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Are you capable of redirecting a fast moving project, reaping the so-called successes that most groups never enter proximity with, to a direction closer to the heart of one’s truth?

Are you willing to sacrifice the opiate comforts found in the canyons of familiarity and walk the narrow path of the unknown, which honors no warrantee?


Are you up to the challenge of the impossible, willing to break convention, forgo security, and become the enemy of all that you hold dear?

Are you strong enough to look inward and embrace your darkness, taking complete responsibility for yourself and not pass the burden to externals?

Are you ready to die?

The life and times of Elijah Emanuel permeate with the stink of the earth and the sweetness of heaven, covered in the perspiration of living truth without compromise. It creates a fertile ground work that’s birthed an amazing collection of songs – revelations sown in deepest of sorrow and reaped in the extremes of joy. The harvest of material from the last 2 years is greater than many produce in a lifetime, and with a new album and fresh group of players, Elijah takes to the stage once again to boldly express truths few can bare witness.

Elijah Emanuel has evolved through several incarnations of The Revelations since 1996. The present line-up of musicians lives in San Diego, California. This first-hand view of the struggle of the local immigrants against the U.S. government fueled Elijah Emanuel's imagination for addressing Roots Reggae music to concrete issues. Bilingual in Spanish and English, he has been an activist for Hispanic and African cultural integrity. Elijah has been searching for the essence of reggae; what makes it timeless and universal---and attempting to make that the core of his songs."Where I want to take it[reggae]? Where it's not localized to one geography and not limited to one culture. The music is universal. When I compose songs my intentions are to speak to and inspire people from every country in the world and this because the nature of this music directly connects to the consciousness of all people".

For long is the road and years have I spent alone, in lowley places with no map to lead me home. Holy Father forsake me not, the road ahead is full of rocks. Give I the patience and wisdom to know, how to manuever this rocky road. The road to Zion is narrow and steep, many shall be called but few shall trod its peaks. For long is the road and years will you spend in search, for the highest truth you cannot find in the church. The road to babylon is traveled by many, the predictable life where money breeds complacency. For long is the road and years will you spend getting by, paycheck to paycheck, lie after lie. Two roads that I can take, one leads to babylon the other to Zion gates. I choose to trod Mt Zion.

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