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BIG LP, discussed perhaps but I just got mine..

Posted by bmd 
BIG LP, discussed perhaps but I just got mine..
November 20, 2004 05:16PM
Peckings Presents Bitty McLean And The Supersonics On Bond Street KGN. JA.

It's probably going to top my buys fo the last year...


I'm not even onto side 2 yet !

So far side one reeads like this -

Walk Away From Love - Rocksteady
Tell Me - Ranglin On Bond Street
Your Heart - Folk Song
Baby Tonight - Those Guys
To Fall In Love - Moonlight Lover
Only You - I Shall Wear The Crown

This is going to get spun until I'm dizzy.

Integral presentation by Bitty McLean, no feeling of just layering a vocal on old rhythms, effortless sounding new vocal cuts, smooth and prime.
I just found a post on this board saying tht it was the second best Lp this yer, well it's definately my favourite so far...

Just flipped over to side two and it's skanking easy...

Yipeeeee. I've been waiting for one like this for a while now.

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