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What's next?

Posted by randomguy2u 
What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:01PM
Are they going to go after Twinkle Brothers for singing about Soddam and Gomorrah which is preached in the church every sunday. Or are they going to go after Anthony B for saying "HEy Mr. Gay how come you can't find a queen." Or are they just going to cancel reggae festivals altogether?
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:06PM
You are missing the point randomguy2u, it is not that they have an opinion that gays are sinners, it is that they sing about physical violence.
Saying that Mr Gay can't find a queen (that is so fuggin ironic) is a lot different than saying, shoot you inna your face and mek it exit through your toe.
Know the issue, stop spreading the ignorace.

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Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:14PM
Tell that to EMINEM and 50 CENT.. who sell millions of records and are all over the radio and sellout stadium shows of 30,000 all over the world....Tell that to fans who went to the Catalyst of 500 in Santa CRUZ....

You can't say don't spread the ignorance without sounding ignorant.
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:19PM
No no, sir, tell the gay rights groups about Eminem and 50 Cent...

Hey man, I drove almost 12 hours to see him in Tahoe, so don't gimme that BS, bwoy.

Where were you?
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:27PM
I was in San Francisco for a brief moment to protest for CAPLETON and then went to SANTA CRUZ and PROtested for CAPLETON and I DID TELL the gay rights people about 50 cent and EMINEM. I did something about it...You want to see CAPLETON what are U going to do about it. And by the way didn't the Tahoe show on the stateline happen? I think u should read the review. UNless you mean another Tahoe show.
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:28PM
It did happen, the show was great!
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:42PM
I'm glad you got to see it. I wish all of California could have seen this show on the border.
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:50PM
Wow randomguy, settle the f*** down. Increased heartrate and frothing at the mouth are signs of extreme stress (or rabies).

It's true Eminem has a plethora (like that bun?) of anti-gay lyrics, some advocating violence, most just descrimatory. One reason (among many others) that Eminem's shows are not cancelled everywhere is that the venues that host his shows are so big that they can't be swayed by a gay rights group. In contrast to the smaller venues that host reggae shows, giant stadiums and concert halls need not be concerned about their reputation for having hateful artists perform. And if Eminem can sell out a venue of tens of thousands of seats in hours, cancelling his shows is an unheard of idea for the big promoters. Money is big.

Don't forget that it is legal for venues to cancel shows that could potentially reflect badly on them or that they don't want to support for ethical reasons. A lot of the small venues that have reggae shows like to think of themselves as socially conscious. Either that or they are genuinely concerned about their credibility in the eyes of their patrons.

Cancelling or not cancelling shows is up to the promoter. Since reggae artists are on such a drastically different level than Eminem, you just can't compare the two.

And trust, Eminem has gay rights activists protesting outside of damn near every show he performs. They can't touch him.
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 08:54PM
My point is if you wanted to see EMINEM this week you could. I've tried 3 towns to see CAPLETON
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 09:01PM
Yeah, it sucks doesn't it?
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 09:14PM
I know what you mean.
I've been trying myself.
Guess I'll just have to wait.

Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 09:22PM
you know, I heard the dixie chiks got burned for anti bush comments in Texas.....being a supa, one can't please everyone. You either speak your heart and risk the criticism or you go drone stylee, which most of amerikka prefers and keep you dollar$ rolling in. You apologize, plead 'not knowing anything' and all is well. This issue is hardly a reggae specific issue, or homowhatever specific issue.
Acacia has a good point re: venue size. but it takes alot for reggae artists to come up in the industry, let alone get to major venue status. What is the last roots to kick at Shoreline or something? That is just contrary to the nature of reggae music, unless you are the marley boys tour, then apparently contrary sells.
Eminem seeds hatred. And although all this capelton, beenie man, kind of music and message is not at all my thing, you have to give credit because at least these folks are standing firm in some principle (albeit the women and alcohol etc has flown out the window) that has been present way before them and will be way after them.
It is when they stand, and then bow to the media inquisition that I lose all raspect.....or when I see a promoter bow, or a venue owner bow. That is the true slackness....tip toeing through life so as not to offend a very, very, very small minority group. Which is what we as amerikkka do daily in all our works right? 94% of americans don't hunt for sport or food yet somehow this culture is built around guns and hunting? So none of this is surprising. All of this desensitization in all these ways.
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 09:31PM
I attended and listened to Beenie Man's press conference in Monterey last month. His statement (that batty bwoy is not a reference to all gays, but rather just to pedophiles) is hardly what i would call "Standing firm in principle".
Re: What's next?
October 06, 2004 09:47PM
As Chris Rock said "America is the only country I know where people go hunting on a full stomach."

Let's be honest, if the promoters and venue owners all stood up right now in this political climate, we'd all be lumped together with the assault on marijuana by the government and they'd try to eradicate us all. The administration must find it hard to go after Rastas though, being that they actually share some common religious beliefs and that they're both being attacked by the gay agenda. I don't know who to fear more anymore, the religious far right of our government or the gay far left activist. I'll just stay in the middle and reiterate that I just want my reggae music. Selfish, but true.

Re: What's next?
October 07, 2004 03:45AM
That is why I said this Daniel,

It is when they stand, and then bow to the media inquisition that I lose all raspect.....

I guess I forgot to mention that I have zero raspect for those fools, though! Fyah bun all that slackness!
Re: What's next?
October 07, 2004 05:11AM
Peter Tachelle is a pedofile.
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