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Posted by La Luna 
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March 04, 2004 08:34PM
Why isn't Midnite on the bill yet? They should be headlining!!
Also, Spearhead????!!! Why???!!! That's not reggae, that's granola rock.

Love Right, Live Right
Re: Midnite
March 04, 2004 08:58PM
Just talked to them last Saturday night. They said they're booked to play in St Luca during that time and regretfully won't be able to make it this year.
Re: Midnite
March 04, 2004 09:25PM
Midnite would add that much more to the festival. If they don't end up on the line-up, as long as they know they are wanted, is a powerful thing. Hopefully they can bless the states, and California, with many performances in the future. Big Up Midnite.

By they way, there is no need to single out any individual band, and exploit them negatively, such as Spearhead. They might not be your cup of tea, but they may awaken the senses of another individual. That is just negative words being written for a positive thing. Rise up.
Re: Midnite
March 05, 2004 05:55AM
Very well put. Spearhead is perfect, even for a roots festival. M. Franti's live shows are some of the best I have ever seen, FOR REAL!!! Can't wait to see ALL the performers/bands/artists/djs at snwmf04.
Re: Midnite
March 05, 2004 11:06AM
You got's it right; Dont mess with the true thing, ROOTS AND RAW REGGAE SUCKA!!!
Re: Midnite
March 05, 2004 10:18PM
But La Luna,
I like granola, especially when it's served on the head of a spear, heck I'd eat it off Franti's funky feet to show my respect for him! Michael and crew are always welcome to SNWMF......and greatly appreciated!
So there! ;-P
Re: Midnite
March 05, 2004 11:24PM
Damn! No midnite this year. Thats true they should be headlining. They bring such good vibes. Maybe they'll be at reggae on the river.
Re: Midnite
March 05, 2004 11:30PM
Michael Franti and Spearhead put on one of the best show I have ever seen. He is a true performer and can entertain just about anyone. I have seen him a few times and every time it is totally engaging and fun! I am super happy to have Spearhead coming!
Re: Midnite
March 06, 2004 02:55AM
Spearhead has always been kinda strange for me. I've never heard an album of theirs that I really liked but on the other hand I've never really seen a show of theirs that I didn't like. Hmmmm...
I go to snwmf for the roots music. I dig seeing dem old guys still mashing it. I love seeing a foundation sound in the dancehall. Thats my thing for sure. But if it takes bringing bands like Spearhead or Ozomatli to snwmf to bring enough people to assure success and future festivals than I'm totaly down for it. These bands bring positive fans and also put on some great shows. So even though I'm pretty much going for strictly roots I'll always welcome other styles to nice up the dance.
Re: Midnite
March 06, 2004 04:51AM
Midnight played last year so it's not so bad.........But if you stick around for the next weekend they will be playing at the 2 day fest dreadstock in Vallejo in the north bay right along with Mickey Dread, prezident brown, and groundation. I will be keep the vibe alive through both weekends, hope you can do the same.
Re: Midnite
March 08, 2004 03:10AM
It looks like Midnite is not lined up for the Dreadstock fest. According to their websight 'midnight dread' is going to be doing their thing. My sense is that expecting Midnite and getting this other group instead would be devestating... Not offense to the other group; few youthful reggae groups on the scene today possess the wicked roots of our friends from St. Croix. Big up Midnite crew!
Re: Midnite
March 10, 2004 09:23PM
Just wondering if anyone else noticed that on the home page of Midnite's web site it says that they are confirmed for SNWMF and ROTR. Mistake?

Re: Midnite
March 10, 2004 09:39PM
Yeah sounds like there holding out on us here, that is an updated web site. ROTR already has it posted. Daniel , the cats out of the bag time to come clean.
Re: Midnite
March 10, 2004 09:55PM
True....Midnite WAS on the Dreadstock website...hum..I guess there have been some changes
jb welda
Re: Midnite
March 10, 2004 10:40PM
cant believe everything you read.

or maybe you can.

answers soon come no doubt.

one love
jah bill
Re: Midnite
March 10, 2004 11:47PM
Just received an e-mail from Preston saying Midnite will be performing SNWMF and Reggae on the River. Good news.
Re: Midnite
March 13, 2004 11:19PM
Yaaayyy! Ask and you shall receive...

I don't care what ya'll say, Spearhead is Wickidy- Whack!! We've got to have standards people, especially when it comes to something as serious as Roots Reggae Music. I am a purist, I don't mix my reggae with granola rock...suckas!!

Love Right, Live Right
Re: Midnite
March 14, 2004 06:04AM
La Luna - you're missing the point - this is a "World Music Festival", and while many years it has been more reggae than, say ROTR - it is NOT just about reggae - it is about conscious music. I myself didn't like Spearhead much the first time I saw him, but he has gotten better every time, and last year at ROTR he had the whole place jumping - he has converted me - open your mind (you might get a surprise!) - besides - if you can catch EVERY band on the schedule - you're running around too much!
Re: Midnite
March 14, 2004 06:16PM
plenty of music for everyone........so you don't like spearhead....go see someone else.....i think everyone who goes to the fest has a different headlining band they want to see the most...for me it's Linval and Horace Andy....
i'm going to allow myself to be surprised though...