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Vinyl recommendations ts. 1 & 2

Posted by Rootzilla 
Vinyl recommendations ts. 1 & 2
August 10, 2004 02:56PM
I'm trying to narrow down my want list from Ernie B's. If you were to pick up one of the following Barry Brown albums and one of the Don Carlos ones, which ones would you get?

$14.99 Barry Brown - Rich Man Poor Man: 1978-1980 Moll Selekta
• Fire Fire
• We Nuh Run
• Jah Jah Guide Them
• Pass Up The Chalice
• If You Don't Have Money
• I'm Moving On
• Burial
• Separation
• Bad Girl
• Free Up The Dread
• Fight Against You
• Rich Man Poor Man
PRODUCED BY: Black Beard Sinclair
RECORDED AT: Channel One, Harry J
MIXED AT: King Tubbys Essential Pick

Contains many hard-to-find tunes; alternate mix of the supremely heavy "Separation" and the sensi smokers' anthem "We Nuh Run".

BACKED BY: Aggrovators, Revolutionaries, Root Radics, High Time Players

$8.99 Barry Brown - Showcase: Midnight Rock At Channel One (1979-1981) Clocktower
• Movements Of Jah
• Movements In Dub
• Jealous Dub
• Love Dub
• Girl Friend
• Girlfriend In Dub
• Peace & Love
• Peace Dub
• What You Don't Know
• Don't Know Dub
• One Away Love
• One Way Dub
PRODUCED BY: Jah Thomas Essential Pick

Prime Roots Radics and Scientist sounds.

$13.99 Don Carlos - Groove With Me (1983) Get Back
• Johnnie Big Mouth
• Booming Ball
• Ababa John I
• Just Groove With Me
• Praise Jah With Love & Affection
• My Baby Just Love I Man
• Back Way With Your Mix Up
• My Brethren Party
• Laser Beam
• Spread Out
RECORDED AT: King Tubby's, Channel One MUSICIANS
BACKED BY: Sly & Robbie, Mafia & Fluxy, The Aggrovators $

$10.99 Don Carlos - Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential (1982) Hit Bound/Channel One
• Natty Dread Have Him Credential
• Ginalship
• Come In Girl
• Ride On Christine
• Jamaican Woman
• Dice Cup
• Rain All Night
• Hog And Goat
• Oh Girl
• Untrue Girl
PRODUCED BY: Joseph Hookim
RECORDED AT: Channel One
MIXED BY: Scientist
MIXED AT: Channel One
The Warm and easy sound of the early '80's with Roots Radics and Scientist at Channel One.

BACKED BY: Roots Radics
BASS: Flabba
DRUMS: Style
GUITAR: Bingy, Dwight Pinckney
HORNS: Eradication Squad

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

One love,

Re: Vinyl recommendations ts. 1 & 2
August 10, 2004 05:02PM
of the two barry brown, i would say its no contest, get the showcase one even though its on a dodgy label. the moll selekta one seems to have a good track list but in reality i thought it sounded very weak, the sound isnt mixed well and it just kinda drags on.

for the don carlos one, i would say forget the first one...its great material but you should look for the original (?) release on burning sounds or csa or whatever label it was on...called "spread out" if i recall correctly. this one you mention looks like yet another crap bootleg. "...credential" on the other hand is a first rate release and is a must-have. i believe the cd has numerous bonus tracks (maybe not though, not near my records to check it) but even without them its one of, if not the, best don carlos albums around.

now back to our normal bickering about who has cred and who doesnt.

one love
jah bill
Re: Vinyl recommendations ts. 1 & 2
August 10, 2004 05:12PM
"this one you mention looks like yet another crap bootleg."

Juha just cleared out the 'Get Back' question on teh BAF board. Not likely a bootleg according to that.

One love,

Re: Vinyl recommendations ts. 1 & 2
August 10, 2004 07:43PM
"now back to our normal bickering about who has cred and who doesnt."

Yeah, seems that reggae-related, non-Cali-related posts don't survive so well here...

One love,

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