THC removal
December 03, 2008 02:50AM
Hey All, are there ways in flushing out THC from ones sytem naturally rather than taking those expensive drinks? I am trying to prepare myself for a work related urine test in 2 weeks. Havent smoked The Herb in a week now, but have smoked about a joint a day for the last 6 months.
I have heard of drinking plenty water, sweating, niacin, etc.

really appreciate all help.......Irie!
Re: THC removal
December 03, 2008 02:54AM
Re: THC removal
December 03, 2008 03:13AM
Drink about a gallon of water about an hour before your piss test. Take a couple of good multi-vitamins before drinking the water, so your piss isn't pure clear.

This is what most of those drinks are anyway. Lots of liquid. And herbs, minerals, and vitamins. It dilutes your urine to the point where the THC is undetectable for a brief period of time. It does NOT flush you out the way they make it sound. And the herb/vitamin/mineral supplement is only to keep your urine from looking obviously diluted.

When you buy those products, and read the fine print, they tell you that it only lasts a few hours, and you need at least an hour before taking the test.

I've successfully used this method a number of times. For urine tests only.

Three weeks without herb, and LOTS of liquids, is sure to be a passed (negative) test for pot.

Good luck.


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Re: THC removal
December 03, 2008 04:48AM
Question is: How badly do you want or need the job???
Detoxify is expensive - $50 - but it worked for me, and I really needed the job.
Prior to test day, I hadn't smoked for 10 days.
My last meal was about 6pm the evening before test day.
Ate no breakfast on the morning of test day.
Drank detoxify, as directed, about 8am.
Waited two hours, then took test - about 10am.
I got the job.
Then later, after 3 months, got laid off.
But now I have another job that didn't require a drug test.

Re: THC removal
December 03, 2008 05:06AM
as a tv man?
Re: THC removal
December 03, 2008 05:31AM
I have a friend who swore by drinking one cup of vinegar 1 1/2 hrs before the urine test. One of my buddies tried it and passed.

Love that reggae!
Re: THC removal
December 03, 2008 04:25PM
>one cup of vinegar

That could be very dangerous, actually. Acidosis can kill!


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Re: THC removal
December 06, 2008 01:26AM
I love vinegar. I could pound a cup no prob. Great for heartburn!

Re: THC removal
December 06, 2008 01:49AM
there's always the P-Sure Synthetic Urine method...
and speaking from experience; it works! no need to stop smoking at all!!!

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Re: THC removal
December 06, 2008 04:38AM
<Author: nomotrouble (
Date: 12-02-08 21:31

I have a friend who swore by drinking one cup of vinegar 1 1/2 hrs before the urine test. One of my buddies tried it and passed.....>> the urine test or away? Cause I think there's a bigger chance of the latter by drinking vinager
Re: THC removal
December 06, 2008 04:47PM
Vinegar killing u?!!? Please Ced and Spleece, can u elaborate on this. I have drinken, drunk, drank...whatever, over a cup of vinegar at least a dozen times. Viegar is a proven natural remedy for batltling stomach acid. Apple cider vinagar is widely used for health reasons all over the world?!?!? Clue me in on the dangers of "acid" abuse!

Re: THC removal
December 06, 2008 07:53PM
Smoka, Google "Acidosis."

BTW: You should never have more than 4 oz. of apple cider vinegar, and really, kombucha is much better for you.

Depends a lot on your blood type, but yeah, drinking ACID (which is what vinegar is) can acidify your blood very quickly to very harmful levels...


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Re: THC removal
December 06, 2008 10:02PM
I realize vinegar is acid, thats why it works to counter acid. But damn, I love the stuff! Always been a lemon freak as well.
"You just drank the most acid I've ever seen anybody drink" Hopefully youre not busy for about a week man!" "I never drank no acid before man, im gonna die man"

Re: THC removal
December 07, 2008 06:31PM
I don't understand how acid is supposed to counter acid. You need something that will neutralize acid. An antacid. Not just alkaline. And from the little bit I know about chemistry, acid won't do that. Things like baking soda will. Introducing more acid (vinegar) to cure an acid problem isn't logical. It's not neutralizing the acid.

Drinking plain water will often do a much better job for heartburn when vinegar seems to work. It's basically just flushing down the stomach acid back into the stomach. Try it. Chewing gum or eating a few slices of Braeburn apple are supposed to work too. A glass of milk.

I'm sure that there must be countless articles on the internet to explain the myths of vinegar to cure heartburn, and to explain how much vinegar is safe to consume.

And ewwwww. Drinking vinegar. That's just nasty. Talk about phonkee breff. Yuck. You're gonna need a case of Tic Tacs after that.

From articles on the internet:
Vinegar is one food listed on the Do Not Eat by Doctors regarding heartburn. Taking vinegar on a regular basis can cause diarrhea and erosion of your stomach lining. Vinegar is a condiment and should be used as such.

One problem that vinegar could help with is slow digestion or gastroparesis . Gastroparesis is a complication of diabetes. If you have slow digestion, you can take vinegar to help. The most common dose is one to two tablespoons 20 minutes before eating a big meal. Mixing with water or other liquid is ok.

Actually, I defy anyone to find clinical proof of vinegar as a remedy for heartburn. I couldn't find any, not that I did an exhaustive search. But I found many instances stating that there is no such proof. I mean real documented proof. Not "I drank vinegar and my heartburn went away".

That isn't proof of causation. Today I drove up to the stop light. It was red, so I stopped and waited. I tapped my fingers five times on my steering wheel, then the light changed. Is that proof?

For folks with indigestion, or problems digesting, then adding more acid to help break down the food can help.

I'd say you are better off replenishing digestive enzymes and taking probiotic supplements for hearburn and digestive problems. Lactobacillus species such as Acidophilus and related bacteria are helpful in digestion. They are killed anytime you take an antibiotic, and your doctor probably won't encourage you to follow up with probiotics.

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