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With two number one songs under his belt, Natty King took the airwave by storm 2003 to 2004 with ‘No Guns To Town’ & ‘Mister Greedy’ distributed by Sonic Sounds. Both songs show the depth and consciousness of a young man who catapulted on the scene with a blaze of consciousness. He was influenced from an early age by his mother who had a 'wicked voice' is finally living his dream of getting his message out.

Born in Bath, St Thomas, Kevin Christopher Roberts sees himself as a lover of good music. Influenced by The Wailers, Burning Spear, and his role model Luciano Natty King said he listened to these artistes because they fascinated him. In fact, he was so impressed with Luciano that at one point he called himself Lucie B.

While attending Bath Primary and Junior High, Natty King never missed an opportunity to showcase his talent. He would perform at school concerts and at community events. Teachers and students were impressed with his voice and they would encourage him to pursue his dream of being a singer. When Natty King left school he did just that. He got a push in the right direction when he met Steady Ranks in the early 90s.

Natty who used to mostly perform Luciano's songs said Steady Ranks encouraged him to start doing his own songs. Steady Ranks helped him to do just that. Soon after Natty King's friend introduced him to Steelie and Clevie and he did a single for them 'Badness Hype' on the Bad Weather riddim for their 2000 label. The song was released in 2000.

Unfortunately there wasn't much buzz surround this song as it was overshadowed by other major artistes on the riddim.  Natty King soon linked up with Donovan Francis on his Everything Natural label where he recorded 'Move On' a combination done with Terry Ganzie and Ottowa. He also did 'Forces' (combination with Fredlocks, Joshua and Isassi) and 'Country Under Seige' with Gaddiel.

The next project Natty King was onto was with record label Lustre King out of California. He recorded 'Si Di Wicked A Come', 'Man of Truth' (with Al Pancho). Then it was onto another label 'Ras I Record where he recorded 'True Love' with Gaddiel and 'Rastaman Chant'.

Although Natty King had been doing a lot of recording, it just seemed as if the recognition the songs deserved was eluding him. That is until he met producer Wade Brammer who helped with his career. He later introduced him to his cousin Jimmy Ricks who owned Joe Jam Music. Ricks later signed him to his company, and from the very first recording it seemed the two creative forces made the difference.

Natty recorded 'No Guns To Town' and 'Love Me'. "No Guns To Town' on the Two Miles label took off like a rocket sitting on top of several charts both in Jamaica and overseas. Natty King dominated Mega Jamz, RJR, Hot 102 FM and ER charts staying at number one for five weeks straight. It was also number one in England on Choice FM Radio Station, as well as in the U.S on South Florida and New York Reggae Chart and it is also enjoyed strong support in the Caribbean.

His follow up single ‘Mister Greedy’ on Insight Records also went No. 1 on the local charts. Incidentally, ‘No Guns to Town’ and ‘Mister Greedy’ videos were also No.1 on the Video Chart in Jamaica.

Since his emergence on the scene Natty King has graced the stages of Sting 2003, East Fest 2003, Rebel Salute, Western Consciousness and Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest all held in 2004. In all these shows Natty King showed the world that he had indeed arrived.

He was voted the number One Rural Artiste for 2003, in Jamaica, he also cupped the 2003 Awards in the Best New Entertainer category at the 23rd International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) in Manhattan, New York, as well as the 2003 Jamaica Federation Music Award (JFM) for Best New Singer.

Right now Natty King has one focus and that's to be the best that he can be. He will be trying to pen more cultural songs and look out for the youths and elderly people. He prides himself on being very humble and surrounds himself with people who have the right attitude as he believe ultimately they can influence you.

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