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Peter Tosh CD Review

Posted by waxwizzard 
Peter Tosh CD Review
July 21, 2004 05:36PM
Peter Tosh Reggae Review
“Honorary Citizen”

A man of Jah, a Wailer, and most importantly an awesome reggae performer and writer, describes Peter Tosh in a nutshell. To commemorate his musical contribution and legendary songs, “Honorary Citizen” is a three disc box set with numerous titled hit tracks that encompasses a collection of his best work
“Honorary Citizen” is categorized into three discs, all of which that reflect different portions of Tosh’s life. Disc one contains numerous underground reggae singles many may have not heard. All of the titled tracks on this CD are remarkable, but however, the live version of “Bumbo Klaat” is perfection at its best. Disc one exhibits Tosh’s feelings on ethical issues and world problems. His attitude toward the obstacles in life is reflected throughout this CD. Tosh was very well-spoken and aware of world issues. His feelings are revealed through songs such as “No Mercy” and “Arise Blackman” just to name a few, which Tosh made his own interpretation of life.
Disc two is a combination of live songs from the early 80s. These songs define Tosh’s presence as a live stage performer. During this time, Tosh was on tour and many songs on this CD are accompanied with Tosh’s spoken words.
Disc three focuses on moral and classic issues which Tosh addresses. For example, the track “Equal Rights” is featured and many more. Tosh was not new to such hard-line and controversial issues. This disc addresses them head on and you will not be let down.
As an addition to this great reggae CD, the artwork is outstanding, enhancing the CD cover and many photos inside the CD. There are extensive liner notes, and Tosh fans will be very grateful for this well-put-together musical project of legendary reggae singer and activist, Peter Tosh.
Re: Peter Tosh CD Review
July 21, 2004 05:53PM
Somebody on 'that other board' suggested that waxwizzard sounds like Chris Blackwell... I'm starting to suspect that too...

"Tosh was very well-spoken"

Bumbo Claat well-spoken, rass claat! winking smiley

One love,

Re: Peter Tosh CD Review
July 21, 2004 06:10PM
this has been a very good couple years for tosh fans what with at least two live releases, the live in boston one and the one love peace concert one; plus the release consisting of portions of what were commonly referred to as the "radio tapes": interviews and impromptu performances at two radio stations (havent heard this one but have the complete sources already...just waiting for the right time to buy the official release) plus as i understand it a third interview thrown in. i know the first two of these to be some great stuff, well recorded and mastered, and i assume the third is of high quality too, considering the source material it was drawn from. i would suggest that any fan of the bush doctor be sure to pick up this third one, at minimum...very nice acoustic versions of some of his best tracks interspersed with interviews that are actually very interesting.

i would also recommend a subscription to "distant drums", a bmw/tosh/bunny wailers/marley family "fanzine" published in the uk and probably available at ernie b's. consistently great articles, interviews and photos as well as regular columns on wailers/marley family runnings.

one love
jah bill
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