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Corrupted Government!

Posted by Prince-Kali-Wolf! 
Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 05:27PM
This was a short "Openior" In my U.S. History Class.

-Q- Does the government have an obligation to help those in dire need?

-A- Certainly the Government should help those in need in OUR country, The government lies to us though, all the time - their even lying to themselvesand the've got a great Scam thats been going on for some time to keep the poor poor and help us pay the government/ " Rich" What little money we make. Brilliant monover, not to mention all the youth thats been raised on ignorence, that will keep the poor in cheack for a good while. Yet in there eyes we are sheep each worth its own price! so they dont really care about our well being; They really care about the size of our wallets'.

Yet if we assinged jobs other than wellfair we would be a much more pride filled country.

The people who run this county are making me really mad, the whole bush administration Pissis me off. All the lies and hidden truths, its just making me sick! TAXES - Our money we contribute to New research for weapons of mass distruction Without our knoledge, we kill many and not know about it due to
' Top Secret Covers"

But mostly the fact that my generation is so dumbfounded, every right the hippies fought for was slowly striped away from us 1 by 1 and our Government- Not wanting us to be a more educated people because intelagent people are harder to control; and they dont want that. The education my generation recives is averagly
from TV, Radio, Newspaper. If they contol all thoughd outlets (Which they do) Then we are forever Enslaved into their systems of Rights and wrongs!

Thanks for reading this: Kevin S / 17 / Mount Diabo High School!
jb welda
Re: Corrupted spelling!
February 26, 2004 06:20PM
kevin: i hope you spelled better than that on the papers you turn in. or at least use a spell checker. that wont help with context though. i agree with most of your thoughts.

one love
jah bill
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 06:40PM
I don't know what to think about the above.

A complex issue. I will tell you this. I think a lot of things are blamed on the government which used to be called personel responsibility. Rasie your own kids, don't expect the government to do it.

I go to the grocery store every day and many of the people in front of me pay with food stamps. I am not happy that as part of the middle class I have to support many others in this country. I believe as one of the richest nations in the world we have a responsibility to care for our poor. However, it should not be a free meal ticket forever. Better yourself, don't rely on the goverment to do it.

If you want to point a finger, look in the mirror. If you rely on the corporate greed of our government to determine your life's path you will always loose in the end.

Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 06:55PM
I'm proud of you. I hope the schools on a whole are open to discussion on both the left & right sides. I hope and pray for that. I agree, they are masters at squandering the poor, and the knowledgable of the truth. To them, the poor are sheep, and extremely expendable. The poor, in their eyes, cost too much to maintain, sustain, and keep healthy. That's a bunch of BS.
This election, I'll be voting for Dennis Kucinich, who strongly opposes the sheep herders, and the administration's techniques on running things. He's quite a guy. Unfortunately, he's not endorsed by the "big money machine" to pay his way into office, let alone, basic news coverage.
Kucinich voted against the Iraq war, voted against the Patriot Act, and will repeal it when in office, will regulate NAFTA and WTO, and many other things we need as a country. His word is genuine, because he intends on working for the workers, not the profiters.
I think you're knowledge counteracts your spelling. Keep your good head on, and please, DON'T EVER SURRENDER YOUR RIGHTS TO THE PATRIOT ACT. Read your constitutional rights and amendments, they are the backbone.
Much love my friend,
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 07:08PM
i would rather see a hundred (or a thousand) people in front of me with food stamps (courtesy of our government) rather than 1 rich fatcat oilman/investor/campaign contributor/etc get tax breaks/incentives/etc.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 07:20PM
Where should the money for all of those thousands of folks with food stamps come from?

I am not for the fat cat either. I am part of the middle class. I can't afford to pay a lawyer to get me all of the rich tax breaks and support the so called poor at the same time.

If people don't like the goverment quit relying on them.
jb welda
Re: government (the "corrupted" is redundant)
February 26, 2004 07:29PM

ha! like you got a choice.

i would much rather my tax money go to helping those less fortunate than me, or to support public education and edification than to pay a bunch of political hypocrites to ride around in a limousine and pass laws that do nothing more than restrict me and you. i do agree about the personal responsibility, but i think thats a diversionary tactic to bring it up whenever anyone talks about the government. personally i would rather support politicians who get rid of laws than those who get them enacted, especially if those laws restrict our freedoms or allow rich people to get richer on the backs of poorer people. there are some who are worthy of support...californias attorney general bill lockyer would be high on that list as would ex-gov and current oakland mayor jerry brown. even they make some wrong moves but overall i respect those two (and not many others).

one love
jah bill
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 07:38PM
the money comes from putting the plug in subsidizing rich folks. geez man - look at all the waste in government (especially military contracts and budgets). a small cut in those programs would more than pay for social services for those that need them and if there are some who get these services that don't actually need them so be it. would you throw the baby out with the bathwater? cut all social spending because there are some abuses?? you should devote your energies where the real abuses are, unless you subscribe to the republican mantra that everyone (except the rich and powerful) should pay their own way. since you are a member of the middle class - well you should be more indignant about the government sinking our middle class lower and lower while the "upper class" keeps getting richer and more powerful. i have nothing against rich people, i just feel that they should pay their own way and also they should feel cuts when the government sees a need to reduce.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 07:43PM
You are right. It is all the governments fault. No one should have to work and everybody should get a nice fat check every month. Blame public education but never make sure your kids actually do their homework.

The world is controlled by a bunch of rich white guys riding arund in limo's having secret meetings. I have no idea why I have been going to work everyday for the last ten years since I graduated college (where I paid my own way).

The only thing that puzzles me is why everyone keeps coming here from nations all over the world if this is such a horrible place?

I don't know but I will have plenty of time to figure it out on the couch in my goverment subsidized housing eating my goverment cheese.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 07:56PM
wow---actual political discussion on this site(!?)rather than some of that ism/scism run down by Some Folks(Selassie, protect me from some of yuh followers...) Young Prince, keep asking those questions. A lot of people have a mental block against being aware of politics---its soooo easy to say 'politics
is all bullshit', and then not bare witness to what them do. That's how you end up w/ two oilmen running our country.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 08:01PM
No instead ill sit around and read about bills and laws that will continue to allow me to vote for my own raises and pretend to care about everyone else while I plan how to make myself richer. After all thats all that matters is ones self right. Oh thats right Im not a greedy white politician and I was born into a middle class family with a tin spoon in my mouth. The rich get richer while people who remain in middle class remain there in part because they are the only ones willing to share there prosperities and not be greedy.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 08:14PM
per (gawd i hate even typing this name) rushlimbaugh.com: 53.25% of the top 5% wager earners paid taxes in 2001/2002. 64.89% of the top 10% wage earners paid taxes. but, whoa, 96.03% of the top 50% paid taxes. now can you see where funds for social services can come from? wouldn' t you as "middle class" like to be in the category where only 50% or 60% of you pay taxes. i shore would. wouldn't it be dandy if the upper wage earners were in the 96% paying taxes.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 08:45PM
ODB I am not sure what you are talking about. But I feel you dirtweed. I am definitely paying a lot of taxes and working a lot of hours. As for the only cares about ones self thing, I say that I am doing more than most to support the poor of this country by paying the taxes I do so they can eat. Quit lumping the middle class in with the rich.

Oh, can anyone answer the question as to why everyone around the world make it their life's mission to come live here? Becuase we have better social services, higher wages, and more opportunity while at the same time being the most ethnically diverse country in the world.

No handouts, try hand ups.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 11:34PM
JJ, i take issue with your comment about our having better social services and higher wages. Better than Mexico, China and most third world countries, definately. But you been to Europe lately? Their standard of living is higher than ours, they have health care and "real" retirement plans, and oh yeah, they average 5-6 weeks of vacation per year. How many americans in this group have 1) healthcare; 2) a good retirement plan; and 3) get 5-6 weeks of paid vacation per year? I'll bet the answer is ZERO.
bun n cheese
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 11:45PM
if you are actually asking then i have great healthcare, a great retirement plan and 4 weeks of paid vacaition excluding paid holidays and extra oncall PTO days. I love profit sharing!

so there is at least 1.
bun n cheese
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 26, 2004 11:48PM
let it be known that i work my arse off.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 12:11AM
-Q- Does the government have an obligation to help those in dire need? Why-Whynot?

OK...heres my answer to that question:

Of course the government has an obligation to help those in DIRE need, the key word being DIRE. Ive seen people dying in the streets of Trinidad and Haiti and no one helps...now thats DIRE.

The government presently takes money from people who are working (or have money) in the form of taxes and hands it out in goods and services to those in apparent need with plenty of people scamming the system...but thats the price of welfare.

We hand this welfare out to not only our citizens, but also to people who came here illegally and to people in other countries who need help.

Pretty damn generous in my opinion. Of course we could do more, but how much more is the question, as the more you tax the working person, the more you lower his standard of living.

And, when you talk about welfare, you are talking about taxes as the other half of the equation. Taxes are produced by the politicians passing bills. If you dont like tax cuts for the rich, then get informed and vote those out of office who pass bills that fail to tax the rich.

People can make a difference, just ask Grey Davis...Get active in politics if you feel strongly about the direction of government and as a minimun at least vote if and when your eligible.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 12:26AM
i don't know about Europe but Canada has socialized medicine. something needs to be done about healthcare but I'm pretty sure Canada is out of money......I'd have to see Europe to have an opinion but I like it here in the USA....
one of the problems in California is people using unemployment up the wazoo.....I have a friend who has been unemployed for over a year. He hasn't had the perfect job offer yet.....nobody told him that some dude doesn't come to your door and hand you the best job in the world and a bag of money.
my point is that if my buddy and I have a few like him- wouldn't take advantage of the system there would be more money for people who need it. I know there are people that need unemployment. I just think there are a bunch that should stop waiting for the perfect job and just do something. I have great benefits where i work and they seem to shrink every year. healthcare is only getting worse for sure.....
if we can solve the healthcare crisis on the board that would be great.
Irie 1
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 12:34AM
simple solution---A nationwide salary-cap...Why not? its seems to be working in the NFL.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 12:43AM
People and businesses are scamming the health care system is one of the reasons costs are rising at 10 to 15% per year. But thats not the only reason, due to advances in medical technology, people are getting things like artificial hips and knees etc. in droves now, and this is another big reason why the costs of health insurance is skyrocketing. Where it will end is anybodys guess...but it cant keep rising at current rates or that will eventually take all the money one earns with no money left for food or shelter. ha ha
bun n cheese
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 12:44AM
besides the fact that we are not a socialist collective, it doesnt really take into account cost of living fluctuations from region to region.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 12:48AM
simple solution---A nationwide salary-cap...Why not? its seems to be working in the NFL.

Ah...they have a salary cap per team, not individual.

The star of the team gets 10 million and the lineman get 200,000.

Thats what we have now...bill gates gets 10 billion a year and you get 20,000.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 02:27AM
Well said rhythmwize, I'll vote for a salary cap anytime. We used to sort of have that, back in the days before Reagan. It's called a progressive income tax, with the highest of incomes paying the largest in %. But reagan, and now bush have completely done away with that.

Whereas working class joe and janes' taxes (as a % of income) have increased substantially over the past 20 years, the taxes for the top 1% incomes have actually gone down by 50%.

So when your politician talks about FLAT TAXES or "FAIR TAXES", you should interprete that to mean "less taxes for the filthy rich".

Regarding many of the other posts, I would like to say 2 things:

1) Yes, there are many problems with some of our current social services, such as welfare, food stamps, unemployment and the like. These stem mostly from a) people abusing these benefits and b) the system which allows the abuse to go on and on.

But let's not through away the baby with the bath water. If my car isn't running right, I go and fix it or buy another car. I don't just give up driving. Let's work to fix the system and most of all, to fix our communities so that individuals don't want to 'take advantage' where they can. Therein lies the real solution.

2) I most definately believe that it is the government's obligation to provide for those who can't. That includes shelter, food, and the essentials for sustanance. There are those who believe that this burden should fall on 'the church' and other 'charitable' organizations. I believe that society is better served with a social democracy than with amerika's current system of pure capitalism. To me, "free market capitalism" just breeds greed, impatience, abuse and a society in which everyone is took to 'take advantage' where they can.
GENEral 411
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 02:42AM
Joseph Hill for prezident!!!!!!!!

then der would be no more smoking and feeling tense.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 02:44AM
selassie is the earth rightful ruler! no government wanted to ever listion to H.I.M. then so why would they start now. rasta> iNi dont suggest devoteing your time to the muck. but if your truley inspired to do something about a issue then dont hold yourself back just dont fall into politricks cause this system is a fraud & will prison you straight up. more fiyah everytime! rasta have no connections in anyway to snake democracy when the real story is spoken of. watch the media proclaim all the bad jokes & edited information all the way down to your bloodclot columbus history books in more than just public schools. meet the overstanding about foreign policy & see that even monarch's & other forms of leadership that lived somewhat peaceful for an extended amount of time before our government has even been formed are frowned upon as a threat if they cant be sold. much less the native american who future uncertain brings tears without haveing to bring up any past crimes against humans in general. now that JAH blessing are broad a band across the planet there cant be any true social acceptance because iNi have no place to go & express the same dogmah besides what creation has giv'in us alone. the pope still rakes his claw in the world order even with countless molesting priests on the loose thats in the mystery. evangleists still make profit off their version as were always gonna remain opressed in this babywrong as a share holder to our beleifs. but it is surley healthy to atleast practice one right they can never take away & that is freedom of speech. keep that flag flyin! >1LUV*+*+*+*+*+*+*+
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 28, 2004 11:45AM
Anybody know what New Zealand's like this time of year?
I need a regime change, and a change of scenery.
Corrupted Government, corrupted media...
They were so upside down about Janet's boob being exposed, but after all isn't Bush the REAL indecent boob being exposed?
I'm bothered each day, by what I see around me, what's on the "news", how people treat one another, treat their children... it's ailing, and difficult to swallow most of the time.
Re: Corrupted Government!
February 28, 2004 03:42PM
Right on point mojag.

Re: Corrupted Government!
February 28, 2004 08:20PM
Maybe the problem here is that the people really have no representation. Those called the "peoples" representatives" are really paid off by business and corporate holdings. I believe that individuals pay about 75% of the money coming into the state while business contributes 6%. I thought that i read in a small page 10 story that out of 100 million dollars coming to CALI , 35 million was going to be used to fight Pierces Disease ? Does this have anything to do with the liquor industry? I don't think Cisco has ever paid any taxes.Anybody know where all the mercury is coming from? Does the "free market economy" mean that you are able to poison the water, land and air and the public cleans up your mess? How much citizen money was given to corporate powers last year, like the film industry ? I'll bet that so called " welfare fraud " is really a drop in a big bucket. Are any of the peoples' representatives really fighting to get our money back from that racketeering ring operating as enron and several other entities? When will the school bond farce ever stop? I feel that the people of Cali are under a bi-partisan attack and none of these solutions are working and the entire group should resign, they have all failed us! jeez, i gotta go hear some rocksteady....
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 02, 2004 12:34AM
As for Daniels comment above I do agree that health care reform is needed. However I do think there is a big difference between the socialized Helathcare, planned retirments, and 5-6 week vacations you mentioned in Europe.

You can drive across most countries in Europe in a few hours. No country in Europe has ever had to deal with the ethnic diversity and shear geographical size that the U.S. faces. The required infastructure is astronomical. You may mention Canada but it has like 1/25th our population.

Another thing to keep in mind is unlike America many European countries even when their economy is doing well face double digit unemployment.

I would like 5 weeks off as much as the next guy and instead of relying on the governement I plan my own retirement. Yes healthcare sucks and needs reform but I still think this is the greatest country in the world. I hear lot's of complaining and it is great that we can live in a place where complaining is allowed and even encouraged.

Big up being free and responsible for your own actions.
Re: government (the "corrupted" is redundant)
March 02, 2004 05:42PM
well Bun N Cheese Profit sharing....
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 20, 2004 04:05PM

Re: Corrupted Government!
March 21, 2004 04:41AM
One man sitting in his easy chair, and he keep on saying time are so good.........
One man work yet him get no pay, and he keep on Praying times are so tough........
The seperation has been here since the dawn of history... yet......one day..........that eternal day.........break through the binding and then "We all gonna sing the same song" Yes I. Rich, Poor, weak and strong all eyes will be opened and every knee shall humble itself to the will of Jah.
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 22, 2004 05:50PM
The Problem in my eyes is THE SYSTEM! The Machine itself, If we were truly a free nation we could walk up to the tree and pick our fruit in stead of working for man made currency for Man made products and Microwave (T.V.) Dinners, "Currently what I live off of." And i just wish i had a choice you know???
I Wish I Had the option to live in a commune of my friends and Grow our own livings you know!! I Wish We were free yet this world is Reaching its peak and is falling down slowly

Happy Trails
jb welda
Re: Government dont bother me
March 22, 2004 06:45PM
>And i just wish i had a choice you know???
>I Wish I Had the option to live in a commune of my friends and Grow our own >livings you know!!

what do you mean you wish you had a choice?

you do have a choice. but dont expect that someone is going to support your lifestyle or pay for the property or set it up for you. get out and do it. there is nothing stopping you but yourself. but you got to grow your food not just expect you can pick off someone elses tree. a "free nation" doesnt mean you dont have to work for what you want. and dont think its like that anywhere else, either, because its not.

to be truthful it sounds to me like what your saying is you wish you were born rich instead of handsome. thats something ive told myself for 50 years now but it hasnt come true yet!

one love
jah bill
Pale Ryder
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 22, 2004 07:37PM
Prince, you know JB is right, dont you? Hey check this out. There are a lot of fruit trees in the bay area. I have found dozens in my town. Usually I watch all the fresh fruit fall to the ground because a single family can not usually eat up all the bounty, so I go up to the house and ask if I can share. Nine times out of 10 they say help yourself, you dont even have to ask again. That takes care of my spring, summer, and fall fruit harvest. Its easy to grow tomatoes, beets, lettuce, whatever you want man. Even the good collie if you can find a good spot, since informa in a de area, so watch what you're doing. If you were born rich, I would serioulsy doubt you would be into reggae music. You probably would be watching MTV right about now......So I am glad that all of us have not been....
Forget your car and your Bling Bling, put god above everything....
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 22, 2004 08:49PM
I was the same way in high school, at lunch break it was a choice between Taco Bell, Burger KIng, Mcdonalds etc. It's hard to break old habits but you can do it one step at a time, and choose not to support a system you don't agree with. It is easy especially when your "eyes are opened" to feel like just doing a complete 180 and join a commune and leave the system completely. But for many this is not a feasable reality. Yet it is important to remember we are all part of the system, the "machine" and there are many farmers and companies for that matter that are making health and earth conscious products and NEED our finacial support. So until you can make the commune jump, you can start changing things for others and yourself. Find out where your nearest whole foods market is, buy organic products and produce, get creative learn some new recipes. I personally buy and cook about 80% of my families meals and use organic mostly vegetarian(I do eat the ocassional fish) products. I still sometimes eat the "processed" foods once in while and don't feel guilty about it cause I know that "Ital is Vital" and I make it an essential part of my diet. I hope you don't get too depressed that the "world is falling down slowly" keep positive. The only way to change the world is to change yourself, other may mash it up but time is the master, remember "don't be afraid of the thunder and lighting"
Positive Vibes and Firm Meditation
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 22, 2004 10:57PM
Better yet, find a locally and independently owned health food store. Whole Foods is big corp. too, ya know.
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 22, 2004 11:09PM
Exactly.......whatever is in your area.
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 23, 2004 04:36PM
Here is a little bit of random government info that you all might find interesting.

The budget of California yearly is about 80 billion dollars. About half of that goes towards education. Half! Thats 45 BILLION dollars! I read about a district in southern California where the kids dont have text books or computers.... but the elected superintendant has a $750 vehicle allowance (basically money to make the payment on his Lexus) per month. When I heard that I was sick. I think the govenment really needs to figure out the best way to spend the money that they have. (and stop spending it on a single persons "vehicle allowance" or bombs or Bush's salary)
Re: government (the "corrupted" is redundant)
March 23, 2004 05:29PM
Very true Kater, Forwordzion, Pale, JB- I realize all of this., All of this I realize.
My path in life is unclear yet I feel a cosmic guidence, Ill follow my heart and heed the words of the wize.
I Dont expect someone to start my dreams for me! I just wish i really had a choice, to be looking up and over at the machine and not to be flowing through its viens. Im mean theres really no use even writting this. we are in it and stuck.
But on the other hand I am very much enjoying my life as of now and i think Positivity and PEACE is definitly the way to an open mind Free spirit, and better life!
I Thank gods creations of relief on this planet!, Even though the machine says (No don't do that!) "we dont want you to do as you please, Dont smoke this "Plant" Dont! Think for yourself".! heh Sorry sort of drifted on to the Drug War Topic.
but ontop of everything corrupt and few things pure, life is just a mental projection of ourselves, like a dream reality. And no one can expect it to come eazy.
I belive we chose our paths long befor our birth and the ones that our born Rich our just on a different "Life" Lesson. And everything in the end will be fine and peachy, so im looking Up.

Thank you all- Love to the pure!! sorry my messages are always unclear.

Post Edited (03-23-04 12:54)

Happy Trails
jb welda
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 23, 2004 05:34PM
pkw: its youth like you who give me hope in the future. you will be among the leaders in years to come so: stay in school and educate yourself and be prepared to take the reins from those who would oppress us all. keep on the good vibe.

one love
jah bill
Re: Corrupted Government!
March 23, 2004 05:57PM
Thank you.

Happy Trails
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