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Jah Warrior Shelter is an award winning sound system based in California’s Bay Area. Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi was originally founded in 1992, by singer/DJ Rocker-T, in Brooklyn, New York. The sound quickly became well known playing at the infamous Lion’s Den Dance, in New York City, during the mid nineties. In the late 1990’s, the sound system expanded to the Bay Area, first with selector Jah Yzer joining the crew, and DJ’s Ivier and Irie Dole joining shortly thereafter.

Jah Warrior Shelter Hi Fi is the undefeated Bay Area Sound Clash Champion, winning 5 Bay Area Clashes in a row: The official VP Records KMEL Sound Clash in San Francisco (1998), The EIWR Clash in San Francisco (2001), The Settlement Clash in Oakland (2002), The Bay Area 45 Clash in Oakland (2002), and the Unity Clash in Berkley (2003).

Each selector in the crew has their own unique style and have established themselves not only as a clash sound, but as a top juggling sound as well. You can always find a Jah Warrior Shelter dance to go and have a good time in the Bay Area, either with individual selectors or together as one sound.

In October 2003 the crew's very own DJ Ivier opened Wisdom Records, the first and only record store in northern California specializing in reggae dancehall music. Located in San Francisco, the store is designed for reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and dub DJ's, catering to a selectors needs, as well as the everyday listener.

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