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this whole thing

Posted by taodejing 
this whole thing
March 11, 2004 11:01PM
Well, after going to ROTR last year and feeling like I just didn't belong anymore, I'm not into ecstacy, coke, opium, well you get the drift, I stumbled across some people that were 20 year fans of ROTR and won't go anymore. They pointed me towards SNWMF. I'd like to know the scene. Is it a mellow loving event? I really like the river at ROTR, is there anything like that up there? Peace and harmony with my fellow brother is what I'm looking for, PLEASE tell me that this festival is all about that.

the Dude abides
pale ryder
Re: this whole thing
March 11, 2004 11:08PM
There is no river at this fest, that is the only bummer. There is a lake a few miles away, better bring a bike if you want to get there, because you cant take your car out of your camping spot if you want to get back in. There are nuff misting stations to get refreshed, and the vibe is irie everywhere ya look. Of course trouble finds trouble, but if you come with good intentions, I believe you will have great time. There is a pond however on the premasis, but I have never seen anyone swimming in it. There used to be artificial creek that ran through a section of the festival grounds, but it was missing last year. Be careful if it is back this year, Ive heard of some snikers floating through it.....
Re: this whole thing
March 12, 2004 12:27AM
I am not going to ROTR this year for the forst time. It is because it has a really harsh vibe now which sucks. I dont like seeing 15 year olds wandering around all cracked out on drugs. I dont like wondering every 5 minutes if I am going to be missing my stuff when I get back to the camp site. I dont like the drugs, the littering...

Last year at Sierra was one of the best I have ever had. I felt that everyone was on the same (natural)high that I was. I remember walking down the path near the trees on Saturday afternoon and thinking how awesome it was. It was sunny and beautiful out, a light breeze; I passed a group of people who were walking the opposite direction -- they smiled at me and asked if I was having a nice day! I just really learned to appreciate little things like feeling like I am among friends (even though I dont know any of the people except for who I camped with) and common courtesy and respect.

I love SNWMF. I feel welcomed every year by both the staff and the other festival-goers. I will definatly continue to go! Whereas I dont know if I will return to ROTR.

Sorry if I was long winded! See y'all at the Fest!
Re: this whole thing
March 12, 2004 12:39AM
Yes, come to SNWMF. It will be exactly what you're looking for. It's wonderful. No negative vibes.
Re: this whole thing
March 12, 2004 03:09AM
This is my third year, I live in Wi. and I know I'll keep going.
a dj friend of mine is coming with me this year.
no plastic smiles at snwmf, all genuine.
kate I must have passed the same group because
someone aske me if I was having a good time
and I said Yes! Yes I am! thank you!
Re: this whole thing
March 12, 2004 05:50PM
well thank you all for responding, I am begining to think that SNWMF is what ROTR was 10 years ago. I will definately be planning on coming this year. Again, thank you.
Re: this whole thing
March 12, 2004 08:35PM
.....but I hope SNWMF doesn't become what ROTR has become in 10 years.

One love
eric v
Re: this whole thing
March 12, 2004 09:45PM
i get the feeling that the snwmf militia will not let this happen
Re: this whole thing
March 12, 2004 09:49PM

> snwmf militia

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