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places to go after the show

Posted by garden 
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places to go after the show
May 22, 2006 07:34PM
hi all,

Since I'll be up in the far north of Ca, I'd like to take maybe two weeks and tour around this part of the state and on into Oregon. Those of you who live up this way, what would you recommend seeing? I know that it's really beautiful up there. I've been to Mt Shasta, but that's all.
I'm also considering other summer events like the Oregon country Fair and that other music festival in the Sierra-high sierra, i think it's called. Has anybody been to those events and what did you think?
Are there any online events calendars that list upcoming club dates etc. in the northern ca/ oregon area?
thanks in advance for any suggestions-I'm really looking forward to breathing some clean air as well...
Re: places to go after the show
May 22, 2006 09:17PM
oregon is very very nice, but honestly pretty slow & not too much to do there. you might wanna check out crater lake off highway 97. still not too much there, but very beautiful & one of a kind. i say your best bet is spending 2 days around mt. lassen national park. theres alot more there than at mt. shasta. i recommend hiking to the summit. its not too difficult. you say you're spending 2 weeks travelling? i say just drive another full day up to washington. check out mt. rainer, mt. baker & olympic national parks. seattle is very nice as well (for a major city) washington is a step above norcal & oregon in beauty & is well worth the extra days drive.
locally, i'd say your best bet is mt. lassen national park. lots of interesting stuff there...
Re: places to go after the show
May 22, 2006 10:03PM

definitely not reggae:

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Re: places to go after the show
May 23, 2006 07:23AM
thanks for the suggestions smiling smiley
Re: places to go after the show
May 23, 2006 07:43AM
Oh my im so glad you asked. If your intention is to soak up more music and vibes then High Sierra Festival in Quincy is a MUST. its 4 days theres like 4 main stages plus buildings with workshops , stand up comedy you name it. the late night shows till dawn are off the hook. Look up the line-up online. Im a Reggae kinda guy but I went to my first High Sierra Fest last year and im hooked. Not enough Reggae there but its just incredible. Its a marathon of music. Ive never seen anything like it. My dreadie strictly reggae friend said he was worried it was just a hippy jamband fest with hairy all over people noodling to the next phish wanna-be. thats not what he said really but the gist . NO its the real deal and eclectic and everything you want in a music festival. Thank Jah, Buddah, Jesus. Thor, yourself who ever you thank that High Sierra is not on the same weekend as SNWMF. That would tear me in two literrally. GO THERE. And if your intention is to see some terrain, your also in the right place. I live in central CA, San Luis Obispo and all I can say is that the farther north you go the more beautiful it gets. The western counties are my favorite, Mendocino Humboldt. Just like dubby said though about Oregon theres no "scene" to speak of. You want to see the beauty and camp and hike. Hell yeah! And if you are going to Oregon youll have to go all the way to Portland and ask where the best jazz clubs are. but if you have the means to do that I suggest just going to Seattle which is a Great place and the people are the best and theres so much local music and tings going on. But the beauty of Nor Cal hell north America is centered between S.F and the Oregon border. Hope that helps I too would like some advice from anyone "up there" about goings on for the same reason you gave. Live Life. Peace.
Re: places to go after the show
May 23, 2006 07:10PM
Yo Gilestyle (Jason)

This is DJ Edub (eric). I saw your note on here the other day.

Drop me an email at vasceri (at) yahoo . com

We should link up, come over and look thru my stacks, listen to some tunes.

Thanks again for all your help before, Mike and I's first show for Dos Mas Prod was Ooklah the Moc at your place, good to start on a good foot !!

One love
eric v