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Ikahba is the latest artist to emanate from the roots caldron currently bubbling on the island of St. Croix. His debut album ‘Troddin To Zion" was released in January of this on the Afrikan Roots Lab record label. Like all ARL releases, "Troddin" features the preeminent roots band, Midnite, laying down some wicked bass lines and rhythms. Add a heavy dose of conscious lyrics along with Ron Benjamin’s unique engineering skills and you’ve got the recipe for another cruzial album.

What distinguishes Ikahba is his ability to intersperse his cool soothing vocals (that many people find similar to Tenor Saw) with some chanting in which Ikahba throws down lyrics fierce and hard. This is perhaps best illustrated on the song "Wha Happen To Dem".

After crooning for about a minute over the "Maintain" riddim, Ika rips into some serious chanting:

"What an abomination now dem come ya so fe bring, de youths and dem borning mutated, a pure vampire warmonger is what dem come ya breeding."

Fellow Afrikan Roots Lab recording artist Mash joins Ikahba on the selection "Dem Skylarkin", with Dezarie sharing vocals on the title track. The outstanding harmonies and subtle background vocals give the entire album an ‘easy-listening’ roots feel to it, yet the lyrics are piercing and spellbinding.

Although "Troddin to Zion" is Ikahba’s first full album, he did contribute numerous selections to the "Homegrown Vol. I" compilation under the name Ika Melody. Ikahba will be touring this summer with Dezarie, and both will be performing at the 11th annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival.

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