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Posted by sophia 
March 03, 2004 03:47AM
I heard there will be tight security due to harsh law enforcement in the area. Would they really do random car searches before entering? Where are our rights going?
Re: Rights!
March 03, 2004 04:10AM
Each and every car entering the property is searched....... to make sure it is in compliance with the festival's very strict "DOG BE-GONE" policy. When you come to this festival, you have to give up your right to bring a dog to lock up in your car all day and night!!!!
Re: Rights!
March 03, 2004 05:01PM
The last 3 snwmf's i went to they... well i wouldnt call it a search, more like a look around to see if theres a dog in your vehicle. I hope theres not a full on search, That aint right!
But i think it will be cool no stress on the search thing!

Happy Trails
Re: Rights!
March 03, 2004 05:58PM
Hi there, same procedures as for the last 10 SNWMFs - same rules as always.
jb welda
Re: Rights!
March 03, 2004 06:03PM
in other words: dont be an idiot and everything will be cool. and i mean that in the nicest possible way.

one love
jah bill
Re: Rights!
March 04, 2004 12:15AM
See my response to this in the Shakedown thread. Every year at this time this rumor gets started. They search for dogs people and I would not even call it a search so much as a glance.

In my experience the law enforcement up there is pretty mellow. I have never noticed a huge police presence. Just be respectful and don't be flaunting your illegal activities.

Above all, stop the rumors.
Re: Rights!
March 04, 2004 01:15AM
This is the 4th year at Frogtown and the locals are becoming very aware of the crowd this event brings. I would not expect them to do much additional security at the venue, but I am sure that off site they will be very present. I have camped off site for the last 3 years and I noticed more police on the streets each year. This is a peacefull event and I dont think they mind the crowd, I think they just want to keep there small town safe from Intoxicated drivers. Who can blame them, I dont want a drunk driver to take me out after a great show.
Re: Rights!
March 04, 2004 04:44PM
they may be a little more strict on the "ampilified music" rule this year too... due to last years unfortunate turn of events on Saturday night. Just be cool, be polite to the security guys (they are really nice, cool guys -- trust me) and you wont have any problems. A lot of people talk trash about them but if they werent there, 'ol Frogtown's boys in blue would be... and that would suck.
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