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more ??? about snwmf

Posted by PATTY 
more ??? about snwmf
March 06, 2004 08:55PM
thanks for the feedback about the festival. i have more questions: someone said bring water for dishes...does that mean there's no water faucets? hard to imagine that...also, do people come thurs. nite and park in line to get in early for a good camping spot like at rotr? will they even let you do that? thanks in advance to experienced snwmf goers...jah love protect
Re: more ??? about snwmf
March 07, 2004 12:29AM
There is faucets and bathrooms with running water. So, no trip. Bring lots of drinking water for yourself b/c it will sell out. There probably won't be any line. It isn't like rotr, so you don't have to worry. Basically, come a bit earlyier then usual. But, don't come a whole day ealier. Hope you like it. Much love and respect
Re: more ??? about snwmf
March 08, 2004 05:32AM
No onsite camping or parking thursday. Click on camping for more details

Re: more ??? about snwmf
March 08, 2004 05:40PM
Every year there's a row of Misters on the inside of the festival for thoughs with a need to cool down and get wet =) Bring a cooler with liquids and fruit.
Bring some shade, and an acustic instrument of a sort
Come to it on time and get a spot near the gates
And your ready!
No worries
Re: more ??? about snwmf
March 09, 2004 12:31AM
I'd say, don't worry at all about what time you get there. Just make sure you don't miss the first set. You may not want to be near the gates. They really pack em in around there. I prefer coming in the afternoon when they open up the grassy areas and let people spread out a little more. But if you do come late in the day on Fri, expect to have NO SHADE around your campsite. The only area with shade is right outside the gates. But a tarp or a blanket streatched over your tent and car works just fine.
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