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Warrior King Mashes

Posted by ODB 
Warrior King Mashes
May 19, 2006 05:20PM
Man o Man did Warrior King throw down a set at the Belly Up last night. It was without exception one of best shows In me handicapped memory bank. He came out with No real man can live without his Woman then into Never go where Pagans go. And though those are some of my favorites they were only the warm up. I was a little worried at first because the sound engineer had his mic a bit low for those first two but the problem was fixed/adjusted real quick. The backing band was Wisdom and if they had any problems keeping up or getting the tunes right at the earlier shows there was no sign of it last night. They held there own even with doing there own set prior to Warrior King and not taking a break. He seranaded the singer from Wisdom for bit and a song or two later stepped into the crowd. Funny thing about that was he was singing a love song, one I hadnt heard, as he stepped into the crowd still singing they hit a bright spotlight right onto the crowd and I couldnt see a damn thing so I closed my eyes as I am dancing with my Woman and I see this shadow block out the brightness of the spotlight. I open my eyes to see what it is and Warrior King is extending his arm around us serenading us with his love song. It completely caught me off guard, I swear I didnt see it coming, I seriously thought he was on the other side of the room until that moment. Im not very tall and when someone steps into the crowd its hard to see much at 5'-4". Even without this highlighted moment, this was still one of the best sets ever for me. Warrior King deserves the highest praises in my book and has illuminated the direction that I believe reggae should be going in. He has the most Positive message and it is carried through in his voice and his vibes better than any other of the young stars of any Genre I listen to today.

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Re: Warrior King Mashes
May 19, 2006 05:49PM
Thanks ODB,

I love to hear the words! While we here in STX are blessed with much niceness, Warrior King nevah come, YET. I saw him do a ting for Marley's birthday in KINGston at the Hope Rd. Marley Foundation site and was as taken then as you were last night. Love the Vibes and Must Support the Lion. Gives I hope for the future! Bless again for the review!

Re: Warrior King Mashes
May 22, 2006 09:06PM
Warrior king also sang wisdom's backup singer (who was incredable, btw) and came down into the audience (during "where's the love gone"winking smiley at his show in Santa Cruz. He also came down and gave hugs to everyone who wanted one after the show. Great preformer, great show.
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