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What the?

Posted by boomerang boy 
boomerang boy
What the?
July 18, 2004 12:50AM
boomerang boy
Re: you must mean this..
July 18, 2004 12:52AM
Proffesah Sparling
Booming Bumbahrang Style itta reach numbah ong
July 18, 2004 01:12AM
mi ah deh boom boom - boomerang boy - any link me flash it turn rain into snow

me mogle pon me pedal like me nah waan gas - do not have a memory of the gal dem pass - me sit dong pon pon corner, eyes pon glass - while me gal run of with mister sassafrass.

yuh check seh, mista sassfrass, him must gaan old - while me is a man turn babysittah pon hold - yuh control de dice like boat in miami vice (it stands still).
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