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I can't Wait

Posted by Irie_Sis 
I can't Wait
March 09, 2004 05:03PM
I just cant wait for june the suns been out this week. all my friends are calling seems like our crew is getting bigger every year. lots of positive-ites coming with us this year . all ages from the kids to the grandmas and grandpas..hehe thats what i love about this show . for us its time to get away for the weekend and camp and feel IRIE smiling smiley one thing I didnt get a chance to see last year was the dancehall . i was really tired by the end of the night and just went back to camp.This year if they have it the same i'll have to save some energy so i dont make the same mistake again. so those of you who did get to enjoy the dancehall area did i miss much? just wanted some feedback on how that was.did it get to packed? or was it just irievibes flowing? smiling smiley thanks I can't wait for some BURNING REGGAE One love cali massive blessss
Re: I can't Wait
March 09, 2004 05:17PM
Yes Yes, I Can't Hardly wait. Its going to be awsome this year, We got a 20-30
Person group going this year!!! Its such a grate Enviornment for me., The love and good vibes and positive eye's! =) Its a hugly needed relief from my negative high school! And im Looking forword to everything, The Dancehall, Sitting on a hill listening to the best reggae around!, The Magic Palace, The shops - The art
The air. And most of all!! My Family, I love you all Festival people
See you their!!

Happy Trails
Re: I can't Wait
March 09, 2004 06:16PM
last year my favorite nite for the dancehall was Sat. nite. Stur Gav with Briggy Jerry, and Papa U-Roy and who should show up to give 'nuff respect to papa Roy But Mother culture herself, sister Carol!

Yes, Irie Sis save some energy this year it should promise to be every bit as fun.

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