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So What happens now???

Posted by Awakening 
So What happens now???
October 02, 2004 03:20PM
Can a situation such as the one with Capleton's shows being cancelled ruin an artists career?

It appears that these protestors are not going to let up.

I have no comment on thier actions, because I am not here to judge anyone.

But I would like to know what would you do if you were he(Capleton)

I would probably move to a place where this cannot happen before I went broke.

I can only imagine how much money he must be losing because of this.

I am shaking my head at this whole situation.

What a shame.

Re: So What happens now???
October 02, 2004 08:11PM
on the other hand look at all the free publicity...

Re: So What happens now???
October 02, 2004 11:00PM
i would just avoid california for a start. and go back to jamaica and write some really scathing songs about the situation. i think he would have a lot of supporters. this sort of thing creates living martyrs.

one love
jah bill
Re: So What happens now???
October 02, 2004 11:23PM
>he is not losing any money. these shows r' pocket change to him @dis point in career & really more for the vp records thirsty fools. but i* do agree with bill he should write some songs in reply. -RASpects+
Re: So What happens now???
October 02, 2004 11:28PM
Oh he's losing money alright. Along with recording dubplates, stageshows are an artist's only true moneymaker. But you're correct, VP stands to lose more than anyone (about time they lost something).
He should utilize the situation to his advantage, as Bill mentioned. Something I doubt Beenie will do. There's already a strong reaction within the dancehall community (even local soundmen are more prone to anti-battyman talk right now), so it would go over huge (us vs them).
Re: So What happens now???
October 03, 2004 12:05AM
Beenie did record a anti-gay tune on Scoobay earlier this year. Recently he also made a tune called something like Nuh Apologize, in response to the published apology by him (read: his record company) a few months ago, stating (ofcourse) that he never apologised and never will do so. That last tune is (I think) more a try to get support from the home-crowd back though, instead of a meant statement.

I wonder what Capleton will do, but the scenario Bill mentions is a very likely one.
Re: So What happens now???
October 03, 2004 12:51AM
there is no market for his songs bashing gays. no one is clamoring for him to record some more bun chichi lyrics. stop singing the songs that are offensive, do not record any new ones and he will be ok.
Re: So What happens now???
October 03, 2004 03:01AM
Hehe, stop smoking that ****, it's no good for you.
Re: So What happens now???
October 04, 2004 10:15PM
I am cracking up at that comment.

You must know something about me.

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