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Respect from Postive Sound Massive

Posted by standout 
Respect from Postive Sound Massive
February 24, 2004 08:06PM

My name is Steffen Franz aka Stand Out Selector and I own Positive Sound Massive Recordings. I was checking out the message boards and wanted to post to say Nuff Respect to all of the folks who are attending this year's festival. Indeed, it is going to be a great festival this year, and it really seems like conscious music and lyrics will be the main focus. As I own a strictly conscious and positive record label (and have for almost 11 years now) it is always so uplifting to see that this music that we all support can promote messages of peace, love, and truth that reggae has always been about, rather than some of the slackness that has dominated music for so many years now.

With that said... It is our pleasure to present both Rocker-T and Poetz4Peace at this year's festival. Many of you may know Rocker already as he has played throughout the US and Europe for over 15 years, and has 8 albums and countless singles to his credit. He tours 120 dates a year, and with "More Luv" charting on over 100 playlists in the US, and a new 12" called "Retrospect" due out any day now, Rocker-T is reaching new fans and markets everyday. Look for a tour in April that will travel to Wisconsin, Minnasota, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and California.

As for Poetz4Peace, this show will be extra special for this group from the divided island nation of Cyprus, as it will mark it's first ever US performance. This group is quite interesting as it's founding members are a Greek Cypriot MC/PhD and a Turkish Cypriot poet. These folks embody the idea that music is a common bond that can help heal any of the world's political dramas and social unrest. Other members of this group includes an English Cypriot Bouzouki master who's knowledge of reggae music allows him to bring in an instrument hardly ever heard in reggae or hip hop, developing a sound that is very unique.

For more info on Rocker-T or Poetz4Peace, please feel free to check out our website @ [www.psmrecordings.com]
There are some free music samples there as well as photos, bio and tour info for all of PSM's artists.

We look forward to seeing you all out there this summer,

Regards and Respect-

Steffen Franz aka Stand Out Selector
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Re: Respect from Postive Sound Massive
February 24, 2004 09:36PM
Big up to PSM, Rocker T and stand out selector,
we had a chance to meet during an LKJ show here in wisconsin a while back
and I can say that we all look forward welcoming a bredda Rocker T back in April
(a possible 4:20 show I heard) looking forward to seeing you @ snwmf
safe travels to you and the PSM massive

Re: Respect from Postive Sound Massive
February 25, 2004 12:46AM
Greetings from Napa. You must remember the van with the flames @ saketini, when Rocker T, Shinehead, Jahyzer and yourself were mashing it up. Large up, sounds like you're doing well. Respect to all PSM massive and crew.
Re: Respect from Postive Sound Massive
February 26, 2004 04:07AM
-RASpects+ nice ups once again *R.A.W.#1792 forward>
Re: Respect from Postive Sound Massive
February 26, 2004 11:48PM
Big Ups PSM. Big Thanks to SOS and Rocker T for arranging a great interview that will be up on my site (www.bayareareggae.com) soon. Peace

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