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Fermin Muguruza

Fermin Muguruza is the kind of guy who knows what he wants and steers confidently and diligently towards his goal. That's how he's gone about things since I met him in 1984. Fermin Muguruza not only has faced one battles, he's face a whole bunch of battles.

First came the amusingly rebellious songs. The skas marked a time, a harsh and raucous personal style. It was the eighties, the crazy stage of our music. There was drinking, dancing, playing for three days non-stop and there was a week long break before going back to the old routine. In that way, months and years went by, a record here, a record there. Non-stop invasions of staging and from week to week thousands of fans closely followed the stanzas and lines that the singers belted out. That was Kortatu's strength and sense of rhythm. A ground-breaking group that to this day is still leaving its mark.

The break-up of the trio was one of the many sensible things that Fermin did. At the same time, it was beginning with the album "Kolpez kolpe" (blow by blow) that he made the irrevocable and complete changeover from Spanish to Basque. It was another show of his sense of responsibility and another realisation of his goals and feelings.


Negu Gorriak (harsh winters) was a group pioneering in the fusion of the rock, punk and styles, attaining an innovating and terse sound. Their circle gradually widened at this time with the Esan Ozenki label (giving them a direction, a brand image and content) as evidenced by solidarity trips, brotherly contacts with the oppressed peoples of Latin America, their clear and outright stance on the reality of the Basque Country. It went on and on. It was hard going, but not so hard to prevent him from becoming a dad.

With the pairing up of Fermin Muguruza and Dut, he again hows that besides being a public personality and an opinion-maker, he is also a creative and energetic musician.He is an artist able to delve within himself to come up with ideas to the utmost of his abilities and intelligently channel them, always trying to add a little something extra to the stage.

Because of his not so remote past and present, Fermin is a point of reference for us all. It's not just due to his musical legacy, the Lyrics to his songs, but also due to his regular writing for the magazine Argia, the newspaper "EGIN, and three years with the radio show "Igo Bolumena" (Pump up the Volume), an EGIN radio programme and scores of commitments that crop up day after day. Some executives, especially media executives, have looked askance at him, but the common people - fans as well as journalists -admire him, above all for his talent, his work capacity, and his coherence.

- Pablo Cabeza.

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