineers Ward 21 of Jammys studio created a rhythm of the same name, which spawned several dancehall favourites.Chuck Fenda was on a role, and he started spewing out several other dancehall hits. Tunes like 'Right Time Come' on the Ticks rhythm, then 'Lift It Up' on the popular Bellyas rhythm, with the video creating a buzz.

His songs were on regular rotation on the airwaves, while he kept himself in the eyes of the public by 'mashing up' nuff stage shows.

But it was after signing with Fifth Element Records in 2000 that the revolution began to take place in the DJ's life. Whereas the early part of his career was laced with gun and violence highlighted songs, today he is a changed man.Today his lyrics are all from the heart, speaking to a specific cause that is pressing on his heart and soul; lyrics that are inspired by his Creator who has given him a new insight and a new task. Of course, the Afromantic side of him has to come out, leading him to pen beautiful lyrics glorifying the women of the land.With Rastafari as his guidance, Chuck Fenda is now at a higher place in reasoning and meditation, coming to the realisation that the oppressed of this land needs a voice that can identify with their cause, so he has decided to be that voice - not only in song but also in action.

His personal objective is to take the youths off the streets, knowing that if he can change even one youth through his songs, then there is hope.

Among his present day inspiring releases are the revolutionary, social commentary 'Life Ruff Out Deh', 'Better Days', 'Prayer', 'Can't Stop Try', 'Respect Mama', 'Stick To One Man', 'Bun The Fire Red', 'How Do You Feel' and 'Watching Me', to name a few, all slated to form part of his explosive, awe-inspiring album that will drop in March 2003.

His Fifth Element management has every confidence in Chuck Fenda and they are working hard to make him a household name across the globe.

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