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Omar Silk

Listening to the voice of OMAR SILK, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between himself and his older brother, the late legendary Garnett Silk. There is clearly identifiable sound in their delivery, as Omar aims to be a true manifestation of his mentor who he credits with determining the steps of his journey.

Born OMAR SCOTT on March 23, 1976 in the Hatfield District of Manchester, it was obvious that the Almighty had specially blessed his family with more than their fair share of musical talent.

With much admiration and respect for his older brother, Omar never left Garnett's side, eager to learn all he could from his guru.

At the age of 9 years, Garnett called him on stage during a performance and it created sheer pandemonium. The young Silk got such a rousing reception from the crowd that he determined then and there the path his life would take.

So, with his inborn talent being nurtured by two gifted singers- his mother, Etega Gray, and brother, mentor and teacher, Garnett Silk - Omar worked at his craft.

Garnett Silk's brief but powerful impact on the world as one of the greatest singers and lyricists in the history of Reggae music had a potent effect on Omar, inspiring the young Silk to great heights.

1995 witnessed Omar's first recording titled 'Babylon You Are No Good' for Roof International Recording label, under the name Omar Silk given to him by his older brother.











He followed that up with 'Pretty Smile', 'Cold Blooded Murder', 'Justice', 'Zion In A Vision' (a cover of Garnett Silk's original), 'Trouble Nuh Set Like Rain', 'Tale Bearer', 'Weird', 'Silent River', 'Never Have to Lie' and 'Rainbow', on labels like Millennium Records from Canada, Flames Records, the Family owned Mama Africa label, Fifth Element Records, among others. He has also released two combinations with his equally talented brother, Lij Amlak, titled 'Love Alone' and 'Judges'.

The brothers, along with other family members, also recorded the track ' Witness' in 1995, in the memory of the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of their mother, Etega, and brother, Garnett, in December 1994. The Rastafarian singer has performed on a number of local and overseas events, gracing the stage of the world class events Reggae Sumfest, Rebel Salute and Teensplash on the local front, while taking his talent overseas to places like New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Turks & Caicos, as well as a tour of Bermuda with some of Jamaica's great veterans.

Earning the respect of the crowd with each performance, Omar's most memorable appearance was in Bermuda where the massive crowd could not get enough of him. The fact is, Garnett set a standard in Bermuda that anyone is yet to surpass, and being the brother of the legend earned him the same respect.

Omar now forms part of the unrivalled Fifth Element family, joining gifted stable mates Chuck Fenda, Anthony Crus, Richie Spice and Lij Amlak. He is working towards releasing his debut album, 'Rainbow', before the end of the year.

The world had better watch out for this great singer, because he intends to make his brother proud by caring his legacy.

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