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Mikey Dread - A Warning

Posted by borah natty 
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borah natty
Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 01:29PM
Before the summer a friend in London did a whole heap of work for Mikey Dread, putting on two shows in two very prestigious locations/venues.

Dread promised to pay him aproper commission in return for all the work - whcih included negotiations, sorting accomadation etc.

Can you guess what happened next? My mate has been left high and dry. Mikey Dread has gone to ground and isnt returning any of his calle, e-mails etc. You can understand why my mate is furious enough to take legal advice and is going to take it as far as he can.

So, all you prospective promoters and ents peeps, be careful - you could be next...
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 01:33PM
no surprise to me.
borah natty
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 01:41PM
Did the same happen to you, informer? I know my mate was warned not to do it by some pretty big people in the industry but he thought it would be okay.

Thing is, my mate isnt without influence so the whole thing could blow up in dread;s face.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 01:43PM
not to me - but to a reggae label.
Fleximix De Choc l'sold
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 03:34PM
Should have made sure to get his cut there & then instead of after the fact..
borah natty
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 04:18PM
Easy to say with hindsight, Choc. Thing was, Dread had made it (seemingly) clear from the start that it would be cool and my mate was convinced. It's hard to ask for money up front when the performer himself isnt paid till the day of the show.
Fleximix De Choc l'sold
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 04:36PM
Sure I know, could;ve wouldv'e etc in hindsight,
What I mean by then & there was when MD was paid and not wait till he went off to some other part of the globe..
Bummer for your friend.
borah natty
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 04:41PM
Yeah - and check this out. My friend was actually away on his honeymoon when dread played in the UK. He'd set these shows up even though he was about to get married and had enough on his plate. Dread knew all about this yet still refuses to pay anything whatsoever. I find it incredible.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 05:12PM
Ironic then that both times I saw MD in the UK this year he gave the same rant about being ripped off over his rightful royalties and dues.
borah natty
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 05:18PM
Exactly. When he was talking to my mate he was saying that there's no way he would rip anybofy off as he's been ripped off so many time himself. this was the speech that made my friend think that he was ok. obviously not.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 05:55PM
"Engineer take the compressors off the bass......"

One love
eric v
Fleximix De Choc l'sold
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 05:57PM
The stories you hear like the above, take the compressors off & BAF's trials and tribulations make you think a certain someone may be rather silly person indeed..Where there's smoke there is sometimes fire & all that
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 07:31PM
>sorry to hear dat i*dren. those shows were larged up by a certain person in u.s. who worx on giving his name sum hype reveiw. although it haz been sum time now since i* do re-call reading dat article ,alot of people came to c'dem shows in support of the dread @the controls it waz said. not sure if tru cause i* waz thousands of miles away but if so dat means dar should have been nuff money on table to cover alot of damages from tickets. i* also suspect tha promoter waz collecting door not M.D. so if dem let him walk away with-out full-filling verbal agreements dat can only be because of bad book keeping. mikey also deals on his own az independent so u cant blame any1 if u'all dont have a contract to get tings straight on a safe side. beware yes but only blame yoursef seen cause i* first guess iz he didnt want to take loss on such tings az travel expenses,ect.. when i* personaly booked him last year iNi lost a great deal of money just trying to keep steady on with gig & didnt sell e-nuff tickets to even near cover costs. so well lets seh iNi @ [www.jahmeekproductions.com] learned a lesson on hosting shows az most un-experienced promoters do. 1 ting tha i* made sure waz to be knocking on his hotel door the next morn to get sum dubplates to semi mek da loss back. if u let him get out of town to easy i* can only blame tha i* for sleeping inn. hope tha bredren can worx in sum reasoning here with-out to much slander because dar iz countless of artists who slick like dis & it'z not just fair to single out mikey on your mistakes. -RASpects+
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 07:48PM
"Him don't Steal, Him don't Gamble
Talkin bout the dread called
Michael Campbell"

That sums up my experience working with Mikey. I promoted a concert at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall with Mikey Dread last December, and he was very professional.
Not only did he put on an excellent show, but he followed through on every radio interview I set up, and was on-time for the show and sound check.
Any artist that has been in the game as long as Mikey will have many critics who have had good and bad experiences.
As any artist or promoter in the reggae game can tell you the money doesn't always work out as you planned, and someone always feels they are getting shafted at the end of the night.
Respect due to the D.A.T.C. -MK
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 08:03PM
which pretty much illustrates why anecdotal evidence is no evidence at all: for every bad story there is an equally good story.

my advice, largely already covered by jahmeek, is to get things in writing first, and to watch out for yourself at the moment when it counts, because once someone is not physically present and the money is spent, it is very difficult, time consuming and expensive to recoup that money...almost to the point of it being pointless because the lawyers will cost more than the amount in question.

one love
jah bill
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 08:11PM
oops --sent last message too soon due to my stiff fingers, so i finish my thought here;
its true he brings up being ripped off of his royalties, or rips the promoters etc from the stage -- but i feel (but i have never asked him) that this is his attempt at unifying the audience WITH him -- a performer's technique to be ONE with the crowds - he just picks a bad way to do it. On stage i bet artists are always thinking of what to say between songs and he has developed this habit of saying that. I bet later sometimes he thinks why did i say that THIS time?
I hope time shows me to be correct and he does re-pay this person in the emails. I think he will, when he gathers his strengths back up after his festival; reggae on the beach, in florida. Always after an event promoters/crew disappear; they feel drained and empty and have to re-fill their energies. I went and helped him run that florida festival and i saw him work very hard (both he and monica did everything right but still lost money after the florida storms and another reggae event happened at same times).
Maybe person could think of ways to be re-paid that don't cost money; like a return engagement for no guarentee... Help Mikey do the right thing. Be gracious: knowing a little more now (that he lost BIG money on his festival in florida) might add a light to show a good way through this for everyone.
I have seen Mikey go to big steps to do the right thing in the past.
Lastly, I might add -- with lots of love and respect with these words -- what I have said and written before many times; that its the message of the music that is righteous
and perfect, but Jah in his infinite wisdom makes SURE TO SHOW US THE FEET OF CLAY of any idols we might make here on earth.
Mikey is just like us; a flawed human trying to do the best he can.
Keep that in mind in this part, and all other parts of our lives and we all might have better results with people.
Especially when dealing with the creative minds. (and a shameless plug; read about how we must take care of the musician, in the archives of www.jahworks.org, in an old column of mine that is real funny too).
I know Mikey did NOT say: how can i F@$# this all up and mess up these people?
No, he tried his best and hoped it would work out. We all do that.
I am going to costa rica, so may not read your answers but i hope you have food for thought. Call Mikey; leave a message that gives him a respectful back door to come back in the house through, and i bet you he will!!!
JAH LOVE to you all, whether i know you or not.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 18, 2004 10:20PM
my good close bredren seko put a show on here in Newport News, VA with Mikey D ... and from what I gather from seko and my own personal experience with Mikey ... he was nothing but professional ... prompt and courteous ... and even nice enough to allow us to tape ... which I am at fault for still not having got him his due copy yet ... but yeah ... great show ... and great guy ... and that comes from a promoter that didn't recoup expenses as well ... bless
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 03:50AM
I am amazed at what length some idiots would go to try to slander me but sorry it wont work.
I have been noticing these cruel and slanderous emails as there has been a few people who think writing evil things that they can't prove about Mikey Dread will give them the prestige that they loathe for all their life.

Let me put you all straight:
I am a professional, so if I am on stage and some Hilly Billy guy or a Rock and Roll engineer who hates Reggae Bass or who has no clue as how to mix Mikey Dread and puts on all this outboard gear, echo or compressor I have to tell them to take it off. No other artists does it because they dont care about the fans or the sound, they just want the money.But me I want to make sure my CD recording of that particular performance does not sound like the other artists on the same bill. Have you critics ever wondered why when the next Reggae Artist comes on stage the same engineer keeps the mix I just gave him and not go back to his muddy mix?
Check it out music is a serious thing is not just getting a sound its getting the "right" sound.

One more thing, at Festivals we don’t have a sound check so the engineers have to get the mix on the fly. He never meets the artists and ask "how do you want your mix?" he takes it on himself and give me the wrong mix, I am coming from King Tubby's days so good mixing I do know thank you. I wont settle for less.

I wont sacrifice the show and go on when the thing is wrong from the start as I am not into just getting paid I am into getting my performance proper.
I guess you evil critics prefer to have me go along with the wrong mix even though I know better but sorry I won’t compromise.

Concerning the guy in London please stop from jumping to conclusions as none of you know the bottom line.
First I never asked this journalist for a gig.He recommended me to 2 events and was not very helpful after that. I did thank him though. The audience and promoters were all happy about my performance and even came to thank me personally.

I wanted to give him a percentage but what did he do? He went on his Honeymoon and I had to get someone else to file for my work permit, find me a condo for the month I was there, pick up me and my band from the airport, liaise with the promoters, get us to soundcheck and back to hotel and back to gig and back to hotel. Collect my fees for me while I am on stage.
It was not borah natty 's friend who was there for me as he was away.
Maybe your friend should have sent you borah natty to make sure he got his share instead of complaining after the fact as if you knew all this about me you and I know you would be there to protect you MATE.
I told him to collect 50% of my fees and take his 10% but he was too busy even to do that so I had someone else do his job for him.
Who would you pay?
Who did the work?
The guy did not secure for me any hotels and here I am coming from the USA to London.
He did not do anything other than referred me to the promoters but someone else did what he was supposed to do that is why he is trying to be evil.
I am happy he got advice from his friend in the industry not to work with me.He should be there to meet me and get paid and do what an agent supposed to do: set up everything so all the artist needs to do is to perform and not worry about everything. I know lots of those people in the past tried to rip me off. They are still hunting down my recordings but I refuse to give my music to anyone anymore because I have the resources to manufacture them myself. While I sell my CDs for $11.00 record companies sell the same CDs for more and pay me less than a dollar.
When I print up my own CDs I can make $5.00 per CD so why do I need these labels?
One of those UK guys with a big label wants me to give them 42 Mikey Dread tracks for 5000 pounds and 13% royalty.I turned down their offer as it cost me more than $2000 per track to produce each song so I am not an idiot, therefore I cant accept his offer.That is for hungry artists and I am not hungry.

Plus why should I produce my music, pay studio time to record, pay studio musicians their fees, pay studio time to mix and just get 13% of my income and then go give some guy who wants to repackage it 87%?
I feel they should get 13% and me the producer/artist gets 87% .
Now you know why they bad mouth me as I wont let them have their way with me.I had to take time off to understand copyright law, management and contracts so I can defend myself from those vultures.You should do the same to educate yourself about the industry and stop saying things you cant prove.

Now according to some of you, you talk about me speaking about being ripped of but you all dont know the score. The guy borah natty is referring to is a journalist. He would know my situation because he is a journalist.
One thing I know he cant take any legal action unless I had a contract with him all he can do is to agree that the other person who did his work to liaise with the promoters, collect my fees and drive us around and got my work permit deserves 5% of what I was going to pay him.When he does this he will be paid.If he tries to create a bad vibe I am under no obligation to pay him for something that he did not do.In my opinion if he knew he was going on vacation he should have left someone to deputize for him and not just leave without making sure I could even get the work permits or even the opportunity to do the gigs.
I personally never met borah natty friend in person.He sent me emails and then try to set up the 2 gigs but if I see him right now I dont know him.
All this guy needed to do was the right thing. Sign the contracts pick up 50% of my money, take his 10% and that is it. He did nothing.
Should I go hunting him down now that he blew his money on his honeymoon and come back broke?
I still forgive him for being so unprofessional as to have you Mr Scandal borah natty try to convince the world to stay away but you and the ones who says I am this and I am that are not recognized in Reggae so get a life and use your tabloid skills to better purpose as I know there are numerous people who know me personally and wont fall for this
. I am still working and none of you can prevent me from moving forward with my music, my career or my life as each day I am breaking new grounds and taking Jah music around the world.
Learn this about me:
You are not permitted to videotape or record my performance without my written permission
You are and will be notified on the mike if you mix me like rock and roll.

I am in the reggae business so all engineers should try to get the time to talk to the artist instead of just mixing it like they are a reggae mixer.If you are a reggae engineer and you keep giving me feedback on stage and not try to ring out the monitors so there is no feedback you will be notified.

If you like compressors you and I will clash. Reggae does not need all that compressor to hold back the sound. Let the sound be free.Why have all the tools you need and spoil the sound?
Again listen to my recordings and you will see why I am always teaching all of you.
You even remember about compressors so at least you have leant you first "Reggae production " lesson...stay away from compressors!!! And see you at the next Mikey Dread concert as I know you will weasel your way in just to watch me.Thanks to those who have been professional with me and whom I have been professional with.
I am a human being, I fight for my rights and when I am working on stage I am in a working environment and so my work must be top quality and nothing less.
I come prepared to deliver and please my fans.
Those of you who detest me, I know you will always be at my concerts so why complain go buy up some more Mikey Dread and settle your nerves.. “Mikey Dread come fe conquer”
Hey, I have a new DVD coming “Mikey Dread Live in Paris” a must see work of art plus the original “African Anthem” will be released in the USA on vinyl in December so get your copy and tune in to the real thing.

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 04:26AM
>their u have it i*dren! it'z a small world after all. i* luv tha sharp remark about rock n' roll mixxing* dis iz also i* pet peeve even though i* dont runn large boards i* can very easy tell if sound is WRONG since for more than half of ALL tha reggae concerts i* have ever attended in iNi life have had tha sound ALL wrong cause dem just dun know reggae muzick! -RASpects+
Joe Frazier
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 04:30AM
Who is the man that plays roots, rock, reggae??? Michael Campbell! Can't comment on the business side but I love your tunes!
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 04:39AM
Greetings Mikey, Glad you were able to shed light from your side of things. I see this industry can be quite nasty!!! As someone who's just getting heavily into touring now I want to thank you for some of your indirect advice. One day we'll meet again and I hope it's under positive circumstances. You are a legend and the whole world of reggae should bring gratitude your way. As a performer my self who's been around over twentyfour years, I know a lot of brethren would not have even gotten a chance to be heard if it was not for the "Dread at the controls!" Best wishes my brother!
Jah Blessings,
Mikey Dread -Dreaducation Time
November 19, 2004 06:17AM
Give thanks Grasshopper
Bless up Joe Frazier
One Love Jahboo

Give praises Jah Meeks we did our event without a flaw using a small board and it was tight.
I came , my band was there you treated us with respect and professionalism and took a gamble with Mikey Campbell.

I did not eat the fish, the band did because I did not feel the vibe.I dont eat anymore from anyone I prefer a "buyout" so I can go somewhere other than at the Festival or the club and buy my food somewhere where they dont know I am Mikey Dread .As you can tell I have to be careful and not licke-licke.

I don't have the time to follow up on all these gossips and low life people as I am not gonna be caught up in this but I felt today after someone sent me a link to the site that enough is enough.

I am a people person not a swell headed reggae star.I am a rootsman, down to earth.Hang out with people after my show instead of hiding backstage and I always try to make people feel comfortable who want an autograph or take a picture.That to my fans is a souvenir.

However in my position I make decisions and sometimes people dont like it but that is life.

Regardless its time some people get a life.
Whenever I mention getting ripped off its every reggae artist's story. The reason I say it is because its true. I am a victim, its not a complain its an advice to the wise.
I am much wiser now. You rip me off and you see the music available for FREE DOWNLOADS on my website and there is nothing you can do about it.

No one can stop me from advising young artists about the industry.

I am sure they don’t want to produce a multi platinum seller like I did and not see at least one million dollars in their account.

Another lesson, look out for the following words in your contracts and avoid them:
Relinquish- never ever relinquish your rights or ownership,

work for hire- stay away from this it means that you will receive minimum wage for your masterpiece.

(the next phrase) : in perpetuity means for ever and ever and ever.
Should you give the rights to a record company in perpetuity to exploit your music (and not pay you ) then you just gave them a blank check with your signature to close your account.

More lessons and you have to enroll in my class or purchase my upcoming Book-Reggae Broadcasting and Production.

While these idiots are on the net making mischief I am putting the chapters of my text book together and I will sell it to them to educate them from a Jamaican perspective.

I have one final thing to add.

If I was not a recognized artist why would the majors who make the movie"50 First dates" invite me to be a part of their soundtrack on Lips Like sugar?
I never knew about the movie or them but they found me and make me a featured artist.
And why did that same song end of on The Best Of Seal CD ?

Why does "Mobb Deep" use a Mikey Dread-African Anthem sample on their hip hop record out now?

Because I have a track record of making hits inside and outside or reggae and I added something to their song.

Blessings to Jah.

My prayer:

Jah I thank Thee for helping me to assist those who have ears but cant hear the mix or the feedback and who will just pay their fees at the gate and accept a rumble instead of a real sweet mix and those who have eyes but yet cannot see the light of day.
Heal all those sick and confused warmongers and forgive them I pray Thee
I thank Thee Jah that they at least know one way of using the Internet
Jah you are the the Omnipresent the Omnipotent, the Ever living One.
All Praises be to the Devine Creator-Jah
Bless Up those who Love Jah

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 07:06AM
>giv+ thanx for tha kind words i*dren* u r' rite about so many tingz u talk about. iNi kno* dis & i* personaly hav learned so many tings in&outs from iNi expereince alone. i* giv+ mighty thanx for your teachingz.
tha fish ting waz nothing because dis iz a desert & iNi kno dat u cant get good fish around here, not to mention our order dat waz put in to market dealer waz mashed day of show. sorry about dat,way out of our hands. many restaurants will tell u dat & 1'z who tryed to stay steady bizz by flying it in daily by mail have all closed or will in good time or will have to take it off menue due season because it'z not consistent,ect..
but 1ting im very proud of iz,YES* it waz a small board dat iNi never even used b4. it waz a rental & we pulled it off! i'll also tell tha mazzive even though it waz a small turn out being week nite,finals week for students & only 4weeks to promote tha people dat came danced tha whole set non-stop & even 'many' came to i* personaly after show & said it waz tha best reggae 'vibes' a promoter put up in Arizona in tha year 2003*easy. sumting iNi @ [www.jahmeekproductions.com] r'very proud of & owe it all to u dread,the rasta who iz in control* blessingz on your travels. c'u hav sum irie gigs coming west soon come & hope iNi can meet up again in future & reason sum more good vibrationz* yourz tru; -RASpects+
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 07:57AM
dear mr. campbell:

ok, you won't deal with any "rip off" reggae revive labels.

but then:
what about making your back cataloge available ?
this means lps (dub catalogue, datc dub attack etc.) and
maybe a crucial compilation of datc single a and b sides.

the only thing which you announced is "African anthem",
which was re-released various times over the years, the last
re-release on auralux was in this year !!

did you get paid for this ?

i can understand if artists want to control their work.
but then they also should be able to make it available for the customers
instead of only talking about this for years and complaining about
all the evil record labels. and how much respect do many ja producers
have for their customers putting out pressings that sound like the
single or lp went through a sandstorm ?
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 08:11AM
Mr. Dread ... please email me your mailing address to send a copy of the Mitty's Newport News, VA show to you


again ... thanks for a fantastic show ... no complaints on my end ... the band was wicked and you came correct with the BRASS ... horns is a must
Jackie Pablo
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 10:35AM
you must have missed out recently because Mr Campbell, Mikey Dread, put out a brilliant 10" on his own DREAD AT THE CONTROLS label just a few months back:



This is a great pressing direct from the master tapes. You could not ask for more except that that indicates the beginning of further releases on this format. The Auralux release was exceptional sound quality too, and it had a number of essential tracks added on to the original.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 10:45AM
there are people in this world who don't buy vinyl, also most of
those pressings have bad distribution and a very small pressing quantity.

why the f... can't some of the singles be compiled on CD ?
7" and 12" can be pressed for dj's (or wannabees), CDs for the average customer. my opinion.
Jackie Pablo
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 11:03AM
I accept your point informer, but must admit I had no idea there was such a thing as an average customer. Maybe it's all down to the fact that the music recorded in that period sounds best on the vinyl format and loses the magic feel when transferred in the way you would like.

Digital recordings for digital format.

Analogue recordings for analogue format.

Neil Young had a big showdown with Reprise over this very issue when that label transferred his masters to CD. Fact is, there is a lot of old music that will never sound right on CD and the people making the music have a right to care about how their music is presented. Sadly, that's the downside with all this technology.
borah natty
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 11:13AM
'Mikey Dread will give them the prestige that they loathe for all their life'

A truer phrase was never spoken - to be associated with this kind of prestige is loathesome. There's so much that is not tru in Mikey's response that there genuinely isn't room to go through it all here. In his heart, Mikey knows the truth and, if that's something that he's happy to live with, then that's his call.

To those that have had no problems in their dealings, well done. Hopefully this post has made more people aware.

The warning still stands - be very careful.

I'm out.
Simple Simon
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 11:22AM
There have been various previous warnings
dougie conscious
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 11:57AM
please sir would you mind saying that again,dread at the controls. one of the first tunes useing samples big up mikey dread,also allways remember shakas datc sticker on his amp case, also remember buying jumping master when i was 13/14
a big inspiration to me classic music,respect due
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 12:14PM
JP: True, the artist has a responsibility to present their work in the best light, but for me the difference between a properly mastered analogue format and a properly mastered digital one is at most incrimental and to refuse to release something because some nebulous "magic" is debateably lost in digital transfer is precious in the extreme.

While I appreciate decent sound, I believe any magic inherent is captured in the chune and its performance, much less so in the presentation.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 12:26PM
there are many original 70s lps re-released on CD and they sound very good.
but be careful when the cd claims "digitally remastered" on the sleeve.
if the wrong person did the remastering, forget the cd.

from experience i can say some of the best (warm) sounding cds are transfers from vinyl and not those proudly stating "taken from mastertapes".
Jackie Pablo
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 01:47PM
Vinyl, Cassettes and CD's are all different formats and as such do have varying degrees of dynamics. If you are happy enough with a second or third generation copy onto CD (remastered/digitally remastered/from tape/from vinyl/by who etc etc) and you do not hear the difference that's understandable.

The record companies know all about that and make a killing charging top dollar for copies (from copies). It could be likened to musical piracy, but if the punter is happy then they will certainly keep on doing it.

On a good Hi-Fi system, CD's sound harsher compared to the natural sounds from vinyl. You will not get a better sound than from a 12" vinyl. CD's are just the modern upgrade from cassettes. There is no comparison with vinyl.

Just like the difference between stereo/mono, or good speaker cable and telephone wire thickness. It all adds up to an improved listening experience.

Set your own standards and let the artists who control their music do the same.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 01:53PM
maybe some hifi-freaks using top-equipment can hear the difference,
but on a normal home stereo, not playing too loud you hardly will find a difference. as i said vinyl for the djs playing big halls with big speakers.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 01:55PM
"On a good Hi-Fi system, CD's sound harsher compared to the natural sounds from vinyl."

And I guess that could as easily be rephrased "on a good Hi-Fi set up to sound good with vinyl cds sound harsher". Well, of course they do, as the are likely to have more information on the high end where vinyl's frequency response peters out. Roll back the treble and a good cd will sound just okay. That said, I'm for vinyl myself, but not for rational reasons.

One love,

Jackie Pablo
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 02:08PM
I only have a "normal" home stereo informer, just like all "average" customers, and it's the record companies like EMI who are the "freaks".

"a good CD will sound just okay". Totally agree with that one Rootz!
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 02:10PM
so no problem at all .....
Jackie Pablo
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 02:18PM
........not with me info man, but I don't think that's the case with borah natty!
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 02:22PM
all i can say here is that i have inside infos which are totally
different to what mr.campbell posted here about a record deal.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 03:04PM
Jackie Pablo: what exactly do you mean by the term "dynamics"? If you are talking about dynamic range, then here are the figures:

dynamic range of cd format: 96 dB.
dynamic range of vinyl: about 60 dB, for a really clean pressing.

but maybe you mean something else by the term...?
Big Bad John
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 04:49PM
Werner, thanks for the numbers, confirming my point (I think). Is this the reason why CD's are clearer but lack the warm BASSIE boom sound that vinyl can have?
Jackie Pablo
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 04:54PM
John that was my point, not yours, but I'd like to know the reason behind that better bass response too.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 05:22PM
that should rightly read 'dr' werner.

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 05:47PM
i saw MD at a festival in north carolina.. he showed up late (no sound check, but hey thats how festivals go) and they tried to do sound "on the fly" unfortunatley, it never got any better...
I think his band didnt bring any instruments, just used what other bands had... the sound sucked (not mikey dreads fault necesarily) and the whole show was pretty flopped... but he can sing.

oh yea, and he rolled up in like a ghetto ass 1970's limo... it was a pretty funny sight.

well, that was my experience seeing MD
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 06:58PM
Do any of you Reggae PHDs/ Archeologists, know how I could get my hands on the Mikey Dread, Bestsellers compilaton on CD. I thought I knew a little something about Reggae since I've been listening to it since I was about 9 years old, but some of you "BaFers" talk of reggae I've never even heard of. Much Raspek to all of you. It's good to feel green again.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 08:01PM
"Is this the reason why CD's are clearer but lack the warm BASSIE boom sound that vinyl can have?"

Dynamic range is simply the difference between the "zero" level on the recording (silence + any 'background' noise of the format such as tape hiss or vinyl surface noise) and the loudest signal the format is capapble of reproducing. I think the perceived 'warmth' and depth of bass of all-analog recordings has more to do with the natural compression in the signal chain: tube pre-amps into analog console to analog tape to vinyl. Each stage in the chain can be overdriven, but mild analog distortion/compression at the point of e.g. bass going to tape is not necessarily an undesirable or bad sounding thing. Vinyl also has a characteristic 'roll-off' of the high frequencies which can make the highs sound 'warmer'. And vinyl can distort, as can be heard on many flying symbal King Tubby mixes mastered loud on vinyl.

One love,

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 08:14PM
Interesting take on the 42 track record deal with the UK


I might have heard a thing or two about that one.

Different version of it I'm afraid though.

One love
eric v
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 08:19PM

One love,

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 08:32PM
Big Bad John: to be clear, those numbers indicate that the dynamic range of vinyl is actually much worse than that of the cd format... And no, it does not explain anything about the warmer bass of vinyl. I will make an effort at that below...

Jackie Pablo: to avoid any misunderstandings: I am a big vinyl fan myself and agree that the bass can sound much nicer on vinyl. I just wanted to point out that the word "dynamics" is probably not the correct term for the effect you actually meant.

about the nice vinyl bass....
from a signal processing point of view, to the best of my knowledge, there is no reason why the cd format itself shouldn't be able to store and reproduce the same signal as a vinyl record. But....we do hear a difference, so something else must be going on....
My own personal (but I think quite well-founded) theory is that the "warmer" sound of and deeper bass of vinyl are caused by the non-linear mechanical cutting and playing process of a vinyl record combined with psychoacoustic effects. The cutting and playing of a vinyl record by a moving needle is to some extent a non-linear process, meaning that the signal that is recorded on the record is very subtly distorted in a non-linear way, which introduces so-called harmonics, meaning that for each frequency component that is present in the music, components are generated at multiples of that frequency. The same happens during the playback of the record. In psychoacoustics, it is well known that adding harmonics to a signal makes that signal sound "warmer" and "brighter". This is the same effect that is responsible for the warmer sound of tube amplifiers compared to solid state amplifiers: the tubes add a small amount of harmonic distortion to the music, which is perceived as a pleasant added "warmth" and "brightness" or"brilliance".
Besides adding "warmth" to the sound, the harmonics that are added by the recording and playback mechanism of vinyl are also able to give a perception of bass at frequencies which your speakers are actually unable to reproduce. The presence of the harmonics in the reproduced signal can give you a very strong perception of the bass frequency that is actually not present in the physical signal that your speakers reproduce. Your brain receives the harmonics and "figures out" what is the fundamental frequency that corresponds to them. That's why this effect is referred to as the effect of the "missing fundamental". It's used in modern "boom boxes" to get (the impression of) "big bass" out of small loudspeakers.
So this theory would explain both the perception of "warmth" and "deeper bass" of vinyl.

coming back to what I started with: there is no reason why a cd shouldn't be able to store the signal that is coming out of a turntable. Therefore, I believe that if you play a vinyl record, record the output of the turntable on a cd and then play the cd, it will sound the same as the record (assuming the analog-to-digital conversion and vice-versa are properly done).

hope that explains something, or at least was of some interest to some... :-)
dougie conscious
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 08:37PM
the reason{imo} that records and tapes sound more boomy is due to slight distortion,something you wont get on a cd
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 08:55PM
Big respects to Mr Michael Campbell!

Great to see an artist who won't take sh*t from people who are in the business just to make bucks from your name.

I am looking forward to your book when it comes out and many thanks for all the great music, especially the Jumping Master Showcase.


Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 19, 2004 11:54PM
"Him no hi-jack plane,
Him no bomb no city,
Only praise Rastafari &
Burn we sensi,
Mikey Dread is not a Terrorist"

You know I have your back everytime Mikey. Respect due to the original Dread at the Controls. Know that for every hater out there who holds disregard for the dread, there are 1000 faithful fans who want to see that you continue your works all over the globe.
Please share some more valuable knowledge with this forum as your schedule permits Respect & Love Everytime, MK

*Check out Mikey's Classic JBC Christmas broadcast from 1978 on the sound staion at ireggae.com. A piece of reggae history.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 12:44AM
" *Check out Mikey's Classic JBC Christmas broadcast from 1978 on the sound staion at ireggae.com. A piece of reggae history."

Can't find it there? Has it been removed or am I just slow?

One love,

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 12:54AM
>Do any of you Reggae PHDs/ Archeologists, know how I could get my hands on the Mikey Dread, Bestsellers compilaton on CD. I thought I knew a little something about Reggae since I've been listening to it since I was about 9 years old, but some of you "BaFers" talk of reggae I've never even heard of. Much Raspek to all of you. It's good to feel green again.<

Lionheart, I believe Mikey has quite recently reissued this compilation on CD on his own label with a slightly altered tracklisting (studio version of My Religion substituted for the live cut I believe, only have the earlier CD version myself). Try checking www.mikeydread.com or www.ebreggae.com.

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 01:01AM
Dr. Werner has spoken! And informative it was too! :-)
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 01:11AM


Try this one:


Respect due to Daniel for compiling so much crucial music. I can't say how many times I have sent someone to ireggae.com to hear a new artist, or to find out what a gwann. Ireggae ya know We Big Bout Yah!
Respect, MK
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 02:17AM
Give thanks, Trinitymilk.

One love,

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 02:16PM
big tribute to one of originator the great MICKEY DREAD
we don't believe you all reggae music foolerz and shitty promters who only wants money, and who don't cares right the artists , MOOOOOOOOVE WAAAAYYYYYYY
MICKEY DREAD 'S COME FE CONQUER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pure shot rollin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and also i think mr "dr" werner" is right about the fact that added harmonics give a more "hot"warmy" sound, but also the fact that bass is more powerfuul is also i think that vynil cutting need a mono bass = it's hard even with the best cutter to pass stereo bass effect (phase etc) on vinyl. also i think the bass response is not as linear than in the cd fomat so u can records slighty higher bass volume ...
i don't love the surgical digital sound
one love

dub it but dub it in old school style...
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 07:24PM
borah it amazes me. If your accusations were on the up and up! Why not unbock your email address and give contact info. This proves you are a fake and trying to start trouble. Get over yourself! or reveal your sources.

Siill a fan of Mikey Dread
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 09:00PM
peace be with trinitymlk well said, we know fe sure Mikey Dread is the Conquerer of all falsehood. Jah Rastafari
Also 4ever a fan of mikeydread
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
November 20, 2004 09:09PM
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
December 02, 2004 08:40AM
Mikey Cambell is one of the best reggae artist to bless this earth. I KNOW HIM PERSONALY AND HE WOULD NEVER SCREW SOMEONE UNLESS THEY SCREWED HIM. His ground breaking work as a Dee -Jay, to his prouduction work and all his AMAZING MUSIC he has made over the years, has helped form reggae music to what it is today! He is "The Dread At The Control", even if he is on stage and if he does not like the sound he has EVERY RIGHT to tell the sound guy to fix the problem, it is HIS music, and he wants to deliver it to the masses a certain way. The sound man is PAID to deliever what the artist wants.

Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
December 03, 2004 07:58AM
"Oh JAH Rastafari...Emperor Haile Sellassie I..." Hail to the I Mikey Dread.

Do be sure to trad in His Majesty's footsteps, InI must be humbley professional in dealing with this work. Both the promoter and the artist need each other to sustain, one hand washes the other.
If a one has certain issues, it may not be the most respectcful move to post such personal strifes online. Don't forget to be your brethren's keeper.

Sellassie I
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
December 21, 2004 04:53PM
Professional players and singers! Dread at the controls!
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 03, 2005 12:54PM
You can listen to the Mikey Dread show Jahboo is speaking about @ virginiareggae.com!
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 03, 2005 01:13PM
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 22, 2006 09:26PM
knowing the dread personally this is not the entire story. either you fail to produce or fail to produce quality.
Ike D Stardom
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 23, 2006 01:14AM
about the nice vinyl bass....

One interesting thing is what they were listening to when they mixed down the original recordings. Did they have their monitors adjusted to compensate for the added "warmth" in the whole vinyl process or was that added unintentionally? My point is, could it be that the avarage sound on a cd remastered from tapes is closer to what they were actually listening to in the studio at mixdown. Not saying that it is better but perhaps what many engineers today will strive for when remastering.
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 23, 2006 04:20AM
WELL, WELL, WELL!!! It HAS finally cought up with you, Mr. Mikey, always complaining about something, tis and dat, you told me personally that you are too good to play here or there (will not mention the details) and you refuse to get of stage and choose your pick in the line up, not being flexible at all, HUGE EGO trip, Mikey and not to mention how you treat the ladies, always trying to get something for nothing!!! what comes around WILL go around, remember that..
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 23, 2006 05:23AM
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 23, 2006 05:54AM
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 23, 2006 07:16AM
Mikey Dread brings it real
the jealous are always jealous

burn the fyah!!

&quot;It takes a whole village to raise a child&quot; African Proverb
Re: Mikey Dread - A Warning
January 23, 2006 03:11PM
Mikey Dread 10

1. Armagideon Style
2. Heavy Weight Sound
3. Jumping Master
4. Israel 12 Tribe Style
5. Dread At The Mantrol
6. Roots & Culture
7. Break Down The Walls
8. Zodiac Style
9. Living In Fame (with the Clash)
10. Dread You Have Fe Love