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Zoki Bach

Posted by Fang Sheng 
Fang Sheng
Zoki Bach
November 15, 2004 10:24PM
The couple settled happily and over the years many children were born to them. Their last born, a little boy who they named Zoki, bore no resemblance at all to his brothers and sisters and did not grow and develop physically as a normal child. Instead he became a dwarf and because of it he was known to everyone as Zoki bach. So short was he that with each step that he took when running down the mountain his bottom bumped against the ground. His mother, wearying of constantly tending to his bruises and renewing the seat of his breeches, in desperation to save the garments, sewed leather patches on to the most vunerable areas. Zoki was a strange little boy. He was a dreamer and spent many hours away from the family, saying that he had been with the fairies with whom he claimed to have an affiliation. Not suprisingly these claims led to speculation by many that he was a changeling. Despite his lack of height he was as agile as the wild mountain goats that roamed above his home and well earned his keep by catching the nannies and milking them. Such was his agility that no rock or ledge on the mountain was inaccessible to him. When from time to time stray sheep became trapped on some of those ledges his agility proved invaluable. Mentally, too, he was agile, enabling him to produce fine poetry which gained him local recognition as something of a bard. What eventually became of the family is not known other than that Zoki was the last surviving member to remain in the valley until his death in the early part on the nineteenth century. His name, however, has lived on in that the little copse, where the remains of his home can still be seen to this day, is known to everyone as Coed Zoki Bach.

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