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Posted by Jahmeek 
September 07, 2004 09:02PM
dis will alwayz b a date in concious mindz across tha world from tha tragic experience. how will u spend your time dis satuday? here is what iz going on in phoenix,az. for the pozitive+massive! >1LUV*+*+*+*+*+*+*+

all ages & children welcome* noon- midnight
bring a folder_ice chests welcome*
@The Kids Place(12th street & Broadway)
Music by:
Avenue of the Arts(concious hip-hop)
Kindread(roots rock reggae)
Dublifters(roots dub)
Drunken Immortals(concious hip-hop)
Warfare(political punk)
Latino Rebel Band(reggae rock & old school)
The Overtones(positive jam)
Selecta7souN system(heavyweight dub)

Speakers & information booths:
Food Not Bombs
Earth First
Women In Black
October13th Alliance
AZ Alliance for Peace & Justice
Stopping Police Brutality
Arizona Black United Fund
AZ Counter Recruitment Coalition

solid rock
Re: 9/11*
September 07, 2004 09:30PM


i thought it was only the GOP left trying to *capitalize* on that.
Re: 9/11*
September 07, 2004 10:15PM
nope- Franti will be in SF for a free show. Power to the Peaceful. Is he capitalizing on that? Well, at least the vendors are. And city parking.
Re: 9/11*
September 07, 2004 10:53PM
solid rock> if u didnt realize dis is a 'FREE' show with free parking & free food. it's being called"Rally For Awareness" so not really sure on your profound commit of capitalizm but also so u kno all the people listed,including music r'donating their time to tha cause without fear of tha all mighty doll hair. -RASpects+
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 10:33PM
so where is this going on and what time does it start & go until?
One Love
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 10:44PM
Don't forget to bring a folder.
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 10:49PM
j, assuming youre talking about the michael franti show, it is in golden gate park presumably on 9/11, this saturday. i cant imagine a google search wouldnt come up with more specifics.

maybe acacia would like to explain her remark, because i dont get it.

i know my buddy selector bass bin laden will be there.

one love
jah bill
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 11:10PM
"bring a folder_ice chests welcome*"

I guess it means a folding chair. I call a folder one of those paper things you put papers in.
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 11:20PM
ah i see...thats what i think when one says "folder" too...i was thinking to hold all the important information one would be sure to pick up at such a political gathering, but somehow that didnt seem right.

one love
jah bill
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 11:30PM
Perhaps you are right. That makes sense but seems strange to print on the flyer.
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 11:43PM
i was joking...its gotta be folding chairs, just never heard of them refered to as "folders"

one love
jah bill
Re: 9/11*
September 08, 2004 11:59PM
Arizona is a strange place, delerious from the heat.
Re: 9/11*
September 09, 2004 12:03AM
It could mean this....


Re: 9/11*
September 09, 2004 08:17PM
probley put on flyer, to let u kno u that u wont be forced unto venders during the hot afternoon temptures,ect.(saturday afternoon @snwmf this year main stage waz HOT ugh) bring a folder yes it may help you carry infomation from booths providing. and ofcourse bring anyting u need(including chair) to help your day as long as it's not illegal or disturbing to children this is a family gathering* ->1LUV*+*+*+*+*+*+*+
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