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LKJ and Blackbeard

Posted by Dubguy 
LKJ and Blackbeard
March 13, 2004 09:35PM
Bring back Linton! When he performed that one year (back in Marysville) it was absolutely incredible - reggae was founded on rebel music, and the poet has much to say. If you have never seen LKJ - it is indeed a "heavy" trip - makes you think (and isn't that what the best music is for?). Some peole might get taken a bit aback by his lyrics, but he has everyone's full attention, and you can't jus sing about "peace and love" - conscious people need to be reminded of the ****-stem. Keep up the fight!

Plus you get Dennis Bovel and the mighty Dub Band thrown in - best musicians outta Inglan and guaranteed not to dissapoint!

Of course I wouldn't complain if the Twinkle Brother or Scratch came back either! Another I would love to see is Congo Ashanti Roy - the best part of the original Congos. Nothing against Cedrick and Watty - but one gets the impression that Roy got screwed...

Satta Mas y Gan!
Re: LKJ and Blackbeard
March 17, 2004 02:58AM
LKJ & bovell are crucial, and need plane tickets to angel's camp......
by the way, cedric just reunited with ashanti roy & i believe that they are recording their first trakcs ever at studio one...
Re: LKJ and Blackbeard
March 18, 2004 02:22PM
Hey bARNICLE - thanks for the heads up! Cedric and Roydell back togehter is indeed a powerful combination - and at Studio One! Coxsone is sure to do it proper... my day is getting better.
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