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Interesting Story regarding Ky-mani Marley

Posted by miguel 
Interesting Story regarding Ky-mani Marley
August 08, 2004 02:54AM
Taken from the San Diego Reader Blurt Section:

"I don't know why he was standing on the beach 100 yards away and he wouldn't go onstage."

Russell Gerlach publishes an Internet newsletter covering the So Cal reggae scene. He says he "wished [he] knew the whole story" about why Bob Marley's youngest son Ky-Mani did not perform as advertised on July 17 at the Reggae by the Pier outdoor festival in Oceanside. The Mighty Diamonds, the Melodians, and the Abyssinians performed, along with local bands Ioni Angeles and Stranger. But the 28-year-old Ky-Mani Marley, who looks and sounds like his dead dad, left the scene 15 minutes before he was supposed to go onstage at 8 p.m.

Both promoter Ras Charles, who was presenting this second annual Reggae by the Pier, and Ky-Mani's agent for the event, Xavier Van Wayne, agree that Ky-Mani's no-show was over money. All agree that Ky-Mani's pay for the night was to be $10,000, which only covered his solo appearance (Charles provided his backup band).

Charles sent a check for $2500 to Ky-Mani, which was returned for nonsufficient funds. "I told them to tell me before they cashed it," said Charles, who admitted he had to juggle funds in the weeks leading up to his show. Charles said that a check for $2500 made out to Ky-Mani Marley was paid by Charles's bank on July 12, five days before the concert.

Both the promoter and the agent agree that Charles also sent a courier up to Los Angeles to pay Van Wayne another $2500 in cash, leaving the $5000 balance to be paid in cash just before Ky-Mani was to perform.

Charles said he had the $5000 in cash, ready to hand to Ky-Mani, but he said Van Wayne demanded $7500.

"I told him at the venue if I did not have $7500, he would not go onstage," said Van Wayne from his home in Vancouver. "He didn't have enough money."

After going with Charles to his bank and speaking to a teller, I informed Van Wayne, in a second phone conversation, that the check cleared on July 12, a full five days before the show.

"I didn't know that," he responded.

Van Wayne is not listed as an agent in the Pollstar guide to agents.

According to Gerlach, this is not the first time Ky-Mani has accepted a deposit to perform and then not played the show. Hitoshi Tanaka owns Nesta Clothing in Orange County. He admitted that he promoted a club event in Long Beach with Ky-Mani Marley in July of last year and that Marley did not perform even after receiving a deposit. But, Tanaka added, "We ended up working the whole thing out.... I don't really want to have a comment on this."

Veteran talent manager Steven Saporta of the Invasion Group in New York said he has just been hired by Marley to be his personal manager. Saporta said that the relationship with Van Wayne was formed before he got involved with Marley's career.

"They had a handshake agreement," said Saporta of the relationship between Marley and Van Wayne. "It was on a project-by-project basis." Manager Saporta said in order to make up for the no-show, Marley would agree to play for Charles again, but for $5000 instead of $10,000.

Concert industry insiders say Ky-Mani Marley's current fair market value as a headliner is $4000 to $5000.

"I know I was paying too much," said Charles. "One of the reasons I accepted the offer is he has a movie that just came out."

Ky-Mani Marley appears with his half-brothers (Ziggy, Stephen, Damian, and Julian) August 28 at the San Diego Street Scene. For more information on the Marleys, contact www.rootsrockreggae. com.

-- Ken Leighton
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