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How was Dreadstock?

Posted by J 
How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 02:29PM
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 04:37PM
I had a wonderful time. Allthough I wasnt able to go both days, Sunday was wonderful! The atmosphere was so nice! I felt so much Love and unity there.
It was my first time listening to Groundation and I fell in love with every song that they played.

Luna Angel was good too, but I wish thay had played a little bit longer.

I also Enjoyed Humble Soul. I enjoyed every one there!!! I bought so many CD's.

But I must say that Pablo Moses is the true reason that my body is so sore this morning,(I alomst called in sick)

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 05:09PM
Excuse me,,,

I meant that my body is sore from dancing.

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 07:45PM
Glad you made that clear before zoki got a hold of it. The festival was great. There were not as many people as I thought there would be, to their loss, and I assume that had to do with advertising. Next year should double at least. The venue has the makings of a serious festival. Flat with ample space. Free parking!!!! There were more vendors there than I have ever seen. Sierra comes second in that department. The stage and soundsystem were stellar. All of the bands were solid. It is funny that sometimes the lesser known bands can put on a better performance than the headliners. Notables for me were Haile Maskel, Mikey Dread, Groundation, Rankin Joe and Sammy Dread and of course Pablo Moses. I unfortunately missed Dubwise, which I was not happy about, Tchiya Amet and Resination. This festival could have been massive. Everyone needs to come out and support it next year. $20 per day people. Doesn't get much better than that. Big up to everyone that worked hard to make it happen. I heard more than one comment about how impressive it was that everyone seemed to be working together well.


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Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 08:01PM
It was truly an amazing fest.! Some of the best vibes were felt the whole weekend! ALL the bands were absouluetly unforgetable!
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 08:35PM
I looked into peoples faces and wondered if any of them could have been from this board, but how would I have been able to tell? I wanted to get a big fat marker and write on my shirt the words "SNWMF MESSAGE BOARD"

I am cracking up right now.

Any way, I wish I could have been able to introduce myself to some of you.

I did make some new friends from Vellejo and Sacramento, so I do feel good about that.

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 08:51PM
awakening - see ya at club raven before harlows saturday?
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 09:05PM
From the Production staff; Great weekend! Everything went off without a hitch, except for a computer meltdown first thing Sun morning. I would like to let everyone know that if they were on the list and had a tough time getting in, that's why. We had a huge network problem Sun morning (did not effect anything except for backstage will call) and weren't able to get it fixed until about 1:30. We did everything humanly possible to get the problem fixed as fast as possible so apologies go out to anyone who may have had problems getting in. Other than that, all the staff had a great time working together. Those of us in production have all worked together for a long time and enjoyed being together again. That was the highlight for me. Working with the local crew was a change and everyone learned alot. Heard lots of praise from vendors, ground crew (park maintenance), and police for the festival. (You gotta love it when the cops even like what you're doing). Big up the Unity Life Youth Project and the Vallejo Housing Services for putting together a great venue, stellar staff, amazing vendors, fantastic group of performers, and an all-together great time! The festival was a funraiser for ULYP and VHS so it's a great cause and everyone should come out next year and give their support. Definately could use more patrons, but that's just how it goes the first few years.

Missed a lot of the earlier performers but Pablo Moses last night was amazing! Great stage presence, musical style all his own and an obvious love for what he was doing. Native Elements did a fabulous job putting on their own show then backing Marty Dread and Humble Soul. They should definately get more attention as one of the premier California reggae bands and more work backing performers coming through town. Solid! Of course, Prezident Brown gave a crucial performance, he never ceases to amaze me! Big up all the performers at this years Dreadstock 2004!

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 10:10PM
im sorry i missed it. i had a 215 appointment in oakland sunday morning that fell through so i was bummed out at that, and had forgotten all about dreadstock until i was halfway back to sacto. sheesh. well hopefully next year will be even greater. good work john dillinger; this is a hard thing to pull off.

one love
jah bill
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 10:28PM
well i am glad to find out that you all had a nice time.
Jah Bless
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 10:37PM
"But I must say that Pablo Moses is the true reason that my body is so sore this morning." - Awakening

"Give I Fe I Asprin" (Jigsaw 7"winking smiley - Pablo Moses
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 10:52PM

thank you

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 11:02PM
I heard U couldn't smoke herb. Lots of Police. Prezident Brown was the only one smoking in the entire place.
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 11:12PM
Not true.

lot's of people were smoking.

I didn't see a lot of police, only security, giving no one a hard time.

mike turner
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 27, 2004 11:55PM
Anyone have John Dillinger's email?

The festival was nice, though sadly under attended. I spent Saturday in the deejay tent. Hard to believe but Ranking Joe and Brimstone performed over dubs for over an hour, with at most 50 people listening. A good set, although the deejay (I think he goes by DJ Riddim) has to learn to keep his fingers off the sliders and just let music play.
Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 28, 2004 01:31AM
No issues with smoking. I was cautious at first because it was advertised on the web as a non-smoking event, meaning that if you had to smoke they wanted you to go outside the venue by the water. It wasn't a problem. I smoked spliff after spliff right in the open and never got approached or stared at. There were police there, some on foot and some on bikes, but they never really made their presence felt. Seemed like they were enjoying the vibe too. Security too. Seemed like there were more than necessary which speaks to the organizers' preparedness for a larger crowd. One cool thing to note was that so many of the performers were coming out and mixing with the crowd. I saw members of Dubwize, Native Elements, Groundation, Luna Angel, Resination, Prezident Brown, hell all of them I guess. What a great opportunity it was to meet some and chat a little. Passed the spliff to more than one performer. The only thing I didn't see was Jah Bill patching into the sound board. Saw a lot of familiar faces though from other shows and fests.

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 29, 2004 11:33PM

1---dreadstock was the #1 small fest 2004!
2-- all of the artist looked real happy backstage to0
3--the music sounded great too SAT-SUN
4--from the very first band to the last dread at The controls-
5--some bands i've never seen before an sounded great too!
6 -- on sat THE brass reggae bands sounded great too! thanks
7-- the bigger fests is not always better!
8-- THANK YOU DREADSTOCK we all loved it

1 love

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 30, 2004 07:10PM
I bought a CD from a local man from Vallejo.

I heard him performing in the D.j. tent Sunday Afternoon.
His name is Ras Digital, the CD is called Calling Israel H.I.M.

I think that this young man is really talented.

I especially like track 4 entitled "Going Home" it's lyrics are deep as well as the sound.

I wish I had purchased a couple of them as some of my friends want copies.

Re: How was Dreadstock?
September 30, 2004 07:19PM
Yea 420, I would've made the trip Sunday if Livingston had remained on the bill...also I kept seeing Sammy Dread's name taken off & put back on flyers/notices for Sunday so didn't know what to expect.
Those were the only two artists I was intersted in hearing Sunday, so decided to pass. Glad you had a good time...
Dreadstock ROCKED!
September 30, 2004 10:46PM
Hey all,
Here in the local library tapping it all out! I was blessed to be one of the two back-up vocalists with Groundation on Dreadstock Sunday and a higher high I had not yet experienced until my hour with this band.
It was my absolute joy and honor to perform with these amazing, talented and dedicated musicians, and I'd like to thank Warren for his initial recommendation and Harrison for his decision to go with me for that and these many upcoming Groundation shows. I'd also like to thank Ms. S for all her guidance and support and encouragement and of course her musicality and vocalization, which is mighty!
Give thanks to J for his support and sense of humor in dealing with me and my somewhat frenetic energy pre and post show.
Most of all I thank Jah for his love and for having me as a conduit for his word and light.
Give thanks for all who came forward this time and next year's Dreadstock will be even better.
Pablo Moses and his Revolutionary Dream Band are soul rockers for sure!It was more than nice to see so many old friends; musicians, promoters and audience members alike! It was like a bay area reggae high school reunion for me. Total niceness!
The incredible festival staff made sure we had everything we needed and more! It was a truly wonderful experience that will keep me glowing well into the future.
Please come to Ashkenaz this Sat 10/2 for an evening of Groundation!
Peace love and music to you all,
Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 01, 2004 12:25AM
Thanks for the kind words sis and the hook-ups. Yes Groundation was extremely tight at Dreadstock and I would encourage anyone who is not going to Sac for the Harlows show or those who are not worn out from RITP earlier in the day to go check them out and support the reggae scene. It's going to be a killer show. I won't say I've heard their new album, but it's very tight and solid. Positive roots all the way. These guys can really play. Even if some of you don't like Harrisons' voice, as some have said, the musicianship on the album is stellar.

Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 01, 2004 02:22AM
Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words about the Dreadstock Festival - so glad those who came had a great time! Dreadstock was truly a labor of love for all of us and to see it come together was a beautiful thing. Big ups to the tireless staff and volunteers, to everyone who helped spread the word, to all the amazing yet humble artists, to the kind vendors and to all the people who came out to support us in our first year! Thank you!
Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 04, 2004 07:22AM
hey folks: ) i know its been a while. hows every one been? irie i hope. dread stock was prety chill. only went sat. but had a blast . did any one catch ranking joe in the dj tent sat. afternoon? wow " if this world were mine- i would play rub-a-dub all the time" big up the man called john d for putting that togther. i'll be there next year for sure. one love-juan love
Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 04, 2004 04:15PM
greetings to all folks wo came to dreadstock 2004...
i am just now catching my wind and putting my life back together after break neck speed to try and bring the best i could bring. i want to give my love and regards to all the volunteers, the bands and artists, the staff, the folks who came to experience our first festival, the city of vallejo, the local police who kept shaking their heads on sunday saying, why are we even here... smiling smiley
i told'em i was glad they were there to protect our community from the remote possibility of knuckleheads which never manifested, what i wanted was folks to come to vallejo and help us re-invent this town with the roots vibe so carefully kept at the ROTR and SNWMF.
much love to both big fest camps for sending us folks to help and assist, my calls for help went answered, i think people figured we were do or die on this one and we were commited to doing...
i swear, i thought that 5 acre parcel of grass was hovering 5 feet above the ground at times, nothing like this has ever happened in vallejo, the bad name is less bad now regarding the stereotype and poor image of vallejo thanks to you all.
the vibe was pure magic, kicking it with sammy dread, rankin at the hotel, haile maskel of the original rastafarians, eating food with these cats, listening to them go on with some of the best comedy an light hearted vibes and alternate with rasta wisdom, seeing lil kids run free and play as the older folks kept the vibe safe, smeeling all the natural herb, the vendors for taking the risk with us, yall got much love on next years fedtival, people were so prepared and supportine, it blew my mind.
wendy russell, a true soldier, amy dan mystic lion, and so many others for giving without asking for anything in return, i am indebted to you, my girm belief is we will bring people to dreadstock and have them come out better folks, new fans for the bigger festivals and the movement moves.
beautiful women everywhere, natural diversity, nothing fake, a full moon over pablo singning and the sleeper killer vibes of groundation, dubwize and resination.
everyone took te risk and now we are working on the next ones, give me any and all feedback, warren smith, right on for sending folks our way to help, you knew we were going to do this and you came through true to life.
got some surprises for next year, gonna keep it real one love with safety for kids and families but crucially roots and ital, regular folks who dont even know the music, now now and feel it.
a million stories, not one bad, 30 hours of footage and a cool docu movie to DVD for our youth to see ideas materialized. all the groovt people of all styles of life, in harmony, cant stop us now....
sincere for life and much respect, john dillinger

Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 04, 2004 04:19PM
wow sounds great...maybe check it next year!
Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 04, 2004 04:28PM
Nothing to add that hasn't been said already.I am stoked that others feel this was a fantastic new festival in the Bay Area as well.I will be going every year if it continues and stays as mellow as it was.Great line-up,great food,artists had unique work to offer.Nothing bad to say.
Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 05, 2004 03:14AM
thanks for all your hard work john dillinger, im thrilled it came off so well. are you going to be up to repeat it next year? cause you know, later will be greater!

nuff respect for the job well done star!

one love
jah bill
Re: How was Dreadstock?
October 05, 2004 03:45PM
greetings everyone,
i really appreciate the kind words, especially everyone here at sierra nevada where much inspiration came via the show and all the folks on the board. we worked really hard to see this exact vibe manifest, our purpose the goal was to manifest this vibe in a town like vallejo with previous bad vibe imagery and folks feeling like it was a land of the lost...
all was not lost though and the marking measures of success came through and true. success in it being so mellow and folks feeling free to ease up, all kinds of people, this was my hope to have reggae community avail themselves to chill naturally and let the youth of vallejo see this and overstand there is an alternative, women were respected, kids ran free, i was tripping out when near the beer tent folks were partying with love up vibes and 2 year old kids were rolling on the ground in the grass oblivious to adult woes and the folks hanging out were laughing and watching out for the kids, it was a cool trip!
there are some special surprises in the mix right now and i am going to start real soon like next few weeks to see much work handled. keep an eye on the website soon come
john dillinger
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