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New Reggae Mix for FREE!!

Posted by KeithM 
New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
September 30, 2004 06:55AM
Including the Massive No Worries Riddim Featuring Natty King's No Guns To Town!
1.Beenie man & Vybz Kartel Breast Specialist
2.Elephant man Swear
3.Tony Matterhorn & Richie Feelings All About Dancing
4.Mad Cobra Don’t Watch Me
5.Tony Curtis Scoobay Anthem
7.T.O.K. Solid As A Rock
8.Bounty Killa Stand Firm
9.Left Side and Escco Passa Passa
10.Macca Diamond Done Ready
11.Ce’ceile & Lady Saw Loser
12.Elephant Man Get Up and Dance
13.Bounty Killa Naah No Mercy
14.Delly Ranks feat. Voice Mail She Want It
15.Mr. Easy If Its Allright
16.T.O.K. No Way Jose
17.Wayne Wonder Everyday
18.Beenie Man $ Ms. Thing Have U Man
19.Frisco Kid Get Fit
20. ------------
21.Ms. Thing Do Me
22.Vybz Kartel Mi Fi A Dweet
23.Kalanga % Zaire Real King
24.T.O.K. Let It Shine
25.Beenie Man Shout It Out
26.Elephant Man Bad Man
27.Baby Sham Vitamin S
28.Beenie Man Dude
29.Ms. Thing
30.Elephant Man Head Gone
31.Beenie Man Good Ohh
32.Powerman Female Jockey
33.T.O.K. Unkown Language
34.T.O.K. Fire Fire
35.Caplton Fire Time
36.Elephant Man Dance
37.Vybz Kartel Real Bad Man
38.Red Rat Let the Music Play
39.Mr. Easy Caribbean Queen
40.Nicky B I Only Want To Love
41.Mad Cobra Any Man
42.Natty King No Guns To Town
No Worries Riddim Mix

Feedback welcome

Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
September 30, 2004 06:55AM
Click On Teknosounds link at top of page
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 01, 2004 08:20AM
no one interested huh
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 01, 2004 10:15AM
keith - of course there is interest. personally i will listen to this tonite.
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 01, 2004 11:45AM
cool one...just checking.
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 01, 2004 12:07PM
Okay, I am there.

Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 01, 2004 12:09PM
>besides the one capleton & natty king chune, lets hope this rumpus never meks the snwmf stage. Keith your dealing with about 1% here & 99% slackness. not a very good average in the world of conscious reggae dancehall* -RASpects+
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 01, 2004 08:50PM
Jahmeek...I am not trying for concious I am playing jams that are hitting all over the world except on your speakers. Thanks for the feedback but dont come tell me it wont make the SNWMF stage because frankly its not for that. There are alot of good tunes and beats on there that passed you by...your loss. If you want more concious tunes try this mix...Concious is nice but you wont get any play time in the bashments I select at if thats all you got.


Garnett Silk Silk Chant
2. Co-Co Tea Holy Mount Zion
3. Spragga Benz How Long
4. Luciano Stay Away
5. Riddim
6. Anthony B & Seed Water Pumpee
7. Tanya Stephens It’s a Pity
8. Chronical Light it Up
9. Choppa Chop Real Herb
10. King Kong Paradise Lost
11. Sizzla Jah never Fail I
12. Leafnuts Up Yah
13. Major Sample Start To End
14. Anthony B Leader
15. Nitty Kutchie Got To Be Strong
16. David King Emptiness
17. Lady Saw Still Convinced
18. Tippa Irie The U.K.
19. Tanya Stephens Power Of A Girl
20. Vybz Kartel Badda Than Dem
21. Vubz Kartel Mi Fi A Dweet
22. Kalanga & Zaire Real King
23. T.O.K Let It Shine
24. Beenie man Shout Out
25. Capleton Sky Toppa
26. Elephant Man Jiggy
27. Tanya Stephens Dis Gal Ya
28. Bounty Killa Anthem
29. Sizzla Wrath
30. Vybz Kartel Real Deal
31. Bounty Killa Dem Ting deh
32. Vybz Kartel Tekk
33. Elephant Man Dead Over It
34. Christopher Mad Dem
35. Elephant Man Get Da Winw
36. T.O.K. Bend Down Low
37. --
38. Beenie Man Turn Or Twist
39. ----
40. Vybz Kartel Buddy
41. Elephant Man Party All Night
42. Lady Saw Been So Long
43. Elephant Man Head Gone
44. Beenie Man Good Ohh
45. Powerman Female Jockey
46. T.O.K Unkown Language
47. T.O.K. Fire Fire
48. Capleton Fire Time
49. Elephant Man Dance
50. Vybz Kartel Real Bad Man
51. Co-Co Tea Wicked man
52. Capleton Raggy Road
53. George Nooks After A Storm
54. Luciano Things Could Never Be Right
55. Capleton She’s So Fine
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 02, 2004 02:42PM
>just to set the record for keith or selecta or whoever im talking to straight. too gwan & play luciano next to elephant man on same mixx is a real bad joke, just to mek iNi point clear without dragging anymore artists into the measure. ya kno*,just because dem both from JA. means about nothing in the concious mission now in dis crucial time. also trust i* personaly do not let many if any, riddimz pass i* by these dayz if available to public. iNi only pass dem by if dey r'over runn by gangster gun chatty & so on down the raggy road of show bizz.
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 02, 2004 08:04PM
selecta, opening with the Kette Drum riddim was a great idea. My favorite early warm riddim.
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 02, 2004 08:48PM
Thanks Chimino one of my favorites too.
I really think that the heavenless and leader are some of the best riddims to come out lately.
Oh jahmeek I was at work and logged in under my name so you talking to same person.
Re: New Reggae Mix for FREE!!
October 03, 2004 02:09PM
>seen >1LUV*+*+*+*+*+*+*+
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