Mada Nile was born in a portion of St. Croix that is appropriately named “Paradise”. As a child, she was always surrounded by music, either the Soul music that her mother was so endeared to or the roots reggae that her DJ brother was drawn to. After finishing school, Mada Nile performed at various talent shows. At first, she was reluctant to sing due to her having laryngitis. She gives much praises to Batch and Ras Attitude for encouraging her to pursue a musical career. In 1994, Mada Nile wrote her first song “Mother”, but she never recorded it due to the emotions that overcame her in light of the passing of her parent.

In 2000, Mada Nile began recording under the name of Empress Chunks. Her very first selection called “Worry No More” appeared on the Sound V.I.Zion compilation Culturellennium 2. Soon thereafter, she performed a show The Peacock in Atlanta, and the promoter of that show told her that her lyrics flowed like the waters of the Nile River, and he dubbed her Mada Nile.

In 2003, Sound V.I.Zion Records released the EP “The Life”, which included a track from Mada Nile entitled “Another Day”. The success of that selection led to the release of her debut album on Sound V.I.Zion Records “Rise Today” the following year. Mada Nile is a powerful empress who minces no words on her recordings, militantly lashing out against injustice and inequity on selections like “War In A Babylon”, “Batta Bruise” and “Look”. The firmament of her spirituality is embodied on songs such as “Jah Will Find You”, “Run Dem Out” and “Worry No More”.

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Mada Nile brings a full package to the audience during her performances, combining the heavy roots-oriented message of her lyrics with a delivery style that also embraces dancehall chants to really get the people moving. After several appearances on the East Coast, Mada Nile was featured at 2006 Rise Up Festival in Vermont. She has since recorded “Empress Love” for ODC that is making waves in the Virgin Islands. This selection will be included on her next album, along with recordings Mada Nile has done with Katalyss and Batch of Sound V.I.Zion Records.

Mada Nile hopes that her musical offerings will bring the people “A sense of peace. A sense of truth. A sense of love. A sense of pride. Love your self. Love your family. Love almighty God. That’s essentially what I would like for my people to embrace off of my music.” We are very pleased that Mada Nile will be making her California debut at the 14th annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival.

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