The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is dedicated to nurturing a world family peacefully united in celebration of the universal spirit of music. Come celebrate with us!


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The Sierra Nevada World Music extends a HUGE THANK YOU to all those involved in making our 22nd annual summer solstice and world peace celebration one of the best ever.  The weather was perfect, the vibes were high and the music was great. All of that could be witnessed by the smiles to be seen on everyone's faces throughout the weekend.

Maximum RASpect to all the staff who worked tirelessly to insure that everything went off seamlessly, and to the hundreds of volunteers.  They were the ultimate Samaritans, not only in greeting all the attendees with beaming faces, but also in helping transform Boonville's Fairgrounds into a majestic spot for a festival in the days leading up to our gathering. We give thanks to the people of Boonville and all of Anderson Valley for having us be a part of your community for the past 10 summer solstices.  We are truly blessed to be able to call Boonville our home and are looking forward to celebrating there again next June. 

Big up to the medical staff for making sunscreen available, handing out ear plugs and tending to the minor injuries (and thankfully there were only minor ones) sustained by the patrons.  We are also grateful to our excellent security team that managed to keep everything under control for the festivities, to all the members of the press, media and street team for helping to get the word out about our world peace celebration and for the excellent reviews of SNWMF 2015.

To ALL of the artists, who came and delivered powerful and moving sets throughout the weekend we extend our deepest gratitude.  But, most of all, SNWMF would like extend a heart-felt thank you to all the patrons and attendees who choose to spend the third weekend of June in Anderson Valley dancing to their heart's content.  Because, when all is said and done, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is really about YOU the festival goers.  This festival is truly unique in the good people it attracts.  It is your smiles, your good vibes and the love that is shared amongst the wonderful people in attendance at SNWMF that keeps us going year after year.

The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is pleased to announce that our 23rd annual Summer Solstice and World Peace Celebration will take place at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville, California on June 17, 18 and 19, 2016, so mark your calendars.

SNWMF will once again be offering a limited number Holiday Tickets to next year's show. Stay tuned for more information and start saving your money now as this will be the lowest price you will be able to purchase tickets to SNWMF 2016.

We have added some reviews of SNWMF 2015 on our Archives Page, as well as three photo galleries courtesy of Lee Abel, Sista Irie and Christopher Harris. We have also added links to some music videos so that you can relive your SNWMF 2015 experiences all winter long. More articles, reviews, photos and videos will be added in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep checking back periodically.


This year's art, Sun Mandala by Maria Ng

Peace. Love. Music.