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For over 8 years, Elhadji and Marabou have been bringing people together around Northern California to dance to their uplifting African roots reggae. Lead singer, songwriter, and master drummer Elhadji Niang brings his conscious lyrics, djembe rhythms, and Baay Faal Islam culture from his home in Senegal, West Africa. The Baay Faal, a mystical Sufi brotherhood, follow the spiritual guidance of their marabou, or shaman, Cheikh Amadou Bamba, in the tradition of Mame Cheikh Ibr Faal, the first Baay Faal and the original dread.


Drumming and chanting religious praise songs for their marabou, they are like divine soldiers, bringing peace and light into the world by sharing their message of remembering God. Elhadji and Marabou play what the people love to hear, uniting them in the spirit of their healing music. Elhadji began playing music and drums at the age of seven in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, both masters of traditional drumming and dance. After playing diverse styles of music such as African, reggae and hip-hop, he left Senegal to drum for an American funk band and soon formed his own band, Marabou. Elhadji has performed at Northwest World Reggae Festival, Russian River Reggae Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festival, and the Harmony Festival. Elhadji is thankful everyday for the chance to share his love of music with the world...

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