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The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......

Posted by rustfan 
The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 12, 2004 06:06PM
Stumbled upon this one.....did others miss this gem at the 'end' of the "The Full Story of Andrew Tosh (please read)" thread?? Fine, SENSIBLE responses from Jah Bill and Daniel - objectively speaking of course.

It's kinda beating a dead horse - but man, this is one big train wreck of an explanation that shouldn't be missed. Arse yourself to read it if you can.

Osi Mon - you top all cakes with this one!! If you were in charge of sailing the A. Tosh ship, it's no wonder it sunk so fast.....

Here it blows (i mean goes):

read I drove Andrew to the gig and I think i should say somethin!

Author: Osti Mon! Yo! Listen! (---.losaca.adelphia.net)
Date: 08-06-04 15:51

Well the first thing is that the people responsible for bringing andrew to appear was two people with good communication skills. Which is very relevant to the problem. I say this because there were many people surrounding this situation with out positive communication skills.
I arrived at the Artist window with Andrew and team in tow. I was driving and I left the keys at the wheel. Andrew loves to drive so I did not totally trip when he wanted to drive in. I asked him to wait. He then got out of the car and met with fans and rode his unicycle around. He did this about ten minutes and got a bit overwhelmed by the fans. I was explaining to the window attendant that I am with an artist and need to come ahead of the issue they were currently dealing with. The issue they were currently dealing with was a security issue that should have been parlayed when an artist representative needs to have the artist come through the gates with credentials. The man and woman at the gate at approximately 5pm were very uncooperative. They acted quite incompetent. Not helping the man who should have been thwarted to security and not dealing with me. I knew everyone was tired. We had driven a long way and even missed a turn so we took longer. Andrew was cranky and needed to chill. But still I was being held up at the window. I asked them to please use the radio and tell my connection we are at the gate and we are needing to come in and get out of the car. But the people put their hands on the radio at their hip and said things like "uh-uh" and "no" and who are you and why are you bothering me after I told them and they acted like a was scamming them and they had no way of finding out so the best way to deal with me is to blow me off. If I was a real jerk I would have been taking names and putting you down for it now! Who ever was operating the window when andrew came in deserves to be fired and ridiculed on this message board worse than andrew is now! I am really tired of ego's and attitudes controlling the art and artists. and thus being challenged this way, someone who has been in a car for ten hours, in the heat, may get bent out of shape and want to make a point by not waiting for these ridiculous people who should not be in the position of power that they are in!
And yes peter would say that is necessary sometimes! I know that it is good to make a scene sometimes cause so many people think that they can be rude and ruthless and no one will do anything about it cause they are afraid. Look at George Bush! But Karma is real Ya'll! And yes Andrew is dealing with his KArma. At an excelerated rate! Now, how are you doing with your Karma!?
Andrew is my Soul Brotha number one! I know him well! I know his heart. I know he is confused. No, the spirit of rebelion did not originate in his being like it did in Peters but this generation has different demons to deal with! Andrew is dealing with them now! I have dealt with them! You must deal with them. We must all know how to deal with the demons and not entertain the lack of virtue they demonstrate. If you truly are not a racist you will never mention the word except maybe in curiosity! If you truly love then you will be able to innerstand a mans struggle to uphold the values that were laid before him and made for him to feel before he was allowed to experience this for himself. If this is easy for you to innerstand then you will want to buy the album and know what is currently the mention of the day besides this fluff and mental popcorn! What movie will you next be interested in?
Anyway on with the rest of the story I watched and facilitated! Andrew did not know that he would be driving thru a campground. Yes thank JAH no one was hurt! andrew thought he was in the backstage parking lot. He thought he would get Warrens attention. Andrew was having a struggle with being a nice guy about it and being a tough guy about it! And IT being the fact that Warren put on the Fully band and had his fathers name on the bill. Andrew should have been negotiated with much better from the start. With bridges we are able to cross hard to reach areas. Andrew crossed a lot of bridges that night and burned them just as quick. And that will be his hardship to overcome. Bridges can be rebuilt. I think he was seeing that others were burning the bridges first. And that may be true. So what I would like Andrew and everyone to learn, is that patience is so important. You never know what pleasant surprises JAH make wait for you as a reward for being so humble and be JAH servant.
My associate and I had made arrangements for Andrew to come and do something and be in a good position to make arrangements with Warren for next year. All he had to do was be humble where no one was going to be humble. Be the man to let it slide, JUST THIS TIME! But he was not surounded by love on his last tour. I have to say what I have not said until now, but behind closed doors.
Andrew was takin advantage of on a very long tour. And because Andrew does not have a solid support team, he has been going crazy. Having to perform, first with a band that was not tight. A band that was not very well managed and not well taken care of. Andrew did not make enough money to pay for everything cause the tour was improperly managed. But you can be sure that Fenton got what he wanted from it. Fenton made the tour happen and did it like a "wing it" production using Andrew the whole way. Andrew was almost doing a promotional tour for Fenton. And I saw Fenton just after Andrew left SNWMF and he was laughing about it and making fun. Every local promotor I know will either hang up on Fenton or immediately get him off the phone. And he drove Andrew to misery on this last tour. So being exhausted and pissed off at the management of his last tour, Andrew didn't have enough patience to see this one thru.
ANd those have seen Andrew at his lower level of being and I have seen him there. And I know Andrew at his higher level of being. Unfortunately he is in jail, but now he has some time to get it clear with himself and JAH. I hope he will be blessed by JAH protection in jail and will be allowed to meditate and get his thoughts clear. I know he must clear hisself with JAH WORKS!90% wont work. He must give his all to JAH then JAH will give all to Andrew!I would like to be there when I see Andrew do this! I dont know how he gonna be without his punani, but i hope he clears that distraction. Sorry, women give the man a break! If you dont got love dont come forword! If you just wanna use the brotha then go away! I love women and I want a good woman to tour with me and help me in this thankless game of show biz. I was born into it like Andrew and I do not know any other way but the musicians way. The professional musicians way! And I have been nice about it. Thats why I still am quiet in a sense cause I have been patient to let my voice develop with the rhythm of the time so I can be sharp and be heard! With JAH voice!
Ther could be a lot more said about the night Andrew was busy thrashing about at Warrens place!(SNWMF) Andrew just couldnt maintain in the less than virtuous environment he has been surrounded by. JAH has oulled him from the fire and placed him at bedrest. Let him be healed. Let us be healed from these transactions. Let all of us transcend the darkness and its deliberations and put fuel for the light sources and help nurture this earth into a very virtuous environment so that our loved ones will not lose contact with what is real and what is real is LOVE! Yes LOVE is real! LOVE is REAL! We will have Andrew a website. Currently my site is ostimon.com. I have had to get away from Babylon for a while to chill so to settle my sights and get grounded. I hope to help Andrew become grounded when he returns to the surface. We will build a message board at ostimon.com and links to Andrews page and other artist coming forword in the scene. And look for Zulu! Jr. TootS! Yes Jr. Toots has a new album!
Andrew will release a dvd with some footage from SNWMF 2004. We will let you hear an interview with Andrew. The man will be on top of his sound again!
The new album has stuff from Peter and Andrew. It is hard to tell the difference. I see Andrew coming to being an adult now. When you live like us we stay child long time. And someting of struggle lets us become adult. Adult is not necessary but when the child makes adult trouble, the child is shown what it means to grow up! I hope Andrew will grow up enough to rise over all this. And just know, if you keep harping on this much longer, you may develop a pattern of holding negative thoughts and emotions, and you might get sick! So stay positive and behold the truth! Embrace the truth with love and share the love with everyone unconditionally! JAH BLESS YOU! With love, Osti Mon! If you have questions please ask!
osti mon
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 20, 2004 04:34PM
what are you saying Rustfan? Nothing so far! We hope Andrews bail will be reduced Monday so someone can afford to get him out! O!
jb welda
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 20, 2004 04:44PM
so osti man, is it true that mr tosh was bailed out once on the original charges but then almost immediately got rearrested based on something he did before he even left the city limits (bakersfield city limits i mean)? thats what i heard. care to clarify the situation that seems to be getting deeper and deeper?

one love
jah bill
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 20, 2004 05:04PM
see "Clarification! A. Tosh!" Thank you for your true concern. I feel it in your writing. Osti!
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 20, 2004 06:03PM

Seriously.......have you ever re-read your original post/justification of the Tosh incident???

Aside from being somewhat bizarre: (with statements like this + others)
(".....I would like to be there when I see Andrew do this! I dont know how he gonna be without his punani,....."winking smiley - Osti Man

....your post didn't seem to give a reasonable explanation of why things went wrong for Tosh & crew at SNWMF. In fact, on top of giving no decent rationalization - your account (especially how you handled the arrival/gate situation) only confirms (to me at least) that you probably handled the situation improperly. Reminded of other 'front-gate' disasters that were created by the artists/managers themselves.

Yes, my initial response/post may have been a little on the side of being a 'smart-ass' but when I see (especially) reggae artist's (and their representatives) making statements like you did - it makes me half flip-out.

Really, I don't wish badness on A Tosh - but all's I'm trying to say is: if you are running around acting as his representative - and writing explanations like this - you're probably doing more harm than good for Andrew Tosh. Try and re-read your original post again - and if you still feel you wrote a proper account, well..then that's how it will be.....
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 20, 2004 07:22PM
rusfan u sound like a prosecuter, ya kno like sum1 who works for county getting his case belt fat so when re-election time comes he can say i* put this many people behind barrs ,though making it safer in the streets but in this case a better festival or sumting. first i* also had runnin'z with a simple family camp pass problem as i* waz shoved around on a hot, dusty day(also have driving alnite long) holding 1 of i* baby's. so i* can imagine being a little vexxed about being treated like a whatever as an artist too,if story is true(why woud sum1 mek dat up i* dun kno*) also dis Fenton guy who managed the tosh tour is no reggae specialist forsure. meet him personley as i* looked him straight in face & said i* dont tink your gonna make any money of dis gig, infact i* told him im sure your gonna loss sum because of added costs he threw inn. just get i* sum new tosh cd's for i* service i* told him. he did follow through on i* request but tryed to slip on receipt promotion fees on way out of venue. he did get caught by a running family member on foot in his van & payed up from being put on spot. butanys since dis totaly off subject i'll gwan leave dis issue alone but really hope the best for A.Tosh ya kno. pick up his new cd if iNi can it does have a great feeling just like his father! -RASpects+
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 20, 2004 08:27PM

With all due respect..........your response makes about much sense as Osti's initial post.

If it is not apparent enough - let me make it clear that I'm probably more disgusted with Osti's limited sense of reasoning than I am with Tosh's actions....and that's saying a lot.

And speaking of reasoning - you go way off into another land bringing up this stuff about this Fenton guy - just like Osti did. Regardless of what Fenton did or did not do for Tosh - that's a seperate issue.

Then your analogy that I'm just like a prosector looking to build up my arrest/court records - gosh, Jahmeek you're reasoning skills reputation really hit the gutter level with that one....not very impressive. You gotta come up with something more creative than that.

Also, as it's been pointed out - there were many, many artists and managers that had NO PROBLEM handling their business and getting the artists past the SNWMF entrance gates. If there were more incidents like the 'Tosh' one ----- don't you think we woulda heard from more 'irate' road managers by now. I sure think we woulda.

So if you wish Jahmeek (and Osti Man) ---- please tell me what I'm missing - and while you're at it, clue me into what your point is - because by now, I think you know what mine is.
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 20, 2004 08:34PM
ahhhhh family camp. the dust. the lack of shade. the happy kids running around. but i got my family camp pass when i purchased my camping ticket friday. no problem. no hassle. i then drove directly to family camp. no problem. no hassle. seeings as how this was about 10:30am or so i kinda expected family camp to be more empty but all the available shade (under the one big tree)was gone. so my experience with family camp was, although not completely positive, not a bummer. having a family camp pass problem spounds like maybe you didn't understand or follow instructions. and exactly how does this relate to peter tosh sitting in someones car checking out credit cards??
Papa Ranking
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 21, 2004 12:15AM
it must be hell trying to work with these "supastars"
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 21, 2004 04:10AM
As far as rationalizations Rustfan, no need for dem! And no need for you! If you havent noticed, you have not received much support on this! You dont get it. On tour, people are always making sure Andrew was taken care of. And many of dem are passing by fans. All Andrew has is his works. His works makes his livin. And for someone to share with him is part of the receiving for his work. This whole incident with the car happened in a matter of seconds when Andrew was emotional and unclear. You absolutley are not human, Rustfan. And why is it your responsiblity to put down those who work hard while you stand up and protect the cheaters? You may need to have a head check cause I know you got some real issues to work out in your heart and soul! If your lucky to find it in all that darkness! Find the light! We are waiting for you to come thru! And now I know you will spend your first thoughts scheming a negative nasty response. Go on with your bad self Rustfan! Gwan far away!
Love and respect for all those who know the power of love and continue to share it! O!

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 21, 2004 11:02PM

Oh man Osti, you're a real piece of work.

First off --- let me make this clear. I have no alliances with SNWMF and have nothing to gain from them.

With that said, I wanted to make sure I wasn't attacking you without reason...so I went back and read everything carefully & objectively. This includes your 'first' post about "driving Andrew Tosh to SNWMF - Aug 6th, 2004" - and Daniel and Jah Bill's rational/professional response.

After reading it all, once again - I now know for sure that I am not crazy - you are truly the one who is bordering on limited intelligence. I am stupid too - but only because I'm arguing a point with someone who cant back-up what he is writing.

So here it goes for you one more time Osti - and you tell me if something doesn't sound strange: Dozens and dozens of artists/managers took care of business properly at SNWMF and had no problem. True or untrue? What don't you understand about this?

Then, here comes Osti and crew - who obviously had not set up the credentials in the best possible manner - and then run into a 'problem' - a problem you created for yourself. Then, when the world doesn't stop at your request, you start to freak out. You say you were stressed because of a long drive (like that's someone else's problem) and a delay at the gate. Do you realize you showed up at the busiest day and time of the festival --- and then got mad because you were not waited on "hand and foot." Can you say this is not true???

You even wrote this yourself :
"I was explaining to the window attendant that I am with an artist and need to come ahead of the issue they were currently dealing with." - Osti Man ( I've seen many of your types at press gates - some people think the world clock is set to their time only - ....what a way to live Osti)

Then you continue:
"...and thus being challenged this way, someone who has been in a car for ten hours, in the heat, may get bent out of shape and want to make a point by not waiting for these ridiculous people who should not be in the position of power that they are in" - Osti Man

Boy - you sound like a real great guy Osti Man....."Hey world, move over, Osti is in the building......"

Here's something you NEVER did, but NEED to do:

***Answer both Daniel's and Jah Bill's comments regarding your initial post: (August 6th, 2004 15:51 Author: Osti Mon! Yo! Listen! (---.losaca.adelphia.net)

Problem is, I don't think you can answer their questions, or mine, or anyone else's questions for that matter.

You've never answered them on this board - not that I saw. (Maybe you did it via email, if so I apologize.) If you were able to answer them, I would respect you.

But you probably didn't - and since you want to start name calling - I am now going to make it my personal agenda to bring your foolishness to light. Osti, you may have woken a sleeping lion - a lion that doesn't care for people who spread false information and can't back it up. Right now, that fits you perfectly.

And you say I have not gotten support from others - I don't write things to see if someone will support what I have to say. In fact, the only reason I'm dealing with you at all is because you tried to pass off a horribly thought-up/written excuse for what happened at SNWMF (without backing it up.) In fact, almost everything you've written has only hurt your story, as opposed to helping it. That I am also sure of.

I think you said one thing that made sense: "As far as rationalizations Rustfan, no need for dem!"

Yep, you said it best - no need for rationalization. Sounds like the words of the confused and unconfident.

Lastly.......I'm starting to think you might be half of Andrew's problem....if he's listening to someone like you, that can't 'rationalize' & justify his statements - he's always gonna be inna mess.

Don't forget Osti man ---- since you decided to wake me up --- I'm gonna watch your words real close - as confusing as they may be. I don't take joy in dealing with you on this level, but you opened your mouth unwisely - and in all honesty I think you're trying pass along misinformation.

I'll happily take the title of the fool when you prove me wrong Osti.....got no problem with that.

Are ya ready now.........?
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 22, 2004 01:42AM
you are not proper mon go back and rust
for right or wrong, the truth is
i have shared
if you wish to give,
i would accept an explanation of this ill tempered behavior you display!

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 22, 2004 03:37AM
rustfan & dirtweed can tagteam double dis for dey have sumting personal with Andrew to settle i* guess, i*m going a listion to daddy tosh: "no nuclear war holocaust" album dont iNi just love dat song called "testify" heard dar -RASpects+
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 22, 2004 09:35AM
I have no stake in this conversation, as far as SNWMF or A. Tosh or any of the inividuals/organisations go, I've just been following the thread outta curiosity and I'll have to say this: ever since JB tore Osti's original "clarification" a new one (and Osti failed to respond), I've read Osti's postings with more than a grain of salt... It doesn't make for a very good publicity strategy to try and portray yourself/your artist as victims of the "Big people" who have the power if you in the next sencence heap blame on the "small people" running gate for not bending over backwards to accommodate the unannounced "star", when they are just doing their job as per instructed.

One love,

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 22, 2004 04:50PM
no body was asked to bend over backwards and we were announced. You guys need to back off a bit. The information has become distorted at this point and we should move on. One Love!

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 22, 2004 05:21PM
hello osti mon - please note that you are the one providing most of the "information" here regarding andew tosh actions. perhaps that is why it is so distorted?? and regarding your comment to rustfan about not receiving support - how does that make his responses to you any less valid? how much support does rastafari receive in jamaica?? does that mean rastafari should be questioned for lack of support? support or lack of support does not make a person right or wrong. you sir are making more of this than needs to be made.. here is an idea - post your tributes to andrew on his website where you will not get requests to explain yerself. and jahmeek - i have absolutelynothing against andrew tosh. so don't paint me up like a bad guy on this. you can look at yourself for "sumting personal" with andrew to cause you to so vigorously defend him. and by the way - andrew tosh is not peter tosh. listening to peter tosh does not in some way make andrew tosh less responsible for his actions.
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 22, 2004 05:41PM
Whatever Osti. Like I said I have no stake in this. So perhaps you should wonder why I understood your words in the way I did?

One love,

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 22, 2004 05:57PM
dirtweed u may B forwarding presumptive in your tuff luv image but remember tosh is the toughest! -RASpects+
Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 23, 2004 03:49PM
Dont care bout it Rootzilla or your dirtweed!

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 23, 2004 04:24PM
OK. That's your communication skills sorted.

One love,

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
August 24, 2004 02:19AM
peace out!

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
September 13, 2004 08:42AM
dear everybody
i have followed all the posts with great interest. I have just one question. How is all of this gonna help Andrew Tosh ?
With best regards

Re: The (Unexplainable) Osi Mon......
September 13, 2004 04:15PM
sometimes you just got to help yourself.

one love
jah bill
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