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Drumming at the edge of Magic

Posted by Prince-Kali-Wolf 
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Drumming at the edge of Magic
February 25, 2004 05:38PM
Im Reading a really extrodanary book Right now Called
Drumming at the edge of Magic, The First couple pages pulled me in and now I Cant stop reading, This book's introduction into the world of mystic drumming is touching and Moving I recommend anyone mildly expierenced on A Drum should find this book and check it out!
I have not a clue where you would find this book though Becuase I found it in a corner of a parking building somewhere in Down Town Berkly, CA.
Anyways' Book lover's and Drum Enthusiests Find your selves a copy
you wont regret it
smiling smiley

Happy Trails
Re: Drumming at the edge of Magic
February 25, 2004 11:09PM
Mickey Hart, author of Drumming at the Edge of Magic. Drummer for the Grateful Dead explored the world and it's hidden percussions, and wrote a book about it.
My husband's a drummer and this is his most recommended "can book" (when you're only time to read is on the toilet).
It's a great read, and shoot, what a great find!
You can purchase this book anywhere really, bookstores, amazon.com, any place that retails books.
visit www.mickeyhart.net to check out what this Guru is up to...