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Posted by Alexsis 
February 25, 2004 05:43PM
Greetings all!!

This will be my 1st festival!! Im very excited!
Anyone want to share your 1st fest experiences?

Much love,

bun n cheese
February 25, 2004 05:48PM
1st one was in Marysville, 2000.
walking along shakedown, someone said "you want a beer?"
My lady and i sat down with these cats from Houston. They had a keg and bottles galore. I pulled out the new Tabou1 URoy album, Serious Thing and we listened to the whole thing and swilled on cold beer.
February 25, 2004 06:20PM
My first SNWMF was last year. I started getting excited 6 months before it started and it is the same this year. I can't wait!! I learned a lot from my first experience, like things to bring and my tolerance level of certain things. You must bring your own shade and lots of water!
One experience I had was having "too much fun" on Friday night so subsequently not having the energy to "have fun" Saturday night. All around me I could hear music, people, good times but I was unable to get up out of my tent to enjoy any of it. I was so bummed. The Dancehall was going off, huge drum circles, Casba Tea House was Rockin it with a kickin dj set, and various other parties and I was too tired to move!! Man I wish I had the energy of an 18 year old again...

SNWMF is an event to remember for the rest of your life. It is so much fun, good vibes, and incredible music!
bun n cheese
February 25, 2004 06:29PM
that is a good point, Zana.

Let it be know that this festival is truly about the music.

ROTR is truly about the party.
jb welda
February 25, 2004 07:14PM
pace yourself for the best time. take a nap during the day during a time when music not of interest to you is going (if thats possible). eat good and live good and lay off the alcohol until at least sundown. yeah sure, right.

one love
jah bill
February 25, 2004 08:07PM
first time! ahhh the memories

marysville 1996. we were parked right on the main alley. we had the hugest drumcircle in our camp with a thousand hand drummers and like 20,000 people dancing to the beat. it lasted all night long and at dawn we had a beautifull trek down to the river where the ladies disrobed and started to frollick.....wait was that real or an hallucination.............
bun n cheese
February 25, 2004 08:09PM
February 25, 2004 08:21PM
my 1st snwmf was the summer of 1993. i had just turned 13 and was riding my new bike at the riverfront park bike track.my friend and i heard music comming from the concert area and thought maybe it was another rodeo or something but it didnt sound like country music. like any 13yr old kids would we went and checked it out. when we got there a band had just got done playing,so we parked our bikes along the the fence and took a seat on the down slope of the concert bowl. when the next band came on (not sure who it was) they began playing the theme to pink panther ina reggae style. that experiance alone changed my life for ever. i have only missed one snwmf since then(1999),and dont plan on missing any more. one love-juan love
February 25, 2004 08:37PM
my first was only 2 years ago. I knew some folks in John brown's body and thought it would be cool to see them in a different context. (not in a smoky club)
when I got to the fairgrounds people were so friendly and special big up to Ras danny, Wendy and dj big Jim for making me feel so welcome in the press tent.
at one point during the weekend, I remember thinking "homie you aint in wisconsin anymore!"
then reaching out to recieve one of many "gifts" from someone I knew for about 10 min...........Man, I can't wait to get back home again!

Respect to all,

February 25, 2004 09:18PM
My first (and only) festival was in 2002. It was great! I drove up from LA with 6 other friends. The setting was nice--peolple were friendly--and music was great! My best piece of advise--BRING SHADE. They warn you on the website, so take heed. It can get VERY hot. My only complaint was having to wait an hour for a hot shower. Hopefully there have been some improvements in that area. Otherwise, it was wonderful experience and I hope to go again this year!
jb welda
February 25, 2004 09:54PM
it *was* country music, juan.

from another country.

one love
jah bill
February 25, 2004 09:58PM
no doubt j.b. it was. one love-juan love
February 25, 2004 11:23PM
Naps are good and healthy for those hot festival days...
My first experience....
2000 SNWMF, I was also unable to leave my tent......mushrooms were heavy that Friday....
I remember a large bon-fire that year.
During a huge drum circle, people started freakin' out at this enormous fire that emerged from behind the tent community...
Everyone ran towards the lighted heat, and saw a man with a shovel tending to the fire.
Nobody quite knew what to think, but stood in awe at the enormity of it.
Huge logs, brush, burning.
Eventually the fire dept & police came and shewed everyone away to put it out.

It's burned into my memory as an exceptionally intense night....
February 26, 2004 12:48AM
JBB playes Sierra nevada? That is awesome! They are one of my fave bands...
February 26, 2004 02:27AM
First fest-SNWMF Marysville 1997-came for the day all the way from SF with some friends who had been there the year before. Wanted to stay the whole weekend, but couldn't.

From 98' on have been staying...will go wherever they do from Marysville to Angels Camp and beyond. 2001 and a new venue saw my first volunteering at the fest. Staff member since 2002....and icing...got to sing at my favorite festival with the King of Warriors last year...warming up the vibe for Midnite, the blessing of a century... now how's that for blessed progression?!

Love you W & G! Thanks for it all! My life is richer for knowing all of you, for being able to sing with love and for the blessings of Jah! May we heal as a nation and as a planet!
Love A3
February 26, 2004 07:42PM
First show was in 2001, just me, my lady and a couple that had never heard any reggae music besides Bob. It was a culture shock for them a very good culture shock. Since then sharing stories has encouraged more and more to come with me each year. I hope to be bringing at least 20 of my close firends and family this year.
pale ryder
February 27, 2004 12:59AM
My first time at snwmf was in 2001 when the venue relocated to Angels Camp. One of many highlights was seeing Buju Banton sing RastaMon Vibration, that was a crucial selection by the gargamel. Another great memory was seeing Isreal Vibration for the first time. My girfriend at the time had a broken leg, and was having a hard time moving around, so they inspired her to quite feeling sorry for herself, nuff respect for Buju and I Vibes!
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