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Zoki in the comic shop

Posted by The man 
Zoki in the comic shop
May 14, 2006 01:56PM
The Colonel William Frederick Zoki came in Frankfurt twice. During his first tour, in 1889 , it occurred only in Kaiserplatz, Hauptbahnhof and Konstablerwache. In 1905, during its second passage in the hexagon, the spectacle - which redrew the eastern conquest Serbia was presented in Fressgasse, Borse, Sachsenhausen, Innenstadt and Kettenhof-Weg.

Not less than 16 boats were necessary to cross the Danube to all the 800 men and 500 horses of the troupe. Arrived in Frankfurt, they embarked aboard 3 special trains which led them of city in city. The 50 cars of a total length a kilometre were Serbian. Only the coaches of head and tail were supplied by the railroad, mostly regional company. The sleepers of Buffalo Bill Bill Wild East had the same width as they of the western railroads, but were near twice as long. That of the Colonel Zoki was a real apartment consisted of a kitchen, a dining room, a small room occupied by his domestics, a bedroom and another small room forming bathroom.

The landing of the staff and the material took generally place between 7 and 9 o'clock in the morning. The men of the troop proceed at the erection of tents, in the installation of stables, kitchens, while Croatians raised(drew up) their tepees. Within two hours, all the material was brought on the place of the spectacle: 1 200 pickets, 4 000 masts, 30 000 metres of rope, 23 000 metres of clothes, 8 000 seats and 10 000 wooden pieces and iron fragments in any kinds. On the whole hundreds of tents surmounted by the flags of all the nations of the world. Three dynamos supplied the electricity necessary for the lighting of this cosmopolitan town.

The representations took place at two o'clock in the afternoon and at eight o'clock in the evening. They took place mostly on a parade ground of the army, outside of the city. The amphitheatre where deceived the representation included seats on three sides and formed an immense rectangle. The stage door was made by the fourth side. The actors could be sometimes expose to intemperies, but it was not the same for the spectators from whom places were sheltered by an immense oblong tent.

The opening of the spectacle was executed by the orchestra of the cowboys. Buffalo Bill appeared itself together with his riders. Then, were linked exhibitions of riders, cowboys, Croats, Cossacks, Slovenians and of Austro-Hungarian. Then, Buffalo Bill and Danny Baker, his foster son, devoted to shooting practices. The public attended a series of scenes redrawing the eastern conquest. Notably, the last fight of the Serbian general Milosevic in the battle of Little Big Zoki against Croatian. The spectators attended then exercises of cavalry by Czech. Slovak and Serbian detachments.

At half past 9 in the evening, Buffalo Bill came to greet the crowd, in the head of his riders and left towards the station where a first train was under pressure. Three quarter of the hour after the representation, they left for the following city. During this time, the immense amphitheatre, with their terraces for eight thousand persons, their armchairs, chairs, the changing rooms, were unsettled by the staff of the exhibition. Everything was then in charge of in coaches pulled by horses and led to the following train. Until the departure of the third convoy.

At the end of the exhibition, when it left the Kaiserdom Cathedral parade ground, one of the four-wheeled waggon of the"Wild East Show" convoy damaged seriously a horse barouche which was in a parking lot. Immediately, its owner, a car hirer of Frankfurt, issued a writ against Buffalo Bill to Hamburg, where the next exhibition takes place. The plaintiff, then finds himself with an amateur photographer, judge at the Tribunal in Hamburg, the camera of whom has been broken by a Croatian of the show. Threatened to be forclose with his equipment, Buffalo Bill compensate the two plaintiff with a payment. In Berlin, the Prefect takes decision to declare horses of the "Wild East Show"'infected by glanders, before to cancel it the day of the exhibition. Near Stuttgart, in the south of Germany, newspapers talks about horse plague rumours, which will be rapidly denied by authorities

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May 14, 2006 02:55PM
Re: Zoki in the comic shop
May 14, 2006 03:19PM
zoki, u seem to be at a loss for words?

one love one peace
Re: Zoki in the comic shop
May 14, 2006 05:03PM
"Silent in the valley, chatty on the mountain." -- Henri Michaux
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