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Lineup Changes

Posted by Paul 
Lineup Changes
July 16, 2004 07:12PM
I just wanted to voice some feedback on the last minute shuffling of the lineup, moving acts that were advertised to be on Saturday to Friday and starting the headline calibur acts on Saturday much earlier than anticipated. I missed 3 or 4 acts I came to the show to see this year and was very dissapointed. If you are going to make lineup changes you need to make them early enough that they can be posted on the website and the fans can plan accordingly. I drove all the way from Reno and got there half way through Don Carlos, I was really bummed I missed the Mighty Diamonds!! I hope this doesn't happen again next year!
Thanks for listening!

Re: Lineup Changes
July 16, 2004 07:29PM

hi Paul

we all missed the Diamonds this year. they didn't make it at all.

you have good points though
Re: Lineup Changes
July 16, 2004 08:04PM
i* missed linvel dat sort of sucked. o'well cant have your cake & eat it to. bless*
Re: Lineup Changes
July 16, 2004 08:23PM
no one likes this situation, least of all those who put on the show. but, you know, sh*t happens. maybe you would rather that they just cancel the show because a couple artists cant make it? things have to be shuffled at the last moment to cover time left open when artists decide not to make it for whatever reason...otherwise there would be big open empty spaces. i would rather a bit of shuffling and a bit longer sets from those who do appear. if that means those arriving later in the day miss some action, then i dont know what to say, except come earlier because you should expect something like this to happen, despite everyones best efforts.

one love
jah bill
Re: Lineup Changes
July 16, 2004 08:47PM
"mamma said life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get " (f gump)
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