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Unity Sound Update 7/15

Posted by mattunity 
Unity Sound Update 7/15
July 19, 2004 04:23AM
Greetings and love,

This is matt from Unity Sound in New York writing, in
particular, to announce the release of our newest
Dubcreator production on 7" Unity Sound vinyl: Jah
Garden. Featuring Madu on the vocals for a telling and
emotional ballad-esque stepping masterpiece. And
because DC is at the controls, you flip it over and
find Dub Garden, a wild dubwise romp featuring all of
Dubcreators' unrelenting production and engineering
alchemy. A future steppers selection for you
turntable. Not to be missed!!

US013 Jah Garden - Madu / Jah Garden - Dubcreator

The 7" single is now available at your local roots
shop, or online at Jah Warriors Reggae Music Store:
[www.reggaemusicstore.com] and Ernie B's Reggae:

If for any reason you can't find it, please contact me
at mattunitysound@yahoo.com
Coming up next on the Unity Sound imprint:
"Organized Riddim" FEATURING: Jah Mason, Diddy
Rankin, and more. Full 7" series with 'nuff singers
and deejays to come.
More great music through Unity Sound Distribution:
Keep an eye out for the Unification label, the Chapter
a Day label, and don't say I didn't warn you!
[www.unitysound.com] - Do you want to start
selling your music online??? Take a look at what we
are doing, and contact me for possible licensing and
promo deals. We want to help you start moving your
music into the "Age of the MP3", and are looking to
license music to sell via our label on the site.
Please e-mail me: mattunitysound@yahoo.com if you are
at all interested in signing up, or sending a demo.
Big things in Europe..? Ok, so the plane tickets have
not been arranged, BUT, casting aside that detail, it
looks like Unity Sound will be passing through the UK
and as much of mainland Europe as we can in september.
Want to link up over there? Give me an e-mail at
Still RUNNIN HOT on Unity Sound Records:
ROAR - I Natural / Your Game - Glen Brown - 10" vinyl
Sensi A Come Riddim - 7" Vinyl
Rise and Shine - Jah Mason
Birthright - Lutan Fyah
The Sensi - Jiggalow
Sensilodica - Sir Larsie I

***********JUST REPRESSED US001 (German Vinyl) Destiny
- Glen Brown / Version (Leave Babylon) Ranking Joe -
crucial digiroots tune, available again in it's
original packaging from Unity Sound.****************

All Unity Sound vinyl is available at
[www.ebreggae.com] and

Ok!! Shaping up to be a great summer!! I hope everyon
is doing well!!! Thanks to all for helping our past
tunes get to #1 on the various charts, and for all
your love and support!! Have to send out all of my
love and respect to the Unity Sound family and our
partners in righteousness:

Ras Kush: [www.blackredemption.com]

I Natural - InI Oneness massive:

Dubcreator: [www.dubcreator.com]

Unitone Soundimentional: [www.dubrush.co.uk]

Sir Larsie I, Diddy Rankin and crew

DubsolJah and the Upfront Family:

King Shiloh Majestic Sound - [www.kingshiloh.com]

And the many many more beautiful people I missed who
are out there forwarding the revolution. Love and
respect to each and all.

Below is our Current for sale Catalog, please contact
me with any questions. untill next time - peace and
love - matt unity

Unity Sound Selection Station
For Sale list 6/04
As Always, shipping inside the US is on Unity Sound
for any order over $25.00 We take all major Credit
Cards, Paypal, Linkpoint, and US Money Orders/Western
Union Money

New Release on CD and Vinyl!!!!:
Jah Mason - Most Royal LP on
Jah Warrior Records CD: $12.99, $LP 12.99

Unity Sound: 10" = $7.50, 7" = $ 3.50

I Natural - Red Lights; Dubcreator - Redda Dub / Ras
Iyah - Liberation Time; Dread Lion - Liberation
Dub 10"
I Natural - Roar Like A Lion; Lion Chant; Dub Lion /
Glen Brown - Your Game; No End In Sight  10"
Jah Mason - Rise & Shine 7"
Lutan Fyah - Birthright   7"
Jigalo - The Sensi / Sir Larsie I - Sensilodica  7"
Madu/Dubcreator - Jah Garden 7" 

Black Redemption: 10"= $9.00
Rise Up - Ptah Kruud / Can't Keep Rasta Down - Ranking
Joe 10"

Jah Warrior: 12" = $9.99, 7" = $5.00

Jah Warrior - Star Of David / Vampire  Jah Warrior
1995 12"
Naphtali - The 22nd Book; The 22nd Dub / Verse 3;
Verse 4  Jah Warrior 1995 12"
Bobby Blue - Open Up  Jah Warrior 2004 7"
Jah Mason - Most Royal  Jah Warrior 2002 7"
Jah Mason - No Joke  Jah Warrior 2003 7"
Jah Mason - Rainbow Circle Throne  Jah Warrior 2003 7"
Jah Mason - Rumours Of War  Jah Warrior 2004 7"
Lutan Fyah - Let Righteousness Be Your Guide  Jah
Warrior 2003 7"
Lutan Fyah - Never Surrender My Faith 3002 7"

Dubflash (Germany) - 12" $9.99, 7" $5.00

Dubflash Righteousness - Sir larsie I, Rankin Diddy,
Dubcreator 12" 2004
Dubflash Who Dunnit - Dubcreator and Sayaan 7" 2003

CD's: 10.99

Jah Warrior - Dub From The Heart Part 2 (1998) 
Jah Warrior - Great Kings Of Israel In Dub (1997)
Various - Jah Warrior Showcase (1999)
Various - Jah Warrior Showcase Volume 2
En Marche Pour Sion - Miniman
Reggaes Greatest hits Vol 1,2,3,7,9 (on Heartbeat
Earl 16 - Babylon Walls (on Ariwa)
Yabby You Meets Mad Professor and Black Steel (on
On U Sound Pay it All Back vol 5
Reaction Dub Part 1 - Deliverence - Revolutionary Dub
Warriors (On U Sound)

Bootleg CDs (on CDR): $5.99

Shaka '87
Jah Shaka 1998 Angel, London
Jah Shaka 2001 Rocket, London
Unity Sound in Session
Holy Ghost in Dub Volumes 1-15 (Buy 1 in this series,
get 1 free!!)


'Rise above dreams and loiter not - open to truth your mind
Live in Righteousness - and you, eternal bliss will find'

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