Welcome Kids & Families

Kids 12 and under are FREE at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival.

SNWMF always offers an exciting array of children's activities, and 2014 will be no different.

Parents are asked to keep an eye on their children while they
are participating in Festival activities.

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The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival promotes "conscious" music. Conscious music is music with a message of peace, unity and brotherhood, which transcends the divisions of race and culture.

Over the past Twenty years we have endeavored to build a community where Conscious music, Roots music, and World music is embraced. Where bringing diverse people from many lands together in celebration yields more than just the sum of each individual present, but something much grander.

At SNWMF, people experience a unique sense of unity and belonging, a semi-utopian moment in time where love, generosity, joy and innocence can be reclaimed. We believe that music has the power to move mountains and change paradigms, and the phenomenal artists who have graced SNWMF stages over the past decade have imparted an overwhelmingly Positive force.

Created through the collective efforts of the artists, vendors, staff, volunteers and ticket buyers, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is known for the positive, conscious, environmentally aware community it attracts.

The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is dedicated to nurturing a world family peacefully united in celebration of the universal spirit of music. Come celebrate with us!

Movement, Drums, Kids Music & Play
Each year, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival provides a fun environment for kids that includes a Daily Parade, a Bounce House and Arts and Craft area. We celebrate 20 years of SNWMF with lots of movement, drums, workshops and play for all!

Kids Zone (2013) Activities:
Children's activities for 2014 will be announced soon. In the meantime, here's a list of last year's activities:

Asheba returns with his bag of musical goodies he has been sharing with kids at SNWMF since 2008. Born in Trinidad and based in the Bay Area, he has been influenced by Carnival and the folkloric oral tradition, calypso.

Tim Cain
In his work, Tim not only imparts his love of music, but offers himself as an example for kids. He was paralyzed from the waist down with polio at age 7 and believes children benefit from seeing him, with his disability as "just a regular person whose legs don't work". He charms his audiences with the same indomitable spirit that helped him overcome adversity performing an acoustic guitar singalong!  

Loco Bloco & SNWMF Parade
From the Bay Area, Loco Bloco is a group that brings the festive art of the Carnival to kids as a tool for empowerment, to overcome injustice, to contribute positively to their community and to embrace ethnic and cultural diversity.

Face Painting by Kathleen
Kathleen & her daughter will be doing face and body painting throughout the weekend, Come to the bounce house area on Saturday and Sunday to get your face painted for FREE!

Land of Merriment
For 30 years, Land of Merriment has created the opportunity for children to dress up in costume at Renaissance fairs. Kids will have access to all sorts of fun costumes and have a space for playful tea parties and more!

Illuminated Fools
Giant puppets will be at the festival to bring the irie vibes.

Pam Ray - Balloon Artist
Pam will be making fun shapes out of balloons in the Kids Zone, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Not Just For Kids...
Here are some of activities for SNWMF 2013 that are appropriate for children of all ages:

Joti Singh and Duniya Drum & Dance Company
Performing in both the West African and Indian Bhangra/Bollywood traditions, the ensemble will showcase each style at SNWMF 2013. Join the Duniya dancers and drummers to learn songs, percussion beats and dance patterns. The West African segment features a drumming and singing ensemble as well as dance presentation.

Chinyakare Ensemble
Performing music and dance from Shona, Ndebete, and other tribal groups from around Zimbabwe, the group’s name means “We are many, all in the deep tradition of the arts of our ancestors,” in ChiShona, a native language of Zimbabwe.

Loco Bloco & SNWMF Parade
From the Bay Area, a group that brings the festive art of the Carnival to kids as a tool for empowerment, to overcome injustice, to contribute positively to their community and to embrace ethnic and cultural diversity. They will lead a great workshop in dance and drumming for the kids and lead the daily parade!

Samba Stilt Circus
Bringing the samba line to the next level, this troupe will perform throughout the weekend, carrying their upbeat vibe and highest art form to dance and percussion, all on stilts!

Clayton Duncan & Pomo Indian Nation
From Lake County, California, Clayton and several tribal members will present dance, song and a blessing both to open the festival on Friday at the Valley stage and on Sunday in the form of a mini pow-wow at the Drum Temple.

Hanif & Amazing Beats
Coming from Los Angeles, Hanif brings drums and much more to share and conduct workshops designed for the kids.

Karen Small - Solstice Yoga
Coming from Detroit, Michigan, Karen has taught yoga for ten years at Sierra Nevada Sierra Nevada is one of the first festivals in the country to offer yoga. Each morning, we meet under the canopy of the redwoods at the Village stage at 10am to practice together in unity.

Holistic Hooping
Kandice and the crew provide a play environment for all to learn and love of hooping, spinning and juggling. They host ongoing playtime throughout the weekend.

Drum Temple
Throughout the weekend, Sageman’s Drum Temple hosts a drum circle, dance performances and classes by Northern California’s talented Company of African Dance Arcata and Group Khindia.

Primordial Spin
On both Friday and Saturday immediately following the final sets at the Valley stage, a mesmerizing, high-energy fire spectacle closes out the evening! Bring your drum and join in to accompany this skillful, mystical dance presentation.

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