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Right nah mi listen

Posted by JAHpumpkin 
Right nah mi listen
August 08, 2004 07:24PM
Bredren, hot fi true inna Brixton today. Nah pity inna de city. City too hot like de man Perry 'im say.
Mi good sistren she wear bikini an' fry mi chicken
Mi smoke herb, she shake booty
all good bredren
Studio One, African- rub-a-dub
play it loud bredren
drum n bass inna place fi true
Greedy G
Re: Right nah mi listen
August 08, 2004 07:30PM
Now yuh talking!

Wicked album that!

Lagos - pon the "Jericho Rock" - Jackie Mittoo & Ernie Ranglin in dub style.

Accra pon di African Beat/Under Mi Sensi riddim and nuff more.

Foundation Studio Number One run it always.

Nuff respect to Sir Downbeat up inna Zion.

Also I man know Brixton well, my bredren lives inna Camberwell and when I visit, I always haffi check Supertone, Blacka Dread and used to check Alton Ellis' son inna Alltone but it closed down, then I hear it opening again as a small market stall.

So yuh see - I man not a bad man, I know my music and always have time fi reason with a man who know him music too.

Re: Right nah mi listen
August 08, 2004 07:32PM
sounds like a perfect afternoon.

Wayne Jarrett - Saturday night Jamboree, rumbling these here walls.
Re: Right nah mi listen
August 09, 2004 08:20PM
Crucial Reggae Driven by Sly & Robbie.

One love,

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