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Kev's Re: Corrupted Government!

Posted by Prince-Kali-Wolf 
Kev's Re: Corrupted Government!
February 27, 2004 05:27PM
Thanks for the Love Kathy.
I knew id get many responses on my last topic and thanks for all your thoughts and agreements with mine. Sorry im not the best speller in the world but I know
Where I stand on my rights!
Im personally supprized at how much this country has F*** Up!
I Believe we need to Whipe out everyone in the white house, Bomb it I Say!
Yet I do love the natural Beauty of my home in California, And I love my Beautyful
Money is the root of all That is evil, War is caused by iether 3 of these things
Women, Money, Religion.
Now ive Had a Vission/Philosophy/ Feeling - some time last year that our time on this world is running thin. I estamated 300 years tops before the true doomsday of
all Mankind, Personaly i hope im wrong! But the sign's are all there
-In France last year they had a Freak heat wave killing 30,000 people.
-Last year there was a huge huge hurricane.
-A Huge Huge Fire!
-Our Ozone is sh*tted on
-and the Nuclear end is over the horrizon!
-And recently Mother earth has unleashed its mild temper on most of us for
Hurting our homeland for so long! for the comfort of our short little lives!

I Know this Openion of mine will be widly denide but what can I say, I know what I felt those days!
Peace and Love my Wize friends and im really Sorry if I killed anyones Vibe's

P.S. Sorry for being a buzz kill!

Happy Trails
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