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The Kusun Ensemble is an extraordinary group of musicians and dancers based in Ghana, West Africa. Founded by Nii Tettey Tetteh, the group includes past members of The National Ballet and The Pan African Orchestra. Although rooted in traditional music, the ensemble has developed a new brand of music and dance they have dubbed "Nokoko." They have created innovative rhythms and dances by fusing bass and lead guitar, electrifying jazz and African rhythms, and traditional Ghanaian instruments. In their quest to develop a new style of Ghanaian music, they have been dazzling audiences in Ghana and around the world.


With headlines reading "Kusun Electrifies Frenzied Audience" and reviews proclaiming the Kusun Ensemble's sound as a "revival of a vital art," the band is now considered one of Ghana's most innovative and powerful music and dance ensembles. By blending the authentic sounds of traditional instruments with the exuberance of hilife music and the complexity of African jazz, they are developing a unique Ghanaian sound and bringing the tropical passion of West African music and dance to the world stage.

For the past four years the Kusun Ensemble has been making their way over the ocean, packing theatres and wowing festival audiences in the United States. They have performed throughout Ghana and toured Australia, Canada, and the UK. Many of the members have also been teaching drumming and dance at the Kusun Study Center in Nungua, Accra. This center was built by Nii Tettey Tetteh to promote the traditional arts of Ghana, to teach both local people and international students about Ghanaian music and culture.

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