..Locura.. One word: madness. Separated into two, ..lo cura..: it cures it. Two words found within the one; the cure found within the madness. During the times when the world is spinning too fast to comprehend, we find we need a remedy, and music can be that cure. This is the feeling we hope to cultivate through our music; that within the insanity and madness of this crazy life, blossoms the cure- beauty and love bringing dreams to life, where another world is possible. It is this idea that has inspired us to gather our energies. Our experiences of struggle and strife, and a passion for love and life, have brought us individually and collectively to a place of reflection and direction, a place to release and revive. Music has served as a catalyst for change, bringing many diverse ideas and people together. The music of ..¡LoCura!.. is born as we bring together a diversity of genres. Drawing on influences from Spain, Cuba, Jamaica and California, this dynamic trio fuses grooves and melodies from Reggae, Cuban Son, Flamenco, and North American folk. The ..¡LoCura!.. sound weaves together Reggae and Flamenco, hence the flavor is 'reggalicious flamenkito'. Bridging the Old World with the New, ..¡LoCura!.. is original music for the Heart and Soul.

During the times when the world is moving too fast to comprehend, we need a cure and music is often what does it. Then there are the times when the sun is setting and you stop to take a breath of fresh air that fills you with inspiration. These moments are what has inspired this group of music lovers to gather their energies. Their experiences of struggle and strife, passion for love and life has brought them to a place of reflection and direction, a place to release and refuel. Bringing flavors from Spain, Cuba and California, this recently formed trio fuses musical styles and blends genres, and re-defines the boundaries of music. This Latin flavor draws on influences from Flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Samba, Afro-Peruvian and Cumbia. Add in some Pop, North American Folk and Reggae and you have the locura sound.


Kathy Miletich - In love with life and all its unpredictabilities, Kathy followed her love until it transformed to say with the band Alma Melodiosa. Just passing through town to visit her grandma, she met the band as will as her passion for singing. Since then she has been touring and performing with the band for nearly 6 years. Kathy was born and raised in España which has greatly influenced her music. She feels that music is the language of the soul so she continues to study the many different dialects including Flamenco, Reggae, Folk, and Hip-hop. Whether singing in English or Spanish the message is made clear by her soulful style.

Rachael Bouch-Dimondstein has been teaching and performing as a percussionist for the past seven years. She has studied extensively in Cuba, and specializes in music and percussion from around the world. She plays congas, timbales, djembe, drum set, and cajón, and is well-versed in various musical styles including Funk, Jazz, Rock, Cuban Son/Salsa, Flamenco, and Reggae, Ska, Brazilian, and West African. She has worked in many different bands, and is the founder and bandleader of Cuban Son/Latin jazz group 'Luz'. She enjoys improvisation, and has been known to accompany dance pieces and theatre productions. She is trained in Orff Schulwerk (an integrated method for teaching the creative arts to children), and teaches private lessons in percussion to students of all levels and ages. She currently teaches music in several schools throughout the Bay Area, including the Phoenix School of Music, to which she is the director. She resides in Berkeley, CA.

Bob Sanders has been playing music since he was 15. He started on bass guitar playing jazz then later moved to playing World Beat ranging from different Latin styles, Reggae and West African. At 26 he learned to play drum set for a Latin World Beat band. During all this he began flirting with guitar and now is writing songs.

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