Born in 2000 from the passion of 8 young Parisians, it is on the road that Danakil learned how to build up its own sound identity and to convince an increasing number of faithful publics. Carried by a collective and communicative energy, this group of French reggae music marks itself out by the quality of its lyrics and its incredible scenic presence. Balik, author and interpreter, draws his inspiration from the facts of current events that he denounces with poetry and determination.

In 2006, after a hundred concerts, Danakil recorded its first album in self-production, Micro Climat, which already knows a wide success among the amateurs of the kind. This experience urges them to dash into the realization of a new album that was released in 2008: Dialogue de Sourds. Marking firmly its commitment, this opus puts in opposition the various actors of our society, looking for a breach to open the dialogue between people.

The Excellent sounds of Dialogue de Sourds features duos with big names of reggae like Jah Mason, General Levy and the Mighty Diamonds and confirms the quality of this album that swings between reggae-roots and more modern tones. Thanks to the experience acquired during more than 500 concerts, the group recorded its first live album on the scene of the “Cabaret Sauvage” in Paris which gathered almost 1200 persons on November 26th, 2008, and gave birth to a CD-DVD release.

2011 brought the release of their third album Echos du Temps. Partially recorded in Jamaican and African studios, this CD includes ‘Non je ne regrette rien,’ a cover version and tribute to one of the biggest French singers, Edith Piaf, that was recorded in Kingston alongside U-Roy. A dub version of this album Echos du Dub was released in 2012 along with their second live album Live on Air à la Ciglae.

Considered as the most influent reggae group in France nowadays, Danakil continues to share its message throughout France and even across the borders. SNWMF is pleased to present Danakil for the very first time in the United States.

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